Health & Fit Doctor Explains Why Women Shouldn't Have Six-Pack Abs

19:30  28 december  2022
19:30  28 december  2022 Source:   caloriebee.com

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Well, this is shocking.

With the new year quickly approaching, people have already established their new years resolutions with fitness goals typically landing at the top of the list for many. While there are some people who plan to start a fitness journey, there are others who aim to take their health and fitness journey to the next level by setting the ultimate body goal — achieving a six pack.

While having rock-hard abs may look nice, TikTok content creator and doctor @drnathanthompson offers a different perspective and presents the shocking reasons as to why women shouldn’t strive to have a six-pack.

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Again, as he explains in the video, seeing a variety of six-packs across your social media timelines may look nice and tempt you to want you to achieve the same results as some of the models and fitness content creators you see on the internet, however, @drnathanthompson says there’s a lot that goes on “behind the scenes,” or really, beneath the skin’s surface.

For starters, he explains that women need a higher body fat percentage than men (in which he further explains that for longevity, men shouldn’t really strive to have a six-pack, either and should keep their body fat around 18 to 22 percent), aiming to keep their body fat percentage around 25 to 30 percent.

When a woman does have a low body fat percentage, he says they’re likely not doing well hormonally and are suffering low progesterone and may also have very low estradiol (its job is to mature and maintain the reproductive system) as well because body fat actually helps to support your hormone levels.

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This may seem like shocking information, however, plenty of his followers and viewers in the comment section agreed with his shared information and provided their own issues they experienced when they had the abs of their dreams. “When I had a six pack I lost hair, had dark circles and bad acne,” @italialikethecountry shared. “[Two] years ago, I was in the “best shape” of my life, but I was having severe hormonal issues that required hormone balancing. It’s all making sense now,” @carriecompton wrote.

So for those who struggle with getting six-pack abs, potentially consider this perspective as to why it may not be a bad thing that you don’t haven’t reached that particular goal yet.

Of course, always consult with your physician if you have questions pertaining to your health and want to know what route you should take for your fitness and health journey.

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