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17:45  06 march  2018
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7-Eleven customers may be exposed to hepatitis A because an employee went to work sick

  7-Eleven customers may be exposed to hepatitis A because an employee went to work sick Those who used any restroom, drank a fountain drink, ate fresh fruit or any item from the store’s hot food case at this Utah store could be at risk.Anyone who visited the store in West Jordan, Utah, between Dec. 26 and Jan. 3 could have come into contact with the highly contagious liver infection, the Salt Lake County Health Department announced Jan. 7.

How to treat a patient that has Hepatitis C that also has kidney failure because you cannot use the new drugs for Basically we have patients that have kidney failure, but they also I can treat his hepatitis if you guys cure him of his kidney disease." And then someone else says, "Well, he already

There is a connection between hepatitis C and kidney disease. Learn about risk factors, testing and treatment options for hepatitis C . The Hope Affair. A Pairing for Prevention - Boston. Hepatitis C can cause kidney disease, and sometimes kidney patients can get hepatitis C from hemodialysis, a

Image: Hepatitus C testingA patient fills out a form while her blood and saliva are screened for Hepatitis C and HIV in Spencer, West Virginia. © Provided by NBCU News Group, a division of NBCUniversal Media LLC Image: Hepatitus C testingA patient fills out a form while her blood and saliva are screened for Hepatitis C and HIV in Spencer, West Virginia. Johns Hopkins researchers use drug that cures infectious liver disease to help dialysis patients

Researchers from Johns Hopkins have figured out a way to cure kidneys infected with hepatitis C, which would allow them to be used for dialysis patients in desperate need of a transplant.

In a small study, 10 kidney patients were treated before transplant surgery with an antiviral medication that prevents hepatitis C from replicating in the body, and continued receiving treatment for 12 weeks after transplant, according to Dr. Niraj Desai, director of the kidney and transplant program at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. The patients in the study were very sick and had already spent years waiting on a kidney transplant. They all had a diagnosis of stage 5 chronic kidney disease and there were no viable living donors.

Dad's plea for kidney during Disney World trip results in transplant in NY

  Dad's plea for kidney during Disney World trip results in transplant in NY The single father of five who wore a “In Need of a Kidney” t-shirt to Disney World over the summer underwent a kidney transplant last week in New York. Robert Leibowitz, 60, of New Jersey, never imagined how magical his family’s vacation trip to the Magic Kingdom would be after securing a kidney from a stranger-- thanks to another stranger’s viral Facebook post about his special hand-made T-shirt.Leibowitz suffered from chronic kidney disease and was going to dialysis three days a week. He had been in need of a kidney for three years, Inside Edition reported.

"This is giving people in my situation new hope ," Hendricks said. Kidney transplant specialists are Now, breakthrough drugs promise to cure 95 percent of hepatitis C cases with fewer side effects – for Giving hepatitis C -positive organs to hepatitis C -negative recipients is allowed if the patient

The face of Hepatitis C is changing as new treatments with stunning cure rates bring hope and challenges to patients and healthcare providers. Bindu Balani, M.D., medical director of the Hepatitis Treatment Center at Hackensack University Medical Center says the advent of this new

The trial was risky for the patients — they would get a much needed kidney, but could be infected with the disease and live with it for the rest of their lives. During the program, the patients were continuously monitored with a blood test to measure how much of the hepatitis C virus was in their blood.

The gamble paid off. All 10 patients cleared the virus after taking a 12-week course of the oral medication, Zepatier, donated by Merck which funded the study.

"This doesn't solve our kidney shortage problem, but it has the potential to enable 500 to 1,000 more people to get kidney transplants [annually], just based on how many organs are being discarded now," said Desai.

Of the 10 patients, five displayed an undetectable viral load from the disease just after surgery; after 12 weeks of treatment, none of the 10 showed no signs of the disease.

Boy celebrates 3rd birthday after dispute over kidney transplant is resolved

  Boy celebrates 3rd birthday after dispute over kidney transplant is resolved A.J. Burgess celebrated his 3rd birthday last week after receiving a life-saving kidney transplant that was initially held up due to his father's probation violation.He was in desperate need of a kidney transplant, and his father, Anthony Dickerson, was a donor match. However, officials at Emory University Hospital in Atlanta told the boy's parents that a planned surgery on Oct. 3 was postponed due to a parole violation by Dickerson.

Some patients in desperate need of a kidney transplant participated in a bold experiment where they received organs infected with hepatitis C . The gamble But with powerful new drugs now available that promise to cure them, Reese's team decided to test if it's safe to transplant infected kidneys to

There is no cure for hepatitis B. But again, it often goes away in a few months, and it sometimes disappears in people who have a chronic case of the disease. What’s the Prognosis for Hepatitis B? Your doctor will know you’ve recovered when you no longer have symptoms and blood tests show

"Historically, hepatitis C-infected kidneys were discarded. In fact, more than half of hepatitis C-positive kidneys are discarded per year because they are thought to be damaged or too 'high-risk'," said Desai.

Hepatitis C is a viral infection that causes inflammation of the liver and can lead to serious liver damage. It spreads through contaminated blood, most often through intravenous drug use. At least 3.2 million Americans are living with chronic hepatitis C infection and most don't know it. And with the ongoing opioid epidemic, the numbers of hepatitis C-infected donor organs may be growing as well, experts say.

"Because there is a number of young, otherwise, healthy people dying of drug overdose, there's this large pool of donors with hepatitis C whose organs are available for transplant," said Desai.

The new study, published Monday in the Annals of Internal Medicine, comes on the heels of a 2017 University of Pennsylvania trial using the same drug. In the previous study, UPenn researchers successfully used the antiviral medication on transplant patients after surgery.

US panel recommends new adult vaccine against hepatitis B

  US panel recommends new adult vaccine against hepatitis B A federal advisory panel is recommending a new vaccine against hepatitis B. The vaccine called Heplisav-B was licensed in November and is the first new hepatitis B vaccine in 25 years.Hepatitis B vaccines have been in childhood shots for decades. The new vaccine is for adults.The hepatitis B virus can damage the liver and is spread through contact with blood or other bodily fluids. Cases have been rising, a trend linked to the heroin and opioid epidemic. Meanwhile, researchers found older vaccines falter in diabetics and older adults.The new vaccine uses an additive that boosts the body's immune response.

Is there a cure for hepatitis B? We’ll tell you about the status of potential cures that are still under development. There’s no cure for hepatitis B, but the condition is easily preventable by taking a few precautions. Hepatitis B is often spread through sexual contact, shared needles, and accidental

Hepatitis C , a blood-borne virus commonly spread by drug takers sharing needles, can hide for years without producing symptoms before leading to “The launch of this treatment is welcome news as it represents an important new option for patients with chronic hepatitis C that can offer high cure

"Because there is a number of young, otherwise, healthy people dying of drug overdose there's this large pool of donors with hep C whose organs are available for transplant."

Currently in the U.S. there are over 95,000 people on the kidney transplant waiting list. The wait for a deceased donor could be five years, and in some states, as long as 10 years. Patients are prioritized by how long they've been on the waiting list, their blood type, immune system activity and other factors. Four out of five people on the waiting list are on kidney dialysis and the longer a person is on dialysis and has to wait for a transplant, the lower their chance of a successful transplant.

On average, receiving a kidney transplant can double someone's life expectancy.

"A patient who probably would have waited four or five years for a transplant can get one in less than a month," Dr. David S. Goldberg, medical director for Living Donor Liver Transplantation at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania told NBC News in 2017.

Next, the Johns Hopkins researchers want to conduct larger trials for kidney patients, as well as new clinical trials transplanting hearts and lungs donated by people with the virus.

"Hepatitis C is curable now and we need to take a step back and really see this as an untapped supply of donors that can save hundreds if not thousands of lives," Goldberg said.

Tennessee Is Just the Latest State to Report a Hepatitis A Outbreak. Here's What to Know .
Tennessee has joined a growing number of states battling hepatitis A outbreaks, public health officials report. The Nashville Metro Public Health Department (MPHD) announced that 14 cases of hepatitis A have been confirmed in the city since December 2017 —significantly more than the two cases it sees in an average year. MPHD is working with state public health officials to contain the outbreak, according to a statement, but the infection has already popped up in a number of nearby states, as well as some on the West Coast.

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