Health & Fit Following Drinking Guidelines Can Still Shorten Lifespan, Study Finds

17:37  16 april  2018
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Just One Diet Coke Or Pepsi Max A Day Can Triple Your Risk Of Stroke

  Just One Diet Coke Or Pepsi Max A Day Can Triple Your Risk Of Stroke According to a recent study, drinking just one diet drink a day can triple the chances of a deadly stroke. Researchers have also found links to dementia but British authorities say that it needs further investigation.Put the diet Coke down. I repeat, put the diet Coke down! You’re probably aware that drinking soda is bad for you, but your choice to go to diet isn’t much better.

But new research invites skepticism, suggesting that people who follow these "moderate drinking " guidelines could still experience a drop in life expectancy. Using large-scale sources, a team of 120 coauthors analyzed data on more than half a million drinkers . As many as 83 studies were gathered

A new study suggests that drinking more than the recommended amount of alcohol can shorten lifespans . Its findings indicate that countries, including Canada, have drinking guidelines that are too loose. READ MORE: Women and seniors at higher risk of alcoholism, study finds .

(video courtesy CBS New York) Researchers urge the U.S. to lower 'moderate drinking' guidelines for men after their findings suggest that one standard drink per day is the limit.

According to guidelines from the 2015-2020 U.S. Dietary Guidelines for Americans, the recommended alcohol limits are up to one drink per day for women and two drinks per day for men. But new research invites skepticism, suggesting that people who follow these "moderate drinking" guidelines could still experience a drop in life expectancy.

Even Light Exercise Can Help You Live Longer

  Even Light Exercise Can Help You Live Longer A new study shows that small bouts of light physical activity are enough to increase lifespan in older men. Government guidelines recommended that adults get at least 2 hours and 30 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise every week. However, only about half of American adults actually meet those recommendations, and for older adults, they may seem hard to achieve. But a new report published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine suggests that there’s a way to tweak guidelines to make them more feasible for older people, while still maintaining health.

Authors of the Lancet study said their findings backed up the new guidelines and also said they did not find an increased risk of death for light drinkers . Your guide to alcohol drinking limits. They found people who drank the equivalent of about five to 10 drinks a week could shorten their lives by up to six months. Follow Alex on Twitter.

People who follow government guidelines to have a drink or so a day could be drinking themselves into an early grave, researchers said Thursday. Any more than five drinks a week on average can take years off a person’s life , the new study of more than half a million people around the world shows.

Using large-scale sources, a team of 120 coauthors analyzed data on more than half a million drinkers. As many as 83 studies were gathered for the analysis which examined data on 599,912 current drinkers from 19 high-income countries. The international study was published in the Lancet medical journal on April 12.

"The key message of this research is that, if you already drink alcohol, drinking less may help you live longer and lower your risk of several cardiovascular conditions," stated lead author Dr. Angela Wood, a senior lecturer at the University of Cambridge.

According to the results, the minimum threshold for health risks was 100 grams per week. In the United States, 14 grams of pure alcohol can be found in a standard drink such as 12 ounces of beer or 4 ounces of wine. This meant that going beyond one drink a day could impact risk of disease and life expectancy to some degree. 

Study Finds That Dogs Obey Women More And Here's Why

  Study Finds That Dogs Obey Women More And Here's Why Ever wonder why all the princesses in fairy tales have such a great rapport with animals? A 2017 study that is resurfacing online has concluded that, although we can't actually speak to our furry friends like they do in Disney flicks, in real life, women are actually more fluent in "dog" than men. And as a result, dogs are often more obedient to women than their male counterparts.

A fear of a shortened lifespans , or Thanatophobia, can potentially end up causing - a shortened lifespan . A 2012 study on cancer patients published in the US National Library of Medicine ended up finding that, " life expectancy was perceived as shortened in Food & Drink . Parenting. Travel.

Join the Discussion. Related Stories. Following Drinking Guidelines Can Still Shorten Lifespan , Study Finds . What Happens When Drinking Alcohol Becomes A Binge. Why We Feel Thirsty After Consuming Alcohol Or Sugar.

For a 40-year-old drinker, the study suggested that drinking 100-200 grams per week lowers life expectancy by six months. Drinking 200-350 grams per week could shorten life by 1-2 years while drinking more than 350 grams per week could shorten it by 4-5 years.

The observational study relied on self-reported data which meant that a solid cause-and-effect could not be established. But Jeremy Pearson, associate medical director at the British Heart Foundation, called the findings "a serious wakeup call for many countries."

As per the research, the limits are adequately met by the United Kingdom, where guidelines were recently lowered. However, guidelines in countries like Italy, Portugal, and Spain are 50 percent over the suggested limits. The upper limit for men in the U.S. is currently set to twice the recommended amount.

"When the U.S. reviews their guidelines," Dr. Wood said, "I would hope they would use this as evidence to consider lowering the guidelines for men probably in line with female guidelines." 

Heavy Drinking May Change the Bacteria In Your Mouth and Raise Gum Disease Risk

  Heavy Drinking May Change the Bacteria In Your Mouth and Raise Gum Disease Risk A new study published Tuesday finds that drinking alcohol may alter some of the approximately 700 types of bacteria in your mouth — and probably not for the better.There’s still quite a bit scientists don’t know about the microbiome: the vast collection of microorganisms living within your body. What is becoming increasingly clear, however, is that your lifestyle habits, from the foods you eat to the medications you take, may influence these bacterial colonies.

We’re Closer Than Ever To Finding Cause Of Autism. Researchers discovered hundreds of genes that could be connected with autism spectrum disorder. Following Drinking Guidelines Can Still Shorten Lifespan , Study Finds .

Recently, a report on the rising rates of binge drinking in the U.S. made headlines while another study reignited the conversation on whether alcohol is good or bad for overall health.

The risks and benefits of moderate drinking have been a topic of fierce debate among health experts. While some studies have linked it to a longer life and a lower risk of heart problems, other researchers believe these associations are either exaggerated or based on inaccuracies and misrepresentations.

"Alcohol consumption is associated with a slightly lower risk of non-fatal heart attacks but this must be balanced against the higher risk associated with other serious — and potentially fatal — cardiovascular diseases," Dr. Wood added.

Gallery: What happens to your body when you give up alcohol (courtesy Eat This! Not That!) What Happens To Your Body When You Give Up Alcohol: The physical and mental changes that take place after you’ve ditched the booze. Did you ever stop to think those happy hours were actually making you less happy? Easing off alcohol—for even just one month—has been found to make influential changes in people’s health. Not only can you can make serious progress toward increasing your chances of losing weight, but you can also lower your cancer risk, boost your heart health, and even have better sex.If, like many millions of Americans, you drink alcoholic beverages frequently, you might be interested to know how your body may change if you cut out beer, wine and liquor for a while.Whether it’s for a day, a week, or even a month, it can make a difference. Check ’em out now and revisit them when you need to strengthen your willpower. And to blast even more fat—and shrink your belly, don’t miss these 50 Ways to Lose 10 Pounds—Fast! What Happens To Your Body When You Give Up Alcohol

Religious People 'Live Four Years Longer on Average' .
Activities such as praying and volunteering could play a role in the boost in longevity, researchers believe. People with religious beliefs live around four years longer on average than those who don’t, according to research. Scientists at Ohio State University arrived at the figure after studying over 1,000 obituaries from across the U.S. The team also factored in whether the person was married and their sex, which both can affect how long a person will live.

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