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5 Reasons You Shouldn't Listen to the Keto Hype

  5 Reasons You Shouldn't Listen to the Keto Hype When we advised against this trendy eating plan, social media didn't react very kindly.Two weeks ago I wrote about why the ketogenic diet is total B.S., and the internet didn't take it too well. People on Facebook called it "false," "intellectually disingenuous," and even straight-up "terrible." One reader even devoted a whole blog post to dissecting the information line-by-line.

Everything About These Apple Pie Tacos Is INSANE. 4. Bruschetta Grilled Chicken = BEST . DINNER. EVER. What Your Drink Order Reveals About You. Keto Taquitos Are The Perfect Low-Carb Snack. What Is The Difference Between Paleo And Keto ?

Follow These 6 Guidelines When Drinking Alcohol in Ketosis. If you’re going to drink alcohol while on a keto diet, be smart about it and plan to take extra precautions. #1: Eat a Keto -Friendly Meal Before Drinking . Carb-loading before a night of drinking is not your best option.

image/jpeg © image/jpeg image/jpeg Turns out, there's plenty of choices!

If you’re participating in the ketogenic diet, you know there are a lot of rules and restrictions. Just because you’ve got rules to follow doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun! As long as you drink in moderation (and don’t succumb to drunchies after) there are plenty of keto-approved drinks.

  • Dry Martini: Typically made with vermouth and gin, this no-sugar-added cocktail is the perfect drink for a keto diet. Have it shaken or stirred, just make sure there’s no added fruit juice or sweet liqueurs. (I’m lookin’ at you, Cosmopolitan.)
  • Vodka & Soda: This also goes for most hard alcohol when mixed with soda. (By soda we mean carbonated water, not sweetened carbonated drinks.) Gin & soda, tequila & soda, whiskey & soda, etc. They’re all in the clear, and great with a squeeze of lemon or lime! Just remember, soda NOT tonic, which contains added sugar.
  • Dry Red & White Wine: There’s no better pairing to a good meal than a nice glass of wine. Beware, wine is not completely devoid of carbs, but a dry wine like a Cabernet Sauvignon or a Pinot Noir only contain a couple carbs. The same is not true for dessert wines or sweeter wines like White Zinfandel, which should be avoided.
  • Shots! Shots! Shots!: (And any neat drink, for that matter.) No added juices, soda, and liqueurs mean no added sugar. Go wild! (Just, like I said, take it easy on the drunchies.)

You’ve been working hard on your diet, you deserve a drink! As long as you choose wisely, keto-friendly partying is definitely in your future.

How Kourtney Kardashian uses apple cider vinegar to stave off hunger while intermittent fasting on the keto diet

  How Kourtney Kardashian uses apple cider vinegar to stave off hunger while intermittent fasting on the keto diet <p>The reality TV star is doing the keto diet and intermittent fasting. Apple cider vinegar helped her fend off hunger and kick sugar to the curb.</p>To stay satisfied while on the diet plan last year, Kardashian cooked broccoli rice and cauliflower rice to help herself pretend she was enjoying the kinds of carbs that are keto-contraband, and she also ate colorful salads with homemade dressing and creamy, avocado-packed smoothies. But her top tip to curb sugar cravings? ACV, which, along with skin-boosting collagen protein powder, helped her fend off hunger while she also practiced intermittent fasting.

Thanks to the diligence of one keto -loving Starbucks barista on Reddit, along with suggestions from our Hip2 Keto team, we’ve put together a guide of the best drinks and snacks that you can order without knocking yourself out of ketosis. Hip Tip: Want an easier way to take this list with you?

This is the best real-world examples for ordering keto -friendly Starbucks drinks ! Excellent article! It’s great to be able to have Keto SBUX. I just wish the app would allow us to order it the way we want it.

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Gallery: 20 best foods for the keto diet (courtesy Eat This! Not That!) 20 Best Foods for the Keto Diet: Hopping on the ketogenic bandwagon? Here’s what you need to stock up on when you hit the supermarket. There’s no denying that the ketogenic diet (keto for short) is the hottest new nutrition trend. And although it’s still controversial among dietitians, doctors, and other nutrition experts, there is some scientific research to back it up. In fact, a study published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health  found that following a ketogenic diet can help control hunger levels and improve metabolic rate. If you want in on these weight-loss benefits, you need to make sure you are adhering to the diet’s key principles.First and foremost, the keto diet is all about ratios: you want to make sure that carbohydrates make up 10 percent or less of your total caloric intake, with 15-25 percent from proteins, and the remainder from fat. Eating in this manner will help your body achieve ketosis, a metabolic process that occurs when the body resorts to burning fat for fuel, which only happens when glucose reserves are depleted. In basic terms, successfully following the keto diet means cutting out all sources of sugar and most carbohydrates and loading up on foods with high-fat contents.The key to sticking to keto guidelines is focusing on what you can eat, not what you’re cutting out. If you’re unsure about what’s safe to snack on, you are in luck. We have picked out our favorite, keto-friendly foods that will make eating a fat-centric diet easy and, dare we say it, enjoyable. Keep reading to learn what grocery store items you’ll need to successfully take the ketogenic plunge—as always, consult with your doctor before embarking on a new diet plan.If you want to make sure you are picking the most weight-loss friendly sources of protein out there, check out our list of 29 High-Protein Foods for Rapid Weight Loss. 20 Best Foods for the Keto Diet

Keto Coffee Is Here To Help You Hit Ketosis Faster .
It's similar to bulletproof coffee. The keto diet has gained a lot of attention because it lets you have your morning java and other beloved things like bacon and cheese. Brands are going hard making products that purport to follow this fad, and now there's a caffeinated beverage called It Works! Keto Coffee that claims it can help you hit ketosis quicker - the part of the diet where your fat is burned. © Getty Images Keto Coffee Is Here To Help You Hit Ketosis Faster It Works Keto Coffee is an instant, powdered version of bulletproof coffee a.ka.

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