Health & Fit Is the Nordic Diet for You? Why You Might Want to Give It a Try This Summer

20:26  25 may  2018
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A Disturbing 'Cinderella' Diet Is Going Viral

  A Disturbing 'Cinderella' Diet Is Going Viral Meet the “Cinderella weight,” a diet challenge in which the goal is to have similar weight proportions as Cinderella — a fictional, anatomically-incorrect Disney character.Meet the “Cinderella weight,” a diet challenge in which the end goal is to have similar weight proportions as Cinderella - you know, that fictional, anatomically-incorrect Disney character with a waist the size of a stick? Yeah, that one.

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Move over, Mediterranean diet — there's a new European eating plan in town. Much like its Mediterranean predecessor, the Nordic diet also emphasizes eating fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts and whole grains, but instead of olive oil, it incorporates canola oil (also known as rapeseed oil).

The Nordic diet has its roots in the cuisines of Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Iceland and appears to have many of the same health benefits as the diets of their Southern European neighbors. For instance, a 2011 study out of Uppsala University found that Nordic diets decrease the risk of cardiovascular disease, while a 2015 Danish study published in Nutrients journal indicates that it is associated with a decreased risk of developing Type 2 diabetes. In addition, a 2014 study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that the Nordic diet could also lead to weight loss.

New study shows the Mediterranean diet could prevent osteoporosis

  New study shows the Mediterranean diet could prevent osteoporosis And wine is involved, so it's definitely do-able.The Mediterranean diet has already received plenty of positive attention for allowing things like olive oil and red wine to stay in your diet, and now, it's touting some pretty impressive health benefits for postmenopausal women.

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So, what you should eat if you want to try a Nordic diet? The 2015 study looking at diabetes risk measured the participants' intake of fish, cabbage, rye bread, oatmeal, apples, pears and root vegetables, so that's a good place to start.

A look inside the buzziest diet of the summer © Astrakan Images/Getty Images A look inside the buzziest diet of the summer

If you need additional guidance or food ideas, take a look at the Baltic Sea diet pyramid, created by the Finnish Heart Association, the Finnish Diabetes Association and the University of Eastern Finland. Foods like Nordic vegetables, roots, cabbages, peas and Nordic fruits and berries make up the base of the pyramid, representing the foods that should be eaten most frequently. Next up are common Nordic grains, like whole-grain rye, oats and barley, which have high fiber content. After that comes fish, low-fat or fat-free milk products and canola oil. Foods like processed meat, butter, sweets, chocolate and sweet bakery products should be consumed in moderation, as should alcoholic beverages. Water is recommended to quench thirst.

My Skin Is Clear, My Bank Account Is Full, and Life Is Good - All Because I Quit Diet Soda

  My Skin Is Clear, My Bank Account Is Full, and Life Is Good - All Because I Quit Diet Soda As much as I love drinking diet soda, the positive results from kicking the habit to the curb most definitely outweigh the taste.While diet soda isn't something I feel completely reliant on every day, it is something I consider a treat on a near-daily basis. I started drinking diet sodas back in high school when counting calories was a large part of my life and anything with 0 calories got a yes from me. All diet sodas are created equal for me and I like to rotate which ones I'm drinking so I always have a bit of variety, but lately I've been trying to cut back, and as of very recently, I cut it out completely.

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"There are several things I like about the Nordic diet," Lauri Wright, a registered dietitian and spokeswoman for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics told CNN. "First, it is plant-forward and reduces meat consumption. Second, the Nordic diet has a core principle of sustainability, emphasizing local and fresh, which I think is very beneficial for the environment and for health."

So, if you're looking for some safe, healthy food guidelines, the Nordic diet might be one to try. Stock up on the cabbage and fish!

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This Is the Most Popular Diet on Social Media Right Now .
<p>A team of researchers at Brandwatch took to Twitter to uncover which diet flooded social media feeds with the largest volume of posts. Vegans, take a bow.</p>Foodies, health nuts, and chefs alike have one thing in common: They love social media. They also love hashtagging. Between all the #foodporn and #mealprep and #carblover hashtags overflowing with photos, the food-obsessed cavern of Instagram has its niche corners — one of the most active of which is the dieting community. Trying the Whole30? There’s a hashtag for that. Going on keto? There’s a huge repertoire of recipes.

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