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20:09  11 july  2018
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I Got Plastic Surgery to Get Ahead in My Career

  I Got Plastic Surgery to Get Ahead in My Career In light of an annual report by the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery that found that 57% of people get plastic surgery to stay competitive at work, we asked Raleigh Seldon, a 26-year-old marketing coordinator in L.A., to explain, in her own words, how rhinoplasty boosted her self confidence — and her career. The following story was told to Kelsey Castañon and edited for length and clarity.Growing up in Toronto, Canada, plastic surgery, or anything else that altered your natural state, was super hush-hush and taboo — I knew nothing about it.

Also, FYI: Starting Botox in your 20s or 30 s doesn’t mean you’re going to be hooked on injectables for the rest of your life. If you’re interested in preventative Botox , talk to your doctor. “We don't have one universal treatment that fits all patients, so it is best to make sure to speak to your dermatologist

RELATED: How Your Face Changes in Your 20s, 30 s , and 40 s . What You Should Know About Getting Botox In your 20s: To prevent wrinkles, some docs may recommend using Botox as early as your mid-to-late twenties to reduce facial muscle overexpression—a totally genetic thing

Considering getting Botox injections? Here’s what you should know about the cost, side effects, and what it can do for you in your 20s, 30s, and 40s.: Everything You Need To Know About Getting Botox © Paul Hakimata / EyeEm - Getty Images Everything You Need To Know About Getting Botox Yeah, there are some really obvious downsides to getting Botox. You could end up seeming permanently surprised-or like you're auditioning for a new season of Real Housewives. (Sorry, not sorry.)

Still, Botox is not going away any time soon. “Its popularity has steadily increased since it was first approved by the FDA,” says Sejal Shah, M.D., founder of SmarterSkin Dermatology.

And honestly, sometimes it winds up looking ah-freakin-mazing. So, you've got to admit, it's kind of tempting.

That being said, there are a few things you should know before going under the needle, whether you're in your twenties, thirties, or forties. 

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In Your 20s: "My advice to patients is to start to treat lines when they begin to stick around. I personally feel that Botox is not necessary until those lines start to show at rest. In some people, this may be in the mid-twenties, while in others after 30.

In your forties : You may notice your skin starts to get drier, leading to more pronounced lines and wrinkles. Your Face: from Full and Perky in Your Twenties to Slim and Angular in Your Forties . If you’re looking to help restore some fullness, Waldorf says fillers are the best option.

What is Botox?

Botox is an FDA-approved drug that can be used to treat a wide variety of cosmetic issues, including fine lines and wrinkles and excessive sweating.

But how does it do that, exactly? “Neurotoxins such as Botox, Dysport, and Xeomin work by blocking the signal between nerves and muscles so the muscles treated do not contract, causing wrinkles to soften and relax,” says Shah. Basically, Botox temporarily paralyzes a group of muscles underneath the skin.

The average cost of a Botox treatment is $550, according to RealSelf.com-although that amount can vary depending on where you live. 

Does Botox hurt?

Since it’s an injectable treatment, you may feel a little pinch as the needle is inserted into the skin. Topical numbing cream or ice can be used before the injection to reduce any discomfort. “The injections themselves aren't painful for most people, but some are more sensitive to them than others,” Shah says.

The Return of Downtime: Why Invasive Plastic Surgery Procedures Are on the Rise

  The Return of Downtime: Why Invasive Plastic Surgery Procedures Are on the Rise We're all pressed for time — but the days of the "lunchtime lift" and other quickie procedures are fading. Here's why.The “lunchtime procedure” rose to prominence right alongside Botox — hard on the heels of Y2K (apocalypse, averted; world breathes collective sigh), when lasers were said to “tone” the skin, cow-derived collagen was the filler of choice, and many of today’s most beloved baby-step treatments were still but twinkles in their founders’ eyes. As years passed, and the noninvasive landscape evolved, clocking out for an hour became more meaningful.

Despite what you may have heard, your stomach doesn't actually shrink with age, Hobbins says. But there do seem to be changes to the stretchiness of your tummy that happen The Crazy Ways Your Skin Changes In Your 30 s , 40 s , 50s, and Beyond. 4 Signs Your Hunger Is Actually Just A Craving.

In Your Mid- 30 s Laura, pictured right, is proof that age isn't always the best test for when you need Botox . Bowe says she looks younger than her age (35), and can probably hold off on preventative Botox for another three to five years.

Results themselves appear a few days after the procedure, and last for around three to four months, according to RealSelf.com

What are Botox side effects?

“The most common myth I hear is that Botox completely freezes you,” Shah says. (That scene with Tim Allen in Christmas With The Kranks comes to mind…)

But Shah says that side effect is just a myth, especially when you’re going with a good dermatologist who has done this sort of procedure before. “Botox treatments can be completely tailored and there is a range of results, from just reducing the muscle movement to completely stopping it,” she says.

In most cases, Shah says there can be some swelling, redness, or bruising after treatment. “The redness and swelling typically resolve in one to two days,” she says. But bruising can take longer-up to two weeks to go away.

Other possible side effects of Botox include dry mouth, neck pain, headaches, and eye problems like blurred or double vision, according to the drug manufacturer’s website.

Excessive sweating got you down? Here’s how “Southern Charm” star Cameran Eubanks deals

  Excessive sweating got you down? Here’s how “Southern Charm” star Cameran Eubanks deals It's called hyperhidrosis, and more than 15 million in the U.S. are dealing with it. Cameran Eubanks talks about how she manages the condition.It may seem like the Bravolebrity is always camera-ready, but Eubanks says she suffers from a medical condition called hyperhidrosis, which basically means she sweats at hot-yoga levels while strolling through the park. "It can be really hard to be a young woman and you want to wear cute clothes but you sweat all day," she says.

Frozen in Time: How Botox Works . Long-term effects of botulinum toxin type A ( Botox ) on facial lines: a comparison in identical twins. While it may seem trite, Perry doesn’t downplay the effect of seeing a wrinkle in your 20s.

In Your 30 s : Make Habits. If you got physical in your 20s, don’t stop now. In Your 40 s : Don’t Stop Now. “This is the stage of life for many where careers are really taking off – a time when work is critical,” says Dr. Wells . Your reward might even show in your DNA.

There is also some risk that the paralysis could spread, leading to problems swallowing, breathing, or speaking. You should seek medical help ASAP if you’re experiencing these rare, more dangerous side effects. 

Who makes a good Botox candidate?

“Botox is a completely cosmetic procedure, so if and when someone ‘needs’ it is a purely personal decision,” Shah says. “Some people are not bothered by developing fine lines and wrinkles. For those who are, I generally advise starting treatments just when they start to see the lines develop, or when the wrinkles linger even after the movement has stopped.”

Preventative Botox has been getting lots of buzz. “It can potentially have a preventive effect on dynamic wrinkles, which are caused by underlying muscle movement,” Shah explains. “That being said, muscle movement is only one factor that contributes to the development of wrinkles, so Botox may not be completely preventive.” (Some other wrinkle causes: sun exposure, smoking, and diet.)

If you want to tackle fine lines or wrinkles on the forehead, between the brows and around the eyes, Botox can be a good option, but the best way to determine if it's right for you is to have a consultation with a board-certified dermatologist.

Game Changer: The DryBar of Injectables Is Here

  Game Changer: The DryBar of Injectables Is Here Consider the game officially changed! DryBar revolutionized our tresses and our selfies when they invented the quick and easy blowdry bar — and now Alchemy 43 is doing so for the injectables and aesthetics biz. The company was founded by Nicci Levy a former head of business development at Allergan, so to say she knows her injectables is an understatement. Naturally Alchemy 43, which has two locations in LA and is set to open in New York and other cities in the near future, specializes in cosmetic micro-treatments — think Botox, fillers, contouring and microneedling — all of which are FDA approved, medically effective and minimal by nature.

30 s . THE MUSTS: " In your twenties, you made collagen faster than it broke down," Chiu says. PASS: Botox can work miracles on static lines—those visible even when your face isn't moving.

In Your Early 30 s Bowe has a self-test for determining who can benefit from Botox in their early 30 s : If you find yourself smoothing makeup that collects along a crease or line, you're a good candidate for Botox . 16 Best Face Scrubs for Your Cleanest Complexion Yet.

What you should know about getting Botox in your 20s

“Most people in their twenties decide to try Botox simply because they want to enhance their appearance, such as relaxing the muscles in their forehead, or because they want to keep their skin looking fresh and young,” Shah says. “Starting earlier is better than later because as the lines get more and more embedded into the skin, Botox is not as effective in eliminating the lines.”

However, if you’re in your twenties and aren’t seeing those lines (lucky you!), Shah says you can hold off-since the benefits of “preventive” Botox aren’t quite proven. 

What you should know about getting Botox in your 30s

“I see a lot of patients who come in from sun damage, or who have creases in their foreheads, more lines around the sides of their mouths, crow's feet, and wrinkles on the side of their nose,” Shah says. “At this age, a dermatologist can inject Botox in the right places to help train a person’s face to no longer fall into that habit, which can help decrease the odds that they’ll develop permanent wrinkles in those spots later on.”

How often you need touch-ups really depends on where you are getting the Botox, but typically every three to four months is a good range at this age.

What you should know about getting Botox in your 40s

“Many of my patients come in because they have waited until they see considerable lines and wrinkles, or just want to look more awake,” Shah says. “At this age, many people are more concerned about their crow's feet and upper eyelids, which start to droop.”

Why this 'Little House on the Prairie' star uses anti-aging cream instead of Botox

  Why this 'Little House on the Prairie' star uses anti-aging cream instead of Botox She loves herself just the way she is."I feel very much solidly in my own skin. That comes out when I look at myself in the mirror — and I couldn't have that when I looked like an ingenue," she said.

Your 30 s are an exciting time! You may feel like you’re in the prime of your life—or you could feel like you’re slowing down a bit. You need to perfect your career first. They’ll end your life as you know it . Oh shut up… Kids are great. They make you better in every way.

In Your Forties Your Hormones Tank Around 40, your baby maker prepares to close up shop, and your levels of estrogen, progesterone, and (again) If you're working out, that might only amount to eating about 150 less calories per day, he says. But if you don't exercise and sit most of the day, you'll

Shah says that it’s harder to treat wrinkles with just Botox as they get more and more ingrained into the face. “Some people may need just a few injections, but some may require more treatments, such as laser treatments or a series of smaller procedures, which are going to cost more. Whereas if they came in five years earlier, I may have just been able to use Botox to get the same effect,” she says.

Gallery: These are the most in-demand cosmetic treatments around the country (Reader's Digest) Salt Lake City: Breast Augmentation: Women in Salt Lake City are researching their options for various breast augmentation procedures at a 48.5 percent higher rate than the national average. 'Utah is home to a sophisticated, well-educated population concerned about health and appearance,' says Renato Saltz, MD, a plastic surgeon based in Salt Lake. 'So it's not surprising that Salt Lake has become a destination for patients who want safe, cutting-edge aesthetic surgery.' Why else are breast augmentations so hot in Salt Lake? Dr. Saltz also attributes this interest to more women having children at a young age. He has seen many women in their late 20s looking to reverse the wear and tear of pregnancy. Make sure you know these things plastic surgeons aren't telling you before going under the knife. These Are the Most In-Demand Cosmetic Treatments Around the Country

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