Health & Fit Just Because Something Is Low-Carb or Gluten-Free Doesn't Mean It's Healthy

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Attention, Please—Costco Now Sells Frozen Cauliflower Pizza, and People Are Obsessed

  Attention, Please—Costco Now Sells Frozen Cauliflower Pizza, and People Are Obsessed Costco just made your busy nights a little easier—and a little less carb-heavy—by offering frozen cauliflower pizzas you can stash in your freezer until hunger strikes.We’re always game to try a carb-conscious trade when whipping up our weeknight dinners, especially as balmy summer nights roll around and carb-packed pasta casserole isn't as appealing. From zucchini “noodles” to bell pepper “nacho chips,” it’s pretty amazing what you can hack from your farmers’ market haul; and cauliflower comes out on top when we’re talking versatility.

Bread is also high in carbs, so it is out of the question for people on low - carb diets. However, there are many alternatives that taste just as good as regular bread. Here are 15 recipes for low - carb , gluten - free breads that are super healthy .

But remember, just because it ' s a higher-protein grain doesn ' t mean it ' s low in carbs. One cup of cooked quinoa has 39 grams of carbohydrate , so make sure to plan that into your day or serve up a half-cup on your plate. If you're gluten - free , polenta also makes a good choice.

Just Because Something Is Low-Carb or Gluten-Free Doesn't Mean It's Healthy © helovi/Getty Images. Just Because Something Is Low-Carb or Gluten-Free Doesn't Mean It's Healthy There’s been a war on bread and pasta for the past few years, with many celebrities and athletes forgoing gluten and carbs, boasting that by going gluten-free and low-carb, they’ve never been happier, thinner and healthier. But just how healthy is a gluten-free or low-carb lifestyle?

“Carbs get a bad reputation because they are the main nutrient in sugary deserts, fried foods and processed snacks, but carbs are also fruits, vegetables and whole grains, which are very good for you,” NYC-based registered dietitian Natalie Rizzo tells SheKnows. “I think it’s a misconception that gluten-free is healthier.”

3 reasons to stop avoiding whole grains

  3 reasons to stop avoiding whole grains A couple of trendy diets are giving whole grainsa bad rap. But they deserve at least a small (and special) place in a person's diet.High-fat, low-carb keto and lectin-eliminating paleo diets are still trending and it's no wonder that whole grains have been getting more and more of a bad rap.

LCHF means low carb , high fat . It ’ s the only way to successfully do a low - carb diet long term. I am at my highest weight now, even though I eat gluten & wheat free and have once again started back at LCHF keto, because I have to lose all this weight!

“Fruit is gluten - free , but it ’ s not necessarily a low - carb food," Christman says. “It might have sugar and some oils in it. You can have gluten - free fried chicken or French fries. It ’ s really about overall healthy eating."

Gluten is a protein found in wheat, barley and rye. Something that is gluten-free is free of those ingredients and is usually made in a facility that doesn’t contain any of those ingredients. 

While many people have adopted a gluten-free diet, a 2017 study published in the Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics found that the diet isn’t as healthy as it’s often promoted to be. 

“GF [gluten-free] food is unlikely to offer healthier alternatives to regular foods except for those who require a GF diet for medically diagnosed conditions, and it is associated with higher costs,” the authors concluded. 

The study also found that gluten-free foods not only typically contained more saturated fat, sugar and salt than regular food items, but were also usually lower in fiber and protein content. 

5 healthy alternatives to white flour

  5 healthy alternatives to white flour Many people are giving up white or wheat flour these days, but there are lots of options. A nutritionist breaks it down for us.Long gone are the days of having only white and whole wheat flour options on grocery store shelves. Not only do the many flour options allow for a variety of textures, flavors and nutrients, but they also make enjoying many of life's simple food pleasures a viable option for those with food allergies and intolerances.

Some of these foods are even relatively healthy , just not suitable on a low - carb diet because of their high amount of carbs. Because gluten may also be linked to a few other diseases and symptoms, some people without celiac disease may feel better if they avoid gluten (59).

Just because something is “ gluten - free ” DOES NOT make it healthy . Going gluten - free might help you lose weight (as it did with rats in this study), but depending on HOW you go gluten - free , you might actually gain weight and get even unhealthier.

“Gluten-free products can be expensive and misleading,” Dr. Robert Zembroski, a clinical nutritionist, tells SheKnows. “Companies use ‘gluten-free’ as a marketing tool to get us to buy their products. Be wary of the gluten-free trap. If a product says gluten-free, read the label. Food companies use additives, emulsifying agents and refined sugar to make foods chewy and gooey to mimic the textural effects created by gluten.”

Avoiding gluten means more than just giving up beer and pasta, he notes. "Gluten is found in many food products, such as soy sauces and natural flavorings," Zembroski says. "Gluten has also been found in toothpaste and medications. So, going gluten-free can be challenging.”

Rizzo agrees, noting that eating gluten-free can be limiting, and many people turn to processed snacks and foods to replace the gluten-containing foods they are omitting. 

The 'Super Carb Diet' Could Help You Lose Weight—Without Totally Cutting Carbs

  The 'Super Carb Diet' Could Help You Lose Weight—Without Totally Cutting Carbs I just love bread, okay?

Here are the best low - carb snacks I've encountered in my 15 years as a T 1. And, bonus: They're all 100% gluten - free ! 3. Pickle-flavored cashews, because there aren' t enough low - carb snacks covered in flavor powder, and I cannot dill with it .

Home » Harvard Health Blog » Going gluten - free just because ? Going gluten free . Avoiding gluten means more than giving up traditional breads, cereals, pasta, pizza, and beer. Just wait. This way of eating (wheat free, low carb ) is not going away. For your health , try it .

“If you’re substituting your processed snacks with processed gluten-free snacks, you likely won’t see any major benefits," she explains. "Many gluten-free snacks have just as many calories, sugar and sodium as the ones that contain gluten. Another drawback is that omitting grains may mean missing out on fiber, which helps with digestion and satiation.” 

Video: Gluten-Free But Not Gluten-Intolerant? Research Links the Diet to Unhealthy Weight Loss Tactics (Buzz60)

The phenomenon behind the low-carb diet is the carbohydrate-insulin hypothesis, which poses that in order to lose weight, you must reduce the amount of carb calories you eat and replace them with fat calories. This way, you are driving down your insulin levels, which in turn help you burn calories. 

However, most low-carb diets tout consuming foods like meat and eggs, which happen to be rich in saturated fat and cholesterol, while some low-carb diets might even encourage not eating fruit, which provides fiber. 

Low-carb diets may cut years off life, study suggests

  Low-carb diets may cut years off life, study suggests Scientists have linked ever-fashionable low-carb diets to shorter life expectancies in a study published Thursday in the journal The Lancet Public Health.Researchers probing the link between nutrition and mortality in 15,400 U.S. participants discovered those who lived longest tended to eat a diet made up about half from carbohydrates. The team linked high-carb and low-carb diets to a slightly higher risk of death.

That doesn ’ t mean it ’ s isn’t effective, though. It just requires a little social support from like-minded people, not those who snack on junk food. Many people who follow a low - carb lifestyle do eliminate gluten because of the foods they choose to keep their carbohydrates low.

Does gluten - free mean guilt-free? “ Just because a food is labeled gluten - free doesn ’ t mean that a gluten - free cookie or gluten - free cupcake is healthier than the wheat-based product,” Thompson says.

“The major drawback I see with low-carb is not eating enough fruits and vegetables. Most people don’t eat enough produce each day, and going low carb makes that even more difficult,” says Rizzo. “I also think whole grains have their place in a healthy diet since they contribute fiber and protein. Cutting those out can lead to nutrient deficiencies.” 

Carbs are the main energy source for activity, she adds, noting that cutting carbs means you may feel more fatigued while working out.

And for those who think low-carb diets mean weight loss? Not so fast. A lengthy study published earlier this year in the Journal of the American Medical Association pitted a low-carb diet against a low-fat diet to determine their relationship to weight loss. It turns out that neither diet is superior. In fact, the study concluded that it’s the quality of someone’s diet — meaning one that is filled with a wide array of healthy protein, vegetables, fruits and whole grains — that accounts for more weight loss. 

“Personally, I don’t recommend low-carb because I think many carbs have their place in a healthy diet,” says Rizzo. “And I like to help people make lasting changes that can become a lifestyle. I think a low-carb diet is more of a quick fix than anything else.”

Though going gluten-free or low-carb might not have much-needed health benefits or lead to significant weight loss, Zembroski does point out that it’s important to go for testing if you suspect you have an allergy. “If you suspect a sensitivity to gluten or you suffer from any numerous autoimmune issues, leaky gut and other gut issues or if you want to know if it’s worth going gluten-free, consider specific testing,” he says. “Eliminating gluten will reduce the risk of developing a health issue for those genetically susceptible to the abnormal immune reactions it creates."

Hilary Duff's diet includes smoothies, sandwiches, and beer — here's a look at how she eats

  Hilary Duff's diet includes smoothies, sandwiches, and beer — here's a look at how she eats Hilary Duff's diet is surprisingly simple and it involves a lot of meal prep and smoothies. From sandwiches to wine, here's what Hilary Duff eats and the diet she follows.It wasn’t all that long ago that Hilary Duff was a Disney Channel star and pop singer. Now, she’s a star of TV Land’s "Younger" and has grown into a true style and beauty icon right before our eyes.

Healthy Low - Carb Foods vs. Unhealthy Low - Carb Foods. You may be wondering what has carbs and what doesn ’ t . To be clear, just because a food or meal is low in carbs doesn ’ t necessarily mean it ’ s healthy !

Just because a cookie is gluten - free doesn ' t mean it ' s not a cookie! Often many packaged, processed foods are labeled gluten - free and consumers automatically assume the product is healthy .

Slideshow: FDA-approved additives you probably shouldn't eat (SheKnows) 

Why oat milk is a no-go (oh no!), according to some nutritionists .
The alt-dairy darling could come with a side of gluten residue, pesticides, and inflammation.Celebrity nutritionist Kelly LeVeque recently shattered the hearts of oat milk lovers everywhere by laying down some of its less-than-stellar qualities.

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