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Health & Fit Is It Swimmer's Ear? Here's How to Tell—and How to Treat It

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Swimmers ear is caused by water in the ear . Learn how to treat swimmers ear in this first aid video. Treating and Preventing Swimmers Ear - Продолжительность: 4:44 Hallmark Channel 45 858 просмотров.

To treat swimmer ’ s ear , your doctor may prescribe ear drops that contain an antibiotic. If the ear canal is swollen shut or nearly shut, your physician may insert a tiny We use cookies to understand how you use our site and to improve your experience. This includes personalizing content and advertising.

(video courtesy Rachael Ray Show) Roughly one in 10 people will experience swimmer’s ear during their lifetime, according to a 2012 study in American Family Physician. If you’re already part of this group, you know how uncomfortable it can be. You likely also know that despite what the name implies, you don't have to be an avid swimmer to get swimmers ear. In fact, you don’t have to spend any time swimming to get the infection. Interesting, right?

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Symptoms: Symptoms of swimmer ' s ear include itching, discharge from ears and also severe pain. The ear canal also gets swollen because of the It is always better to consult a doctor to treat this condition. Besides, you can also go for some home remedies to get relief. Here are 5 such home

No matter how you got your swimmer ' s ear , once you learn to recognize the signs, you have plenty of options to treat it . Swimmer ' s ear , which has the medical name of otitis Here ' s one way to tell which type of ear infection you have. If it hurts when you tug or press your ear , you may have swimmer ' s ear .

Read on to learn more about the causes of swimmer’s ear and what you can do to ease the pain-stat!

What is swimmer's ear, exactly?

a close up of an animal © U.S. National Library of Medicine “The formal name for swimmer’s ear is otitis externa, and that literally means an inflammation of the outer ear,” Brett Comer, MD, an associate professor and head and neck surgeon at the University of Kentucky explains. When he says “outer ear,” he means the visible appendage on the side of your head, and the first part of the ear canal.

“The inflammation is usually caused by some kind of bacterial infection-usually either Pseudomonas or Staphylococcus bacteria, although a bunch of different things can cause it,” Dr. Comer says. Additionally, fungus, viruses, and even allergies can all cause swimmer’s ear, according to the National Institutes of Health, but 98 percent of all cases stem from a bacterial infection.

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How Is Swimmer ' s Ear Treated ? Treatment depends on the severity of the infection and how painful it is. A health care provider might prescribe ear drops that contain antibiotics to fight the infection, possibly mixed with a steroid to reduce swelling of the ear canal. Ear drops are usually given several

Swimmer ' s ear is an infection of the ear canal that can be caused by different types of bacteria or fungi. Find out how to prevent or treat it . The outer ear might get red or swollen, and lymph nodes around the ear may get enlarged and tender. Sometimes, there' s a greenish-yellow discharge of pus

What causes swimmer's ear?

When water gets trapped in the ear, the moisture creates an environment that allows infection-causing bacteria to multiply, make their way into the skin of the ear canal, and cause an infection.

Dr. Comer says it’s called “swimmer’s ear” because the types of bacteria that cause it (Pseudomonas in particular) like to live in freshwater. Swimming in lakes, rivers, or ponds is a major risk factor for contracting the condition, the American Family study states.

But some cases swimmer’s ear aren’t caused by swimming at all, says Dr. Comer. Sometimes a small cut or scrape allows bacteria inside the skin, Dr. Comer explains. Picking or scratching the ears can cause these types of injuries, he says. So can frequently and forcefully cleaning the ear with cotton swabs, according to the National Library of Medicine. (In fact, earwax has protective antibacterial properties, and so cleaning it out isn’t such a hot idea, according to the Mayo Clinic.)

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Treatments . How Long Is It Treated ? Prevention. Complications. Children with swimmer ' s ear (otitis externa) have inflammation in their external ear canal. It is usually caused by water irritating the skin inside the ear , which then becomes infected with a bacteria, or more rarely, a fungus.

Although swimmer ' s ear is usually not too serious, it must be examined and treated properly, or it can become worse and a much more serious matter. Unfortunately, it can often be tough to tell how dirty water may be. Some swimming spots will be clearly marked with “No Swimming ” or “High Bacteria

But scrapes and earwax aside, “sometimes swimmer’s ear just happens, and we don’t know why,” Dr. Comer adds.

Why does this type of infection strike the ear? For one thing, the ear’s ability to trap and hold water increases the odds that bacteria will have time to work their way into skin abrasions. Also, not much blood circulates through the ears, and so “the body can’t get as many infection-fighting cells to that area,” Dr. Comer explains. Especially for those with diabetes or pre-diabetes-conditions that can lead to the death of small blood vessels in and around the ear and other extremities-swimmer’s ear is a bigger threat, he adds.

Swimmer's ear symptoms to watch out for

a woman talking on a cell phone: Woman suffering from an ear ache © Eric Audras - Getty Images Woman suffering from an ear ache Now that you understand what swimmer’s ear is, you’re probably wondering about swimmer’s ear’s symptoms-as well as swimmer’s ear treatment. Keep reading.

An itch inside the ear

The first sign of swimmer’s ear is often a mild or intense itching inside the ear, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). That itching may stem from irritation to the skin caused by the infection, Dr. Comer says. Skin inflammation also tends to produce an itchy sensation, according to the American Academy of Otolaryngology (AAO).

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Treating and Preventing Swimmers Ear - Продолжительность: 4:44 Hallmark Channel 52 184 просмотра. Antibiotic Ear Drops - When and How to Use Ear Drops Properly - Продолжительность: 3:01 Fauquier ENT 120 075 просмотров.

Swimmer ear can be more painful than a traditional ear infection, but it can be prevented and treated with a few simple tricks. How to Swim Deep In the Pool Without Hurting Your Ears - Продолжительность: 3:31 Christian Wedoy 6 749 948 просмотров.

Ear pain

Pain or sensitivity in the ear canal is another hallmark symptom. It’s caused by the infection and resulting inflammation, Dr. Comer says. In some cases, pulling on your ear will make this pain worse. In even more extreme cases, the pain can spread out to the face, neck, or side of the head, the AAO notes

Redness and swelling

Inflammation is caused by a flood of blood and white blood cells, which the body sends to an area to mend injuries or combat intruders, Dr. Comer explains. This inflammation-along with causing pain or itching-can also result in redness and swelling around the ear canal, he says.

Fluid or pus drainage

During the early stages of swimmer’s ear, the canal may leak a clear, odorless fluid. But if the infection grows worse, a smelly yellow or green pus can start to drain out. These fluids are produced at the infection site as the body attempts to ward off the intruder, according to research in the Annals of Clinical and Laboratory Research.

Ear muffling or blockage

As you’d expect from a swollen, inflamed, potentially fluid-filled ear, sensations of muffling or blockage are all possible, Dr. Comer says. Even partial hearing loss-almost always temporary-can result from a swimmer’s ear infection.

Swollen lymph nodes

In some severe cases, the infection can spread to the lymph nodes in a person’s neck. Your lymph nodes act like “filters” for your circulatory system-stripping your blood cells of bacteria and other infectious agents, according to Mayo Clinic. For this reason, your lymph nodes can become swollen while your body is fighting off an infection.

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We’ll also explain the how to treat your ear infection and if your symptoms need to be looked at by a doctor. An outer ear infection is sometimes called swimmer ’ s ear . That ’ s because it often starts as a result of water that remains in your ear after swimming or bathing.

Push and Remove your hand quickly, and the trapped water may drain. Put a few drops of rubbing alcohol while you head is tilted with the affected ear facing upwards, to allow it to flow into your ear . Hydrogen peroxide is another swimmers ear home remedy to get rid of water in ear .


A fever is also possible in advanced cases of swimmer’s ear. An elevated body temperature helps the human immune system kill of bugs, according to a 2011 study in BMC Family Practice. That includes the bacteria associated with swimmer’s ear.

How to get rid of swimmer's ear fast

If your discomfort doesn't subside after a few days, or it becomes excruciating, see a doctor.

If you have a mild case of swimmer’s ear, your physician will likely prescribe an acidic drop intended to help stabilize the bacterial environment inside the ear. Steroid treatments can also help reduce inflammation and irritation.

If those don’t get the job done, Dr. Comer says he’ll prescribe an antibiotic drop. He may also prescribe the use of otowicks. “Otowicks are basically little pieces of compressed cotton that inflate and hold the medication against the skin of the ear, which helps get the antibiotic against the infection site,” he explains. “In really bad cases, a patient may be prescribed oral antibiotics as well.”

Before prescribing any drops or wicks, Dr. Comer says an ear doctor will likely “debride” the ear of old skin cells, infected tissue, or wax-all of which can act like a barrier between the medicated drops and the infection. “If you have a thick layer of wax or other junk in there, all the drops in the world won’t touch what they need to touch,” he adds.

Ear won't stop throbbing? Here, everything you need to know about swimmer's ear-the symptoms, what causes it, how to treat it-so you can start feeling better ASAP.: Signs You Have Swimmer's Ear-and How to Treat It © Provided by Hearst Communications, Inc Signs You Have Swimmer's Ear-and How to Treat It

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