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Health & Fit The Best Back Exercises: The Only Workout You Need for That Perfect V-Shape Torso

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Build Bigger, Stronger Arms With This Superset

  Build Bigger, Stronger Arms With This Superset Use it as a finisher or as a quick workout for when you're short on timeWhen it comes to your arms, your biceps and triceps are the stars of the show. They are what fills up the sleeves of a form-fitting T-shirt, and the muscles most dudes want to build. (The next time you're at the gym, take a look around to see how many guys are doing curls. The short answer? A lot of them.

The best back exercises for achieving that V - shape torso , thanks to some of the best personal trainers in the country. Turn these into a complete workout by completing three sets of each move, resting for 30 seconds between each set. Wide-grip barbell partial deadlift.

Leverage machines are best to build and shape the back muscles, these machines are user friendly and require little effort to learn these exercise . V Shape - 5 Best Exercises to Build a V Shape Torso - Продолжительность: 4:45 Chad Howse 189 002 просмотра.

Sometimes you forget things: Where the remote is. Where you left your keys. Grandma’s birthday. (Put that one in your calendar already). At the gym, it’s often those pesky back exercises. While dudes do not neglect their backs as often as they do their legs—for shame—a well-developed less-visible side of the torso will go a long way towards making you look awesome in a tank top. Aesthetic benefits aside, a strong back also helps you sit straighter, stand taller, and perform better everywhere from the gym to, yes, the bedroom.

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How to Get a V - Shape Torso – V Shape Body. If you , too, want to have that nice and killer V - shape Pull-ups with hands front facing also work to strengthen your mid and lower back muscles. The combination of pull-ups and chin-ups on the pullup bar are some of the best workout and exercises

I'm using these 7 exercises and they work wonders for me! It's a great workout , especially if you 're looking to make your back more massive. The exercises are for gaining more weight and muscle mass. As one of the biggest complexes of muscle on your body, the back of your torso includes your

“Sitting at a desk all day forces the frontal body to tighten and shorten while the posterior chain becomes lengthened and weak,” says Alex Silver-Fagan, a master trainer at Nike. “When it comes to posture, having strong, engaged back muscles will be your savior.”

For help winning your next tug-of-war contest, we asked some of the nation’s best trainers to walk through what they think are the best back exercises—and to share a few pro tips to ensure stellar execution. Turn these into a complete workout by completing three sets of each move, resting for 30 seconds between each set.

Wide-grip barbell partial deadlift

Equipment: Barbell

Do it: Stand with your feet slightly wider than shoulder-width distance. Grab onto a barbell using an overhand grip, keeping your arms at a 45-degree angle from the side of your body, with no bend in the elbows. Stand tall, squeezing the bar into your thighs and pulling your shoulder blades together—you should feel tension throughout the entire back side of your upper body. This is your starting position. Hinge at the hips, without letting the bar move away from your body, and lower the bar to just above the knee, counting to five each time. Slowly return to the starting position. Do six reps.

Is The '300 Workout For Abs' As Intense As It Sounds?

  Is The '300 Workout For Abs' As Intense As It Sounds? Get ready for reps on reps on reps. If you ever saw the movie 300, a few things probably stood out: incredible special effects, epic battle scenes, and abs on abs on abs. And that's how the prolific 300 Workout For Abs was born. The challenge was developed by Jeff Cavaliere, C.S.C.S. in conjunction with his Athlean-X program, and it was inspired by the workout that the cast of the epic battle film used for training. Still, Cavaliere didn’t think the O.G. workout was tough enough on abs (although Gerard Butler’s mid-section begs to disagree), so he created a core-specific workout too.

This workout will drive great results as a stand alone routine. However, if you currently have a chest program but your chest is lagging or uneven, try adding Today I want to share with you the only two exercises you need to build a nice, thick, muscular, well -rounded chest. As I have said in previous

First you need to improve the thickness front to back , but even then, you 're far from finished. No big back is complete without the noted v shape or v tapered The only pieces of equipment you will need to do these back exercises is a pullup bar and a resistance band. If you do this back workout in the

Trainer tip: “Since we are looking to build our back and don’t want to be limited by grip strength, think about using a pair of wrist straps, which will allow you to load the bar up heavier,” says Zach Murray, MS, CSCS. “This goes for any exercise where your goal is to target your back.”

Scap push-up

Equipment: None (no excuses)

Do it: Start in a high plank position. Without bending your elbows, slowly push your shoulder blades together, which will lower your body a few inches. Return to start position for one rep. Do 15 reps.

Trainer tip: “Really focus on keeping your arms straight and just moving the shoulder blades together and apart,” says Silver-Fagan. “And most importantly, engage your core. It should be tight, so that you don’t start to arch your lower back.”


Equipment: A bar

Do it: Hang using an overhand grip, and then pull your shoulder blades down towards the floor—imagine moving your shoulders down and away from your ears. Continue until the bar is just below your chin, and hold that position for three seconds. Take a full five seconds to return to the hanging position. Do six reps.

Do 5-minute workouts really work?

  Do 5-minute workouts really work? If you're looking to boost your metabolism or lose weight, consistent short bursts of activity can make a difference. Time is of the essence these days or, at least, a lack of it. Studies show a busy and overworked life has become somewhat of "an aspirational status symbol." As a result of all this busyness, the popularity of quick workouts, such as high intensity interval training (H.I.I.T.) or quick workout apps (like the Streaks workout app) offer a degree of fitness in just a little longer than a lengthy commercial break.

This is the best back workout & that you can do with dumbbells. 🔥FREE 6 Week Body Transformation Challenge: http Pull ups or one of the classic exercises that will just never be beat in regard to what it can do for your back . This is the exercise that will give you that V shape .

Find out how you can exercise your way to rocking a v - shaped torso with this customized workout from personal trainer It's time to get sexy with Your Best Body. Shape, sculpt, and tone your trouble zones with Each episode of Your Best Body will focus on perfecting one area of your body at a time.

Trainer tip: “While using an overhand grip targets your back more—specifically the middle traps—using a neutral grip (with your hands facing each other) or an underhand grip may be more comfortable,” says Murray. “Try out one of these variations if you are new to pull-ups, or if going overhand bothers your wrists or elbows. Just remember that underhand is technically a chin-up.” (Those are good too, though. Don't worry.)

Wall walk

Equipment: A room

Do it: Start in a high plank position with your feet touching a wall. Engaging your core, simultaneously walk your feet up the wall while moving your hands closer to the wall. Pause when your body is vertical at the top of your handstand. Then, move your hands forward and walk down the wall until you reach the bottom again. That’s one rep. Do eight.

Trainer tip: “Move slowly and keep your shoulders engaged,” says Silver-Fagan. “In other words, don’t dump the pressure on your neck and traps! And make sure you’re coming down with control, which will prevent you from sliding and falling.”

Seated cable row

Equipment: Cable stack

Squeeze in a workout in 10 minutes or less with these apps

  Squeeze in a workout in 10 minutes or less with these apps All those active minutes add up! Even five to 10 minutes of intense, sweat-inducing, heart rate-raising exercise can contribute to keeping you healthy.

Since many back exercises require you to use your arms for pulls and rows to activate the muscles, working your back is If you want a V - shaped torso , you must do pullups and chinups. They build width because they target your latissimus dorsi 10 Lat Moves You Need to Build the Perfect Back .

Here is today's back workout : Exercise 1 Wide Grip Pull Ups 5 x 4 + 4 + 4 30X1 Tempo 2 min rest. Exercise 2 Bent Over Supported DB Rows 5 x 45sec Let me know if you have any questions on the techniques in this back workout in the comments below and either my team or I will answer them!

Do it: Choose any attachment that allows you to have your hands at least shoulder-width apart. Once seated on the bench, make sure your knees are slightly bent, and keep the torso vertical. In this tall position, pull the cable towards the middle of your torso while squeezing your shoulder blades together, and slowly return to the start. Do 10 reps.

Trainer tip: “Make sure not to shrug your shoulders up towards your ears,” says Murray. “Also: The bar does not need to touch your body. You don’t want the elbows going beyond your side.”

Dumbbell bent-over row

Equipment: Two heavy dumbbells

Do it: Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, holding a dumbbell in each hand with a neutral grip. Bend slightly at your knees, hinge your hips, and lower your chest so that it is almost parallel to the floor. Keeping your core tight and your arms close to the body, row both weights up towards your chest, bending at the elbow. Do 12 reps.

Trainer tip: “Make sure you keep your palms facing each other instead of rotating your wrists, and drive your elbows straight behind you,” says Alexandra Berlingieri, an Equinox Tier 3 trainer. “You should really be squeezing your shoulder blades together at the top of the movement.”

TRX row

Equipment: TRX straps

Do it: Stand in front of the TRX, and grab the handles. Lean back until your body is at a 45-degree angle with the floor, and keep your arms straight. With your palms facing one another, row your entire body upward, drawing your shoulders back. Do 12 reps.

Trainer tip: “Make sure to keep your shoulders depressed,” says Berlingieri. “Think about planking while rowing.”

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