Health & FitStressed out on Election Day? Here are 6 tips to relax and decompress

19:15  06 november  2018
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Stressed out on Election Day ? Here are 6 tips to relax and decompress . Madeline Johnson. The Republic | azcentral.com. Avoid arguments: By Election Day , you're not likely to change many people's minds, so avoid heated arguments that can increase blood pressure.

Well, here are three ways to stress less so you can smile more. Each of these stress -relieving tips can get you from OMG to om in less than 15 minutes. A few minutes of practice per day can help ease anxiety. “Research suggests that daily meditation may alter the brain’s neural pathways, making

Stressed out on Election Day? Here are 6 tips to relax and decompress © Mark Henle/The Republic A voter arrives at the polling place to cast her ballot, Aug. 28, 2018, at the Escalante Community Center, 2150 E. Orange Street in Tempe.

It's Election Day, you've cast your ballot, you're home from work and it's time to turn on the news and watch it all unfold.

Some advice? You might want to turn off the TV if you find yourself getting stressed. No, seriously. It's what one doctor orders.

Dr. Kris Vijay, cardiologist and medical director at the Institute for Congestive Heart Failure at Abrazo Community Health Network, says after your vote is cast, you might want to tune out some of the political drama as the added stress can damage the body.

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"If you want to watch TV and all the ups and downs and swings on every channel, then you need to make sure you’ll be able to handle it," he said. "If not, go to a movie, go to yoga, do some meditation."

Heightened stress can put people at higher risk for things like strokes, heart attacks and other medical complications.

How is this possible?

It all comes down to how stress hormones damage the body, Vijay said.

For some, the fear surrounding the outcome of an election can cause extreme stress.

"This fear can actually lead to all kinds of different neurohormones being released in the body and into the bloodstream, increasing blood pressure, and, in some of them, blood sugar," Vijay said.

Stress hormones angiotensin and endothelin are responsible for the damage, released in the inner lining of blood vessels when the body is experiencing extra stress.

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You may not be capable of making your teen’s stress magically vanish, but there are things you can do to make “Writing an entire essay in one sitting can feel like climbing Mount Everest to a stressed - out teenager “Otherwise, there’s just too much going on, and they don’t have any time to decompress .

Here are tips for managing test prep stress . The symptoms of stress are numerous; check out helpguide.org for the symptoms and warning signs of stress , along with other ways to cope with stress . Instead of reaching for a snack to relax , relieve your tensions from studying in some of the

"The sheer stress inside the blood vessel leads to erosion, which can lead to strokes," Vijay said.

Even if you get by without the more serious and deadly health complications, stress hormones create an overall inflammatory response in the body.

Don't worry, it's avoidable: 6 tips

This doesn't mean you need to completely tune out the election to avoid having a heart attack.

Here are some tips from Dr. Vijay on how to fulfill your civic duty while avoiding unnecessary stress:

  1. Vote early: Vote first thing in the morning if you haven't already voted by mail. This avoids stressing about whether you'll get to the polls on time on top of all the political buzz.
  2. Avoid arguments: By Election Day, you're not likely to change many people's minds, so avoid heated arguments that can increase blood pressure.
  3. Eat healthy: Stress eaters should avoid fatty foods and sugar as they can increase issues with inflammation and blood sugar.
  4. Limit alcohol: Don’t try to alleviate stress with alcohol.
  5. Exercise: Walk or run off anxiety. Physical activity can help calm nerves and bring oxygen to the heart and blood.
  6. Just go to bed: If the results stress you out, just go to sleep early. And don’t go to bed with the TV on — make sure the place you sleep is peaceful and politics-free.

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