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Did you know you have bugs living on your face? Learn about the two kinds of facial mites and discover why they love hanging out on your Face mites are tiny , measuring a mere fraction of a millimeter long. They spend their lives head-down in the follicle, gripping onto the hair or lash tightly

The two species live in slightly different places. D. folliculorum resides in pores and hair follicles, while D. brevis prefers to settle deeper, in your oily sebaceous glands. Compared with other parts of your body, your face has larger pores and more numerous sebaceous glands, which may explain why the

You Probably Have Tiny Bugs Living On Your Eyelashes Right Now© Teresa Recena / EyeEm - Getty Images Eyelash mites are common and typically live in the follicles of the eyelash and in the glands and pores of the skin, they're typically nothing to worry about, but you might still want to know how to get rid of them.

Heads up, there are two types of bugs that can take up residence on your eyelashes.

But before you run to the mirror and start inspecting your eyes, take a beat-those bugs (a.k.a., eyelash mites) are actually super common (and normal), says Howard R. Krauss, M.D., surgical neuro-ophthalmologist at Providence Saint John’s Health Center.

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Read More: Three things you didn’t know about the arachnids that live on your face http All of these people probably have little mites crawling, eating, sleeping, and having sex on their faces.” Blepharitis usually involves the part of the eyelid where the eyelashes grow.”

Are you aware of bugs on your Eyelashes ? One might just be crawling under your face right now ! You might have a population living in your cheek or on your forehead. Unless you ’re scraping and But for most of us, not being able to see the tiny critters will be enough to let us blink away their

Still, it's not necessarily the most comforting thing to know that right now tiny creatures are crawling up and down your lash line-so here's what you need to know about those eyelash mites, and what they might be trying to tell you.

All right, what exactly are eyelash mites?

Eyelash mites-a.k.a., Demodex folliculorum and Demodex brevis-are passed from person to person and live on the face, typically around the eyelash follicles (that's where they lay their eggs). They feed on the mucus, sebum, and oils that people tend to secrete from their facial pores and glands surrounding the eye, says Krauss.

Some people have more of these mites than others-say, if you've got especially oily skin, or make it a common habit to sleep in your makeup.

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Then “there are bugs that live inside bugs that live inside bugs ,” says Judie Bronstein, an ecologist at the University of Arizona. Demodex mites, it's true: We are the earth on which they are born and die—particularly on our faces and eyelashes . A 2014 study from North Carolina University found that

Fortunately you probably don’t have access to a powerful enough microscope that you can easily look at your own skin crawlies… The eight legs of the demodex mean they are technically arachnids – essentially that means you have tiny spiders living on your body.

The mites can also flock to your skin if your eyes are inflamed or irritated, says Krauss (again, because extra mucus is being secreted).

So how would I know if I had eyelash mites?

Uh, there's a really, really good chance you've already got a troop of eyelash mites calling your lashes home (remember: they love the oil on your face, which is totally normal). You just can't see them with the naked eye (though if you want to be thoroughly grossed out, look at a fallen eyelash with a 16x magnifier, says Krauss).

Certain conditions may make you more prone to eye mites-though TBH, those underlying problem should concern you more than the mites themselves. If you have blepharitis (inflammation of the eyelids that causes watery eyes, redness, itchiness, or dryness) or allergies, for example, you can probably count on having more eyelash mites, since your eyes are over-secreting mucus.

Women might also have more eyelash mites than men because of hormonal reasons, and older people will often have more eyelash mites than younger ones (your sebum secretion increases as you age, says Krauss).

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Rosacea Possibly Caused by Tiny Mites Without Anuses Living on Your Face Bugs are literally everywhere. They're on your sheets ( probably ), they're waiting in the… Read more Researcher at North Carolina State University and co-author of the study Megan Thoemmes spoke with NPR, saying

Mods reserve the right to remove content or restrict users' posting privileges as necessary if it is deemed detrimental to the subreddit or to the experience of The next time you feel something lightly brush your arm/neck, well it was probably a spider. You have tiny little bugs on your eye lashes .

Okay, but if I’ve got them, how do I get rid of them?

So, you can't get rid of all your eyelash mites. Also: Eyelash mites are totally normal and nothing to worry about-the things they're attracted to (irritation, inflammation, extra mucus) are the real problem. “I don’t think you should be worried about having eye mites, but you shouldn’t ignore [discomfort],” Krauss says.

If you have blepharitis, for example, you can apply a warm, moist compress or wash cloth over clean eyes for a few minutes, says Krauss. The warm moisture will make it easier to wipe the crusty buildup around your eyes away. It will also help reduce the secretions which bring on the bacteria that cause eyelid swelling and irritation. Bonus: The fewer gland secretions, the fewer mites you’ll have since they’ll have less to feed on.

Got irritation that just won't quit? See your eye doctor to figure out what's going on. Those mites aren't a problem (seriously!), but watery, crusty eyes might be a sign of a bigger issue.

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