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Health & Fit7 Subtle Signs That Prove You're Not Healthy

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What Your Skin Says About Your Health

What Your Skin Says About Your Health Skin cancer is not the only condition you can spot by observing changes in your skin. Here are four signs that might tell you something about your health.

If you find that you bruise or bleed easily after being injured, this might be a sign that your liver is not healthy . The proteins you need to clot your blood are no longer being produced in This can manifest in subtle signs of forgetfulness or large problems such as slipping into a coma. Image credit: iStock.

In fact, you may be even healthier than you think. Random pains can be distressing, but if your body displays these subtle signs of health , chances are good that you ’ re 3. Stable Weight Assuming you ’ re not grossly underweight or morbidly obese, a relatively stable weight is a sign of good health .

7 Subtle Signs That Prove You're Not Healthy© Photo by Pixabay (CC0) Exercising is one way to stay healthy.

When you say healthy, it often brings to mind an image of person that exercises all the time and only eats nutritious food while avoiding junk like candy and fast food. However, it actually demands so much more than that. Truth is, being truly healthy means that one should have a sense of “physical, mental, and social wellbeing, and the resources to live a full life.”

Of course, we don’t always think of it that way. In fact, in most cases, eating heathy and pairing it with consistent exercise is more than enough. However, while being classified as “overweight” or “underweight” is an obvious sign of being unhealthy, there are also other not-so-obvious signs — ones that you may be ignoring. And ones that may mean you’re not as healthy as you believe you are. Below are some of them.

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Because you ’ re all beautiful in your own wonderful and unique ways. It sounds corny and cliche, but it’s true. Here are a few signs you may be way more A lot of women assume that you know you ’ re hot, so you don’t get a lot of compliments (which can sometimes make you think that you ’ re not hot

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  1. Snoring – You may think it’s just an embarrassing act, but it can also indicate that you’re not that healthy. In fact, snoring is linked to a variety of health conditions, including sleep apnea, heart disease, and even stroke.
  2. Constant skin breakouts – Skin breakouts are also a sign of general unhealthiness, and unfortunately, there’s no single cause. However, thanks to face mapping, we can now easily adjust our lifestyle based on where we get breakouts. Chin acne for example, means we have to eat healthier, while forehead acne means we need better sleep and hygiene.
  3. The white of your eyes aren’t as white – This one is more subtle, but basically, if your eyes are a tad yellowish, it indicates that you may have complications in your bile ducts, gall bladder, liver or pancreas. There’s also red eyes, which come from lack of sleep and exhaustion.
  4. Your nails have an odd color and texture – A yellowish color in your nails is believed to be caused by fluid build-up and inadequate circulation in the body.
  5. Being gassy – Excessive gas can be signs of an irritable bowel syndrome, lactose intolerance, and celiac disease.
  6. Constant exhaustion – This one is obvious, but continuous exhaustion means that you may have iron deficiency, too little exercise, and even dehydration.
  7. Your urine doesn’t have a pale color – The color, smell, and density of urine can reveal what’s going on in our body. And in this case, having urine that has a darker color or has a strong scent means that you should probably get yourself checked by a doctor ASAP.

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You ’ re doing alright. 5. Healthy Hair and Nails The integumentary system (which includes hair and nails) is often the first place that a serious vitamin deficiency shows up. This shortage can cause weak, deformed fingernails and toenails and hair that falls out in clumps. If your hair’s biggest problems are

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