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Health & FitIs It Normal To Have To Pee *This* Often?

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Many people wonder how often they should pee . While no set number is considered normal , people on average urinate six or seven times a day. Age and bladder size also matter. The medical community uses the term urinary frequency to describe how often a person pees . In this article, we discuss

Was it normal I had to pee that often ? Today I'm peeing about every 2 hours. Is it normal I'm peeing that much today Today I had 2 actual glasses of water, a bunch of chowmain two bowl fulls of milk with cereal and 4 chocolate covered almonds and 2 chocolate candies about the size of a poker chip.

Is It Normal To Have To Pee *This* Often?© Eskay Lim / EyeEm/Getty Images Part way into your morning coffee, you suddenly have to dash out of a meeting in fear you’ll pee your pants. Or, an hour after making a pit stop on a road trip, you find yourself needing to pull over at another gas station. It seems like you’re peeing a lot lately-and you're really not sure what's up with your bladder.

Your bladder can be a sensitive beast, experts say. “There are a number of reasons influencing how often we have to pee, including age, diet, medical conditions, medications, volume of fluid intake, and type of fluid intake,” says Ekene Enemchukwu, MD, a urologist at Stanford Medical Center.

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Is it normal to have to pee more often during your period? Dr. Mary David Dr. David. It is probably norma: If it only happenes while on your periods, it may be normal . It is due to changes in alteration of hormones during periods.But if it is asspciated with pain during periods than you should see your

yeah its normal pee then just wait and start peeing again it feels so good. Comment Hidden ( show ). This is the only fetish I know of, or can think of at the top of my head, that really isn't kinky.

One of the most common reasons behind an urge to pee: age. As you get older, you’re at an increased risk for an overactive bladder and urinary incontinence, a.k.a. loss of bladder control, which can cause incredibly annoying issues with, err, reaching the loo in time.

But hey, you’re still *young-ish*, right? In your case, here are some of the reasons you might be peeing a lot more than you want to be-and what you can do to fix your underlying pee problems.

1. You’re chugging coffee.

Bladder irritants like carbonated beverages, spicy foods, acidic fruits, artificial sweeteners, sugars, and alcohol can leave you peeing a lot. Caffeinated drinks pack a particularly strong punch, though. “Caffeine is both a direct bladder irritant, and it’s also a diuretic,” explains Bilal Chughtai, MD, an associate professor of urology at Weill Cornell Medicine. “It makes your bladder more overactive, and it also makes you produce more urine.”

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So I have this habit that I'm tired of, I go to bed and end up waking up a couple of times to go pee ! I don't even drink anything before going to bed. It really bothers me because sometimes it 's hard for me to go back to sleep, after I wake up. Any suggestions on what to do, to not go pee at night?

( This is the reason body builders will often “Carb Up” before a show because the excess water in the muscles makes their muscles look bigger.) I have been on the Keto for 4 weeks and I’ve been drinking 1/2 gallon or more water every day. I have to pee all the time, so much that it wakes me up

To dial down your urge to pee, limit yourself to two cups of caffeinated drinks a day-that’s the max before you start upping your urinary frequency, one study in the International Urogynecology Journal found.

2. You’re mega stressed.

As if anxiety and stress didn’t stink enough on their own, here’s one less-talked-about side effect: peeing a lot. “Sometimes, if you’re anxious or stressed, that can lead to high sensitivity of the bladder,” says Dr. Chughtai.

3. You have a urinary tract infection (UTI).

Yep, you guessed it: urinary tract infections (a.k.a. ‘cystitis’ if bacteria strike your bladder) love to make you pee a lot or at least feel an urge to pee. Sex (which can spread germs from your vagina to your urethra) can up your risk for the pesky infections.

If you have a urinary tract infection, you’ll likely need an antibiotic to keep symptoms at bay (and to start peeing normally again).

4. You’re super backed up.

If you’ve been constipated for a while now, frequent urination can tag along with your symptoms (yep, super crummy). Why? Lots of straining puts extra stress on your bladder muscles and pelvic floor, which are essential for helping you control the urge to pee. Over time, this excess pressure weakens your muscles, making it harder to hold it. Often, upping your fiber intake is enough to move things along down there.

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This seems really weird, but it feels really relaxing. Is any of this normal ? When I'm at home and I go to pee in the toilet, I generally pee standing up over the toilet bowl. And I rarely pee in bottles but I often pee in trashcan or flowerpot in my room.

I drink a fair amount of bottled water so I often piss into the empty bottles because I'm too lazy to go to the toilet. Strangely, it 's only in this respect. I run 15-20 miles per day but can't be bothered to spend 15 seconds travelling to the toilet. Is this really weird?

5. Baby’s putting extra pressure on your bladder.

Peeing a lot or leaking while preggers? That’s typical. In fact, four in 10 expectant mamas struggle with urinary incontinence, a review in the International Urogynecology Journal showed. Weight gain and baby’s growth alike can put more pressure on your pelvic floor and bladder muscles, weakening your ability to hold in pee. What’s more? The weaker your bladder is, the less urine you can store, cuing the urge to pee and more leaks.

Good news, though: After you welcome your little one, your muscles typically heal and you get your bladder control back (read: urinary frequency slows, too). If you’re still having bladder problems six weeks post-baby, give your doc a call for a checkup.

6. You have diabetes.

A few symptoms of uncontrolled diabetes? Excessive thirst and frequent urination (nighttime urination can also be a sign). If you have untreated diabetes, your body is trying to get rid of excess blood sugar, which means you wind up peeing a lot. Dehydration can follow making for a vicious cycle.

7. You have interstitial cystitis (IC).

This condition-a chronically inflamed and irritated bladder-is the whopper of your why do I pee so much worries. If you’re suffering, your pelvic area likely hurts. And while peeing a small amount of urine gives you some relief, as soon as your bladder fills back up, you’re in pain again. Sometimes, the urge to pee is constant-even if you just went to the bathroom.

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You may also pee more often if you’re taking certain medications, like diuretics for high blood pressure. The sound of water makes me have to pee . Is that normal ? This tool does not provide medical advice. It is intended for general informational purposes only and does not

I don't really remember when this started, but I've noticed myself doing it more often , almost instinctively. My bathroom sink is near perfect I feel like this is disgusting and if I found out someone else was doing it I would probably be grossed out. But I'm not actually peeing on the faucet or

Sound familiar? Head to your doc (who might refer you to a urologist) to ID the condition and get treatment, which is usually a mix of medications and lifestyle tweaks.

Remember: Peeing a lot can be a sign of these conditions, but it can also be totally normal.

Honestly, maybe you just *way* overdid it with the water or coffee one day. So beyond addressing the above issues, Dr. Enemchukwu has her patients practice bladder retention techniques such as this one: If you typically have to pee every two hours, try to stretch it to two and a half and eventually three hours between bathroom breaks. “The goal is to train the bladder over time to hold more urine,” she says.

And, of course, there’s always good old-fashioned kegel exercises, which strengthen your pelvic floor to give your bladder muscles the support they need to hold your pee. Still worried about the rate at which you’re going? Play it safe and see your doctor.

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