Health & FitThis Woman Has an Important Reminder for Anyone Who Feels "Silly" Doing Yoga

20:25  21 june  2019
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This Woman Has an Important Reminder for Anyone Who Feels "Silly" Doing Yoga© Instagram/@sarahsapora ICYDK, June 21 is International Yoga Day. Perhaps you're a seasoned yogi who's already planning to roll out your mat and do inversions in celebration. Or maybe you're a newbie who still feels a little awkward in any pose that isn't Savasana. Either way, self-love mentor and wellness advocate, Sarah Sapora has an important message about yoga to share, and you're going to want to hear this.

Sapora recently posted an Instagram video of herself practicing Kundalini lotus pose. In the caption, she urged people to Google the pose and see what image search results they find. Why? Because Google's idea of lotus pose probably "doesn't look like this," she wrote alongside her video. (Related: Why Fitness Stock Photos Are Failing Us All)

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Experts Agree: Yoga Can Help You Lose Weight, Especially If You Do This Type of Practice Losing weight through yoga sounds almost too good to be true. On the surface, yoga seems like the polar opposite of a fast-paced high-intensity interval training (HIIT) circuit or a weightlifting workout, the two kinds of exercise usually recommended for weight loss. A yoga class leaves your body feeling totally different: refreshed instead of wiped out, loose instead of tight, flexible instead of sore. It's even good for your mental health, helping you deal with stress and anxiety.

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Sapora's video doesn't just capture her doing lotus pose; it shows her struggling with it.

"Lotus pose is hard," she wrote. "And the bulk of my body gets all in the way." (Related: This Influencer Wants You to Know That Reformer Pilates Is for All Body Types) "Balance on the sacrum and grasp the big toes," she says, explaining how the pose is supposed to be done. "Holding onto the big toes, raise the legs to a 60-degree angle from the floor and spread them wide, without bending the knees."

However, she admits that her body simply doesn't move that way. "That doesn't happen for me," she wrote. "Maybe someday it will. Maybe it won't."

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Regardless of what her version of lotus pose looks like, Sapora's point is that she is not defined by her movements or modifications. "...yoga may feel wonky and intimidating but it IS for your body, even if a sequence calls for a pose where you feel as silly as I feel here," she wrote.

If you ever do find yourself feeling intimidated by a certain yoga pose—or heck, any movement that's difficult for you—Sapora has some helpful tips: "Breathe through it. Laugh if you need to. And remember that you are NOT defined by the things you can or cannot do."

Thank you, Sarah, for reminding people what yoga is truly about: connecting with yourself and your body, regardless of what that looks like.

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