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Health & FitHealth Groups Push For Warning Labels on Alcohol to Include Cancer

03:00  29 june  2019
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Labels of all alcohol beverages must include " Warning : Abuse of the beverage harms your health . Labels of distilled beverages of 1.2%ABV or higher and fermented beverages of 0.5% or higher are required to include a pictogram warning of the potential effects of drinking alcohol during pregnancy.

Alcohol packaging warning messages are warning messages that appear on the packaging of alcoholic beverages concerning their health effects. They have been implemented in an effort to enhance the public's awareness of the harmful effects of consuming alcoholic beverages

Health Groups Push For Warning Labels on Alcohol to Include Cancer© vectortatu / Getty Images

Five public health and consumer protection organizations have joined together to ask the U.S. government to require new warning labels on all alcoholic beverages.

The American Institute for Cancer Research, the American Public Health Association, the U.S. Alcohol Policy Alliance, the Center for Science in the Public Interest, and Breast Cancer Action signed a letter just sent to the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB), which oversees alcohol labeling, asking for the new warning.

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The Government intends to include a specific warning on bottles and cans that alcohol can lead to certain types of cancer , an Oireachtas Committee has been told. Minister of State at the Department of Health Catherine Byrne confirmed that long-awaited legislation on alcohol promotion and marketing

The cancer warning labels , the size of the warning and the broadcasting watershed were referred to the commission. The commission received 24 submissions, 18 of them from health advocacy groups including those in the US, Switzerland, Norway, Scotland and Belgium, as well as the Alcohol

As of 1988, with the passage of the Alcoholic Beverage Labeling Act, any beverage containing 0.5% alcohol or more has been required to carry a government-mandated statement, reading “(1) According to the Surgeon General, women should not drink alcoholic beverages during pregnancy because of the risk of birth defects. (2) Consumption of alcoholic beverages impairs your ability to drive a car or operate machinery, and may cause health problems.”

The coalition wants the label to be amended to include the words “consumption of alcoholic beverages can cause cancer, including breast and colon cancers.” This is necessary, they say, because most consumers don’t know that alcohol and cancer can be linked. Breast and colon cancer are two of the three most common types of cancer in men and women.

California Advances Bill Requiring Warning Labels on Sugary Drinks

California Advances Bill Requiring Warning Labels on Sugary Drinks The legislation would require warning labels containing information about the health effects of consuming the beverages.

The measure is included in the Government’s Public Health Alcohol Bill. It was first proposed more than three years ago. Last weekend a number of cross-party backbenchers pushed for warning labels to be omitted from the legislation, arguing they would damage the alcohol industry when it comes to

No labels contained health warnings of specific illnesses or diseases, advised customers to spread their drinking across the week, nor recommended Alcohol producers, under a system of self-regulation, decide what to include on labels . John Timothy, chief executive of the Portman Group

For people aged 50 and older, cancers of various kinds accounted for 27.1% of all alcohol-linked deaths among women and 18.9% of those among men, according to a 2018 study published in the British medical journal The Lancet.

“The industry has succeeded in putting a health halo around alcohol,” said Thomas Gremillion, director of food policy at the Consumer Federation of America, “[and] has the responsibility to give consumers the scientific information they need to make informed choices about alcohol...”

The problem is that alcohol is the second most addictive substance known to humankind, after tobacco. Also,  both for its own effects and for its potentially fatal interactions with commonly used medications, like anti-anxiety drugs, it is one of the most dangerous drugs in the world.

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A leading public health body is calling for graphic cigarette-style health warnings on bottles and cans of alcohol in the UK that would make clear That supported the group ’s voluntary approach, which included advising companies on how to include the 14 drink limit information on labels if they chose.

Provisions to include warnings on alcohol products linking excessive consumption to fatal cancers will be removed from public health legislation that Minister for Health Simon Harris will introduce an amendment to the Public Health ( Alcohol ) Bill to remove one of the most controversial provisions

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FDA proposes new graphic warnings to display on cigarette packs.
Congress instructed the FDA to require graphic warnings on cigarettes as part of the 2009 Tobacco Control Act. The tobacco industry successfully fought the initial labels, forcing the FDA to try again.

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