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Health & Fit4 Simple Steps to Help You Through an Anxiety Moment

21:20  12 july  2019
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Anxiety can negatively impact your life in many ways and can be felt on physical, emotional, and cognitive levels. Follow the steps to help you Fortunately, there are some simple steps you can take to manage your anxiety . Listed below are 4 tips to help you cope with your feelings of anxiety .

I've created four simple steps to turn anxiety and panic attacks in inner peace and love. I describe what this steps mean to me, and how I use then, and along with other strategies that have helped me gain control of my anxiety and prevent panic attacks.

4 Simple Steps to Help You Through an Anxiety Moment© The Mighty photo of woman standing on roof looking sad or anxious “Keep calm and carry on,” they say. Oh, OK, sweet! If only it was so easy. “Stop worrying and think positive!” It’s the cure for anxiety. If only. We’d all be free and happy then, wouldn’t we? I mean, I’ve had loads of positive thoughts, and I’m sure I had a moment of worry-free clarity somewhere in my mind this week, so I should be fine!

Well, sometimes, I’m just not. Even if I feel pretty well in my mind, and I’m doing all the things I’m supposed to (you know, salad, exercise, meditation, don’t drink too much) I still get panicky.

Today, my heart is racing, my mouth is dry and words coming out of my mouth are stammering, but I don’t feel like there’s anything particularly worrying me. This happens so often. I feel cool as. I’ve got nothing to be anxious about today, nobody is dying, I got some coin in my bank account, no stressful meetings on my agenda and I don’t think anyone is upset with me right now… so, why is my body responding like this? Does it happen to you? When you’ll just be going about your business on a regular day, and the physiological symptoms of anxiety show up. There are many symptoms of anxiety you just don’t have control over. The most annoying one for me is my shaky voice. I can easily hide my sweating, my heart rate and my crazy mind, but the worst is when I’m trying to talk and I sound like I’m scared… when I’m not.

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The 7 Simple Steps to Help You Tackle Anxiety With Ease. Valuable Resources to Help You Cope Better With Anxiety . 1 - An App to Keep You in the Present Moment . Healthy anxiety is the kind of anxiety that you experience when you come back from work and take a shortcut through a dark alley.

It helps you stay in the present moment instead of worrying about things that may happen in the future or events that have This second technique gets you to use all your five senses to help you to get back to the present. In through your nose (count to 3), out through your mouth (to the count of 3).

Ugh. So, what do I do? Well, with help from my psychologist, I’ve developed a little process that assists me, and I’d love to share it with you.

1. Acknowledge it.

In my mind, I recognize I’m having some kind of anxious response. I’d like to thank it and throw it away Mari Kondo-style, but unfortunately this clutter is sticking around. So I’m gentle with it, and I acknowledge it is there.

2. Take a moment.

Pause and take a breath, realize I’m safe, and make a decision about how I’m going to manage it. What I imagine in this scenario is that my limbic system is going crazy for some reason, and the visual way I see this is that it looks like that picture. You know, those plasma ball things you touch and the current follows your hand? I imagine that center is my amygdala (the little part that regulates emotional response) and fear signals are firing all over the place. They activate other systems in my body. Like, sucking all the moisture out of my mouth and putting it in my armpits. Clever. *Rolls eyes*.

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Simple questions can be extremely hard to answer when the mind races as it does in a panic attack. Ask questions that will make them think about Involving as many senses as one can helps one come back to the present moment that much more. Hold their hands or scratch their back to help them feel.

The four simple ways I am sharing today will help anyone with any degree of stress and anxiety , but I am focused more on people in business or work who suffer stress and anxiety because they are about to perform in front of others. That does not mean that these simple ways won’t help whenever you

3. Put it back in it’s box.

I think, “Oh cool there you are. Thanks, but I’m OK right now. You can chill out back in your home.” I imagine putting those firing neuron things back into their little amygdala box, and I get on with what I’m doing. I give myself a pep talk about practical stuff like, “You know what you’re talking about right now. You’ve done this before. You are not in danger.” Stuff like that. You could write your own one-liner that you remember, and actively say to yourself in your mind over and over.

4. Stand up straighter.

This simple trick does a few things for me. I can breathe deeper, I feel more confident even if I’m not feeling it, and it focuses my attention away from the mental onto something physical.

I understand it isn’t always that easy or simple, but in day-to-day activity, when anxiety just shows up and you’re thinking there is little reason for it, a routine like this could be very helpful. It doesn’t make my shaky voice go away, but it gives me enough to keep going to get through a moment. At the very least, I can reduce those electric forks in my mind, stand up straighter, do a mini pep talk about how awesome I am and get on with the task.

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When bigger things happen that are stressful and overwhelming, I need to take more time to take care of myself, and sometimes I need medication. One thing I can say for the mental health journey is that it’s never boring! These are just a few things I’ve learned along the way for my journey. Always check in with your health professionals about what’s best for you. If you have good help, they’ll facilitate you to understand yourself better and work out a system and plan that is right for your situation. Peace to you, friend.

x Jade

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4 Simple Steps to Help You Through an Anxiety Moment

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