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Health & FitDear Katy Perry, Please Stop Doing Enemas

20:20  17 july  2019
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Katy Perry channeled her inner Disney villain by dressing as Ursula on the red carpet

Katy Perry channeled her inner Disney villain by dressing as Ursula on the red carpet The singer attended the Disney-themed night of "American Idol" wearing an intricate Ursula-inspired costume.

Official video for Katy Perry 's "This Is How We Do " directed by Joel Kefali and produced by Jason Colon, Danny Lockwood & Danielle Hinde. This goes out to all you people going bed with a ten and waking up with a two This is how we do Ha, not me.

What does teenage dream Katy Perry know about the Satanic might of pure metal? In my anger at her falseness, I will now look at pictures of her on the Internet for the next twenty minutes.” To their credit, these jackasses have a point—after all, death to false metal.

Dear Katy Perry, Please Stop Doing Enemas© Lester Cohen - Getty Images Katy Perry said she's been doing "lots of enemas" recently to cleanse her body and look younger, but that's not actually healthy. Here's why.
  • Katy Perry said in a recent interview that she's been doing enemas to "cleanse" her body.
  • She said it's part of an Ayurvedic practice called Panca Karma.
  • Enemas can be harmful when done outside of a doctor's supervision.

You’re well aware that most celebrities don’t have a background in medicine, but sometimes it can still be hard to weed out what’s good and bad advice when it’s coming from someone you like. Case in point: Katy Perry, who just talked about how she’s been doing "lots of enemas" recently. ...Yeah, you don’t want to try this at home.

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Dear Katy Perry , I heard your song "Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)" recently and I felt compelled to What do those smell like? I’ve never even opened one because I know the hotel will totally rip you Always say we're gonna stop . The blackout and your blasé attitude toward it suggest alcoholism

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In a new interview with Australian radio show Smallzy's Surgery, Katy said that she’s using "ancient remedies" to look young. "I'm kind of into those type of things, like health and healing places and self-betterment places," she said. "Especially as you get older and you have longer hangovers, you realize the cells in your body are dying."

Katy said she’s been on something called Panca Karma, which she described as "Ayurvedic eating and cleansing, you do lots of enemas." Katy did this over a period of 21 days, which she says helped her body get rid of toxins and created "optimum healing conditions."

"You definitely feel more energy," she said. "It basically like gets all the crap out of you, every pun intended. There are ancient ways to heal yourself besides just taking a pill, which is something I always love to investigate."

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Katy Perry Reveals Long Platinum Hair Underneath Her American Idol Wig American Idol season 17 is over, meaning all the beauty looks served by Katy Perry each week have come to an end, too. 

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It’s awesome that Katy wants to focus on her health, buuuuuttttt (pun also intended) enemas really aren’t the way to go. In case you’re not familiar with the procedure, an enema involves pumping water or other substances through your rectum and into your large intestine to flush out poop.

Enemas have an actual medical purpose in some situations, like to clear you out before a colonoscopy so your doctor can get a good look at your GI tract, or to help get things moving when you have severe constipation.

But, outside of that, you really don’t need to have an enema, and you can even hurt yourself in the process.

People have actually burned their colon from heat or caused severe irritation from chemicals and other ingredients during enemas, and you can even perforate the lining of your intestine during an enema. Yikes on yikes.

So, if you feel like you could benefit from an enema, talk to your doctor (who, reminder, is not named Katy Perry) first. This really isn’t something you just want to do for kicks—whether you’re famous or not.

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Dear Katy Perry, Please Stop Doing Enemas

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