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10:40  07 august  2019
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Why study chocolate and depression ? Globally, depression is a sizable issue. Currently, talking therapies and medication are the most common However, these medications do not work for everyone. Also, according to the authors of the current study, about half of the people who receive a

According to a study published in the journal Depression and Anxiety, depression is associated with dark chocolates .

For a great deal of reasons, chocolate has been the subject of various studies throughout the past few years.

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As one of the most popular food or dessert around, it’s widely known for its distinct flavor and smooth texture. Made by grinding dried cocoa beans, it’s garnered itself a well-deserved reputation, urging people to research all of its potential health benefits.

However, experts have long decided that it’s something that should be enjoyed in moderation, given its high sugar and fat content. That being said, some are still positive that the food has more secrets yet to be unlocked. And so the studies continue.

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Eating dark chocolate may ease depressive symptoms and have a positive effect on mood, according to a new study led by University College London (UCL). The study, published in the journal Depression and Anxiety

Suffering from depression - Eat chocolates - chocolate and depression - how chocolate can treat this condition - mood enhancers. Experts do not understand the exact cause of depression yet. However, they think it is due to a set of factors. They may be genetics, psychological, biological or

Dark chocolate and depression

The recent addition to the growing body of research centered on it is by courtesy of the University College London in the United Kingdom, which studied the link between dark chocolate and depression. Per the survey-based research, people who eat or consume dark chocolate apparently have a lesser chance of suffering from depression.

Taking data from the United States National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey , the research team was able to get 3,626 participants aged 20 years or older. Using the Patient Health Questionnaire, the team then went and assessed depressive symptoms. They also studied dark chocolate and non-dark chocolate separately.

The results showed that there was no connection between reduced depressive symptoms and non-dark chocolate. However, the data was different when dark chocolate was placed into the equation.

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The team, who worked with the University of Calgary and Alberta Health Services Canada, found no significant link between not eating dark chocolate and depressive symptoms. "Further research is required to clarify the direction of causation," Dr Jackson said. " It could be the case that depression

Dark chocolate in particular has a higher concentration of flavonoids, which are antioxidant chemicals which have been shown to improve inflammatory profiles, which play a role in the onset of depression . Dark chocolate is also rich in serotonin, the neurotransmitter that contributes to feelings of

"Individuals who reported any dark chocolate consumption had 70% lower odds of reporting clinically relevant depressive symptoms than those who did not report any chocolate consumption,” wrote the authors.

Despite that, lead author, Dr. Sarah Jackson, believes that more research is needed to clarify the current outcome of the findings. Nevertheless, she believes it was a success and sheds some more light on what chocolate can do for our bodies, be it physical or mental.

Why depression?

Depression is one of the world’s current biggest issues and is usually treated by medication and therapy. However, both of this doesn’t always work since depression can be different for everyone.

As of now, finding lifestyle interventions to reduce one’s symptoms is a top priority.

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