Health & FitThis Basic Diet Plan Helped This Guy Lose Nearly 200 Pounds and Get Ripped

18:11  07 august  2019
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A Simple Workout Plan Helped This Guy Lose 75 Pounds and Get Ripped

A Simple Workout Plan Helped This Guy Lose 75 Pounds and Get Ripped I feel lean, healthy, and more confident. I know that's reflected in my attitude." While Nguyen hit the goal he initially set for himself, he says he's not finished just yet. He'd like to focus on getting a bit leaner, see how far he can push his physique. "If I get lean enough, maybe-just maybe-I'll enter a natural bodybuilding competition," he says. But as with his previous transformation, he expects to take it slow once again, celebrating the little victories along the way, and tracking his progress on his Instagram account. "It's important to make this a lifestyle change," he says.

• Years of frequently eating fast food caught up to Anthony Brown, with his weight eventually topping out at more than 375 pounds.

This Basic Diet Plan Helped This Guy Lose Nearly 200 Pounds and Get Ripped© Anthony Brown Simple diet changes like intermittent fasting, counting calories, and giving up fast food helped one man complete a nearly 200-pound weight loss transformation.

• After learning how to maintain a calorie deficit, he made simple changes to his diet to eat healthier and lose weight.

• Now weighing less than 200 pounds, Brown has completed a dramatic weight loss transformation and is still committed to calorie counting and intermittent fasting.

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Mom loses 82 pounds by tracking what she eats while on keto diet After Keli Ricci realized her weight was holding her back, she tracked what she ate and lost 82 pounds in one year.

Anthony Brown was always a “big guy.” Growing up, the 35-year-old information technology worker and part-time personal trainer was always taller than his peers; he graduated high school at 6’5” and 265 pounds. With the newfound freedom of his post-school years, he indulged in plenty of fast food meals—think, a breakfast of three McDonald’s Sausage Egg and Cheese Sandwiches, two hash browns, and a large Dr. Pepper; dinner might be 8 slices of pizza along with wings and breadsticks—and hours of video gaming.

The weight, no surprise, crept up on him. “I gradually went from wearing 2 XL T-shirts to 4XL t-shirts,” Brown says, while his waistline went from 40 to 48 inches. In high school, show choir had helped keep him active; now, he was working a desk job and spending his money on what he liked—fast food. Even as he started shopping the big and tall section, he rationalized away the changes—baggy jeans are in style, right? And he was a big guy.

A Simple Workout Plan Helped This Guy Lose 30 Pounds and Get Shredded

A Simple Workout Plan Helped This Guy Lose 30 Pounds and Get Shredded Unhealthy eating habits due to work stress caused Anthony Leo's weight to climb steadily until he found himself several pounds overweight.

The turning point came in 2010, when his sister was diagnosed with diabetes. She was just as tall as he was, but not nearly as overweight, yet she now faced a life-alerting disease. “I knew at this moment, I was on borrowed time,” he says, “and something had to change if I wanted to save my own life.” He didn’t know how much he weighed, so he bought a scale with a maximum capacity of 375 pounds. When he stepped on it, it read “ERR”—he was more than the scale could weigh.

As he researched healthier diets, he realized he couldn’t picture himself eating chicken breast, oatmeal, rice, and broccoli for the rest of his life. So he focused on establishing a calorie deficit. At 275 pounds, he figured his body needed 3400 calories a day; instead, he’d give it 2400, however he got them. “My only rules were: Stay in a calorie deficit, and if you can’t count it, don’t eat it,” he says. He still swears by those rules.

In sixth months, he was down to around 300 pounds—without workouts. “Like most overweight people,” he says, “I was afraid of the gym. I didn’t want to be the ‘fat guy’ that everyone would laugh at.” Instead he eased into 3 days a week at his apartment building’s fitness center, until those weights were no longer heavy enough, and he moved to a bigger gym.

In about two and a half years, he dropped 185 pounds, hitting 195 pounds—almost half his previous size. He’d gone from 38 percent body fat to four percent. “More importantly,” he says, “by continuing to work out, calorie count, and implementing intermittent fasting, I have managed to keep it off and maintain my physique for seven years.”

“I remember being obese and feeling helpless,” he says, “and I don’t want others to feel the way I felt. I want them to know there is someone out there that identifies with them, that managed to make it, and that they can too.”

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Ryan Lill hit 371 pounds by the time he was 23. He's lost 100 pounds so far using a fitness app.He’d been overweight for a long time. Despite being active throughout his life, after bouts of depression and anxiety attacks at the end of middle school, he found himself making terrible food choices. “If it was there, I ate,” he says. “No matter if I had already eaten, if I was full, or if I was sick to my stomach already. I just kept eating.” Any time he tried to diet, he’d “cheat,” then beat himself up for what he saw as failure. By 23, he’d hit 371 pounds. Just trying to move made him feel like he was fighting his body.

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