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12:05  30 august  2019
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Being with a romantic partner can bring many — and sometimes — surprising health benefits. Studies have shown that merely touching the one we love can act as a pain reliever . New research suggests that even just being in a loved one’s presence can help reduce pain . Share on Pinterest.

Chances are they are people with whom you share common interests and encounter in your everyday routines such as going to school, work, or participation in hobbies or sports. In other words, self-identity, similarity, and proximity are three powerful influences when it comes to whom we select as romantic

Spending time with someone you’re romantically inclined with can have very positive effects on us. For others, it makes them feel safe and secure, others feel content, while others feel genuine happiness. And while science can explain all this, it doesn’t have to, since being with someone we care about can simply bring out the best person we can be.

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And while that is good and more than enough for people, science has also revealed that it has one more physical benefit: pain reliever. That’s right, since a new study has stated that when a person holds hands with their significant other or partner, they become much more resilient to painful stimuli.

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The degree of pain relief was positively correlated with partner preoccupation. The results suggest that preoccupation with a romantic partner during early stage romantic love is a predictor of pain relief when viewing pictures of the beloved.

- act that goes against expectations of romantic relationship and as a result causes pain to partner . - jealousy can intensify if site users engage in communication where person deliberately uses messages, photos, and posts to try and 'wedge' themselves between partners in romantic couple

And the explanation behind this? It’s simply because when we touch someone that we love or have strong feelings for, our brainwaves synchronize, which can give the feeling that any painful stimuli is much less painful.

However, this also begged the question: Does it have the same effect when we’re simply in the company of someone we love? According to a study conducted by researchers from the University of Health Sciences, Medical Informatics and Technology in Hall, Austria, and the University of the Balearic Islands in Palma de Mallorca, Spain, yes.

Per the study, our pain tolerance can be improved by simply being in the same room with our romantic partner. In fact, this can happen even if we don’t hold hands or even talk at all. Furthermore, the research also showed that the higher the level of empathy there is between romantic partners, the higher their pain tolerance.

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Could socially rewarding experiences be therapeutic for drug and/or behavioral addictions? Thus, researchers have not categorized romantic love as a chemical or behavioral addiction. A Natural Addiction? How the Fields. That Investigate Romance and. and the distress associated with physical pain ; and the nucleus.

The pain sucks, the trust we put into the relationship sucks. But regardless it’s still important to You can be highly intelligent and still get social anxiety that triggers you into acting ways in which you Narcissists are predictable in a certain way but it can be dangerous to make a wrong prediction about

"Repeatedly, talking and touching have been shown to reduce pain, but our research shows that even the passive presence of a romantic partner can reduce it, and that partner empathy may buffer affective distress during pain exposure," Prof. Stefan Duschek, first author, explained.

Nevertheless, the researchers agree that their study have limitations. However, the study still indicates that romantic bonding does have a distinct effect on pain sensitivity.

Besides, for many, holding hands with someone they care about is more than enough to get them through the day.

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