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Know Before You Go: Tips for Transgender and Nonbinary Travelers

Know Before You Go: Tips for Transgender and Nonbinary Travelers For people whose gender identity doesn’t match the one assigned to them on their birth certificate, dealing with air travel can present a host of obstacles. Here’s what U.S. travelers need to know about flying outside of the binary.

Travel Hacks & Tips > Wellness > Travel Health : 5 Tips for Staying Healthy While Traveling . Healthy Travel Tip 5 : Wash Your Hands Regularly and Sanitize Surfaces. This might seem like an More Travel Hacks & Tips . 10 Top Gifts for Travelers and Travel Lovers Travel is the gift that keeps

Senior travel : 5 health questions to ask before your next trip. Travelers usually begin anti-malaria pills just before leaving home and continue for a while after their return. Check the websites of the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the World Health Organization for recommendations regarding

Equipping yourself with food supplements and digestives are not enough. Trying to eat nutritious foods while being away from home will not even suffice. You need not to be only physically fit but it is also important to be mentally healthy when you are traveling.

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Here are five health tips for you when you go on a trip:

1. Psych Up

Feeling a little anxious? Two words. “Psych up.”

“Calm yourself from the get-go,” Dr. Indra Cidambi, a board certified psychiatrist, said. It is important to device a coping mechanism before leaving. “Have a plan in place before your trip, so if you feel anxiety coming on, you already know what you are going to do,” she added.

Here's what travelers can do to stay safe in the Dominican Republic

Here's what travelers can do to stay safe in the Dominican Republic The Dominican Republic is on a Level 2 travel advisory from the US State Department, which means travelers should exercise increased caution.

Who better to give healthy travel tips than those who've lived through it all. There are many questions to ask yourself about travel health before traveling . I wish we had the vaccine for travelers diarrhea when Dave ate some bad goat in India a few years ago.

Travelling is medicine for the soul, but as anyone who’s caught the wanderlust bug knows, it’s not always glamorous. Many grand adventures, especially when venturing off-the-beaten-path come with their fair share of bumps, bruises, germs and stresses. It can be tempting to feel overwhelmed and

Going prepared is crucial, too. Utilize mobile apps in checking in your flights. Fill out necessary forms beforehand or while in flight to conserve time better allotted on wandering.

Cidambi suggested to tune in to your most relaxing playlist since this will put you in a good mood.

Still uneasy? Cidambi said to try these following techniques:

Do breathing exercises. Use your diaphragm and minimize breathing through your chest. When needed, breath through a paper bag.

Count from 100 backwards. Unlike counting from one to a hundred, doing it in reverse helps you slow down.

Pull yourself out. Find a restroom, sit on the toilet, lock your head between your knees and breathe. Finally, splash your face with cool water. It gets you right back up.

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Why do I write about health advice for travellers in the Outback guide? Well, some general health tips and basic first aid information are definitely part Even if you don't want to think that health problems could crop up and ruin your precious holidays, there are a few basic tips that help to keep your tour to

Your healthcare professional: Check with your doctor; they will likely be able to allay some fears (maybe even warn you about things to watch out The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services administers major healthcare programs in the U.S. It is part of the U.S. Department of Health and

2. Be OC

While on board, make it a habit to clean everything you’re going to touch - wipe your seat, tray table, seat belt and even the air vent.

According to Travelmath, the dirtiest parts in the plane you’ll possibly come in contact with are the seat belt with 230 CFUs (colony-forming units of bacteria) per square inch, the air vent hiding 285 and the tray with a whopping 2,155.

“The problem is they are heavily used, but they are hardly ever wiped down,” Charles P. Gerba, PhD, a microbiologist and a professor at the University of Arizona, said.

So, never forget to pack your disinfectants.

3. Go Walk

Once you arrive, walk. Go for a stroll. Well, that’s the essence of traveling.

Krista Stryker, trainer and founder of 12-Minute Athlete shared her ultimate piece of advice and that is to take a 20 to 30 minute walk to get some fresh air.

Stryker added that it is also a way to loosen up your muscles after sitting in a long flight and help you set up yourself in the new place.

Important Travel Tips for LGBTQ Families

Important Travel Tips for LGBTQ Families Here’s what same-sex parents should know to plan a safe and successful adventure, from the important documents to secure in advance to the queer-friendly operators who offer enjoyable itineraries for the entire family.

HEALTH - TIPS - FOR -AIRLINE- TRAVEL -2013-Trifold 2. HEALTH - TIPS - FOR -AIRLINE- TRAVEL -2013-Trifold 1. 1. INTRODUCTION Airline travel is fast, convenient and safe, with the vast majority of passengers reaching their destinations safely and

Before You Travel Tips . Some airlines check for visibly sick passengers in the waiting area and during boarding. If you look like you may be sick, the airline Work with your doctor to evaluate your health , or the health of those traveling with you, by using the guide below. In general, you should not travel

Just go get that body moving.

4. Bring the Gym in Your Hotel Room

According to Stryker, too much space isn’t necessary. “The max amount of space you are going to need to get in a killer workout is the space it takes to do a pushup or plank,” she said.

Stryker added that 20 to 40 squats can pump you up and get you a good workout without a big room.

Todd McCullough, trainer and founder of TMAC Fitness, said utilize anything around you like doing dips on the chair, throwing your feet on the bed and doing crunches.

5. Leave Work

You already took the leave from work, so leave work behind it - detach yourself from the attention your work constantly demands. Resist checking your emails. It can be hard since technology is tied to our daily lives, but Suzanne Degges-White, PhD, Chair and Professor of the Department of Counseling and Counselor Education in Northern Illinois University, said that reprogramming oneself is a protective behavior that counters cognitive decline coming with age.

So, step back from your phone or laptop, enjoy your vacation and allow your brain to reroute itself.

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