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Health & FitTeen put on life support for vaping says, ‘I didn’t think of myself as a smoker’

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Teen vaping and tobacco quitline launches in 9 states

Teen vaping and tobacco quitline launches in 9 states National Jewish Health, a hospital in Denver, launched the My Life, My Quit tobacco and vaping cessation program Monday for youth under the age of 18. Teens in nine states -- Colorado, Massachusetts, Michigan, Montana, North Dakota, Nevada, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Utah -- can call or text the helpline at 1-855-891-9989 or go online to Teens will then be routed to a trained youth coach who can provide free and confidential live counseling sessions.

Teen vaping was a 'predictable problem'. Experts say that one Juul pod -- a cartridge of nicotine-rich liquid Now, vaping is increasingly being seen as a psychiatric problem over concerns that nicotine is We know from cigarette users that those who try nicotine products early in life are more likely to

I didn ' t think of myself as a smoker . The vaping makes it seem like it's nothing, like you're doing nothing wrong. Reporter: Sima was in high school She was smoking a cartridge a day. The same as a pack of cigarettes a day. Her parents had no idea their daughter had become hopelessly addicted.

Though she might not look like it today, Simah Herman said she was sure she was going to die last month as she sat in the car unable to breathe, her father racing her to the hospital.

Teen put on life support for vaping says, ‘I didn’t think of myself as a smoker’© ABC News Simah Herman, 18, wants to be an anti-vaping advocate after vaping caused her to develop a life-threatening lung illness.

“I just remember feeling like absolute...nothing. Like I just couldn't do anything,” Herman, 18, said. “I couldn’t drink water. I couldn’t move. Like, I literally just wanted to crawl out of my skin.”

The doctors looking after Herman at Los Angeles’ Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center were also stumped. On that day, Aug. 15, a chest X-ray showed white hazy areas at the bottom of her lungs, which her pulmonologist, Dr. Kathryn Melamed, said could potentially be pneumonia. Less than 48 hours later, chest X-rays showed that her lungs were filled with white — they were inflamed and full of fluid, Melamed said.

FDA launches 'Magic' television ad campaign with magician Julius Dein to curb teen vaping

FDA launches 'Magic' television ad campaign with magician Julius Dein to curb teen vaping The FDA is launching a television ad campaign with a popular street magician designed to tell teenagers about the potential dangers of vaping and e-cigarette use.

Vaping helped me put the cigarettes down. I started smoking as a teenager “You know sneaking them from your parents”. Which I thought at least. Back when I quit smoking there was no vaping just the nasty gum/patches we smokers /former smokers all heard about.…

“It’s our demon,” he said . “It’s the one risky thing that you can do in your life — with little The industry points to a 2016 British study that says that vaping does not lead nonsmokers to become smokers . Ryan Wenslau, 18, said he thought vaping started for most students as an occasional diversion

“My best guess since we’re still learning about what is really going on in the lungs is [it’s a] profound inflammatory reaction to the vape products or some...component of the vape products,” Melamed said.

Still unable to breathe after two days, Herman had to be put on a ventilator, and shortly afterward, a medically induced coma. It was while she was in the coma that her cousin revealed a secret that Simah had been keeping from her parents that helped lead to some answers.

“She said, ‘You know she smokes every day?’” said Stacy Herman, Simah Herman’s mother. “I said, ‘What? What are you talking about?’ And she said, ‘She smokes every day. She smokes that vape.’ I said, ‘You tell the doctors right now. You go tell the doctors right now.’”

By the time that Simah Herman had emerged from her coma, she had been in the hospital for five days. With a ventilator still pumping oxygen into her failing lungs, the teen who said she would vape every 10 to 15 minutes decided to become an advocate against vaping.

Teen blames vaping after his lung collapses

Teen blames vaping after his lung collapses As the CDC and state health departments investigate acute lung injuries possibly tied to e-cigarettes, one teen launches a social media campaign, #lunglove, against vaping

In reality vaping can be enormously addictive, especially for teenagers . We explore why vaping is One problem with vaping is that teens hear that it’s not as bad for your health as smoking “They really think that they are mostly flavors and that they are inhaling a pleasant gas,” says Dr. Taskiran.

Some research supports the use of vaping as a smoking cessation aid. “You would never see these same researchers put out a study that starts with people who have been using nicotine Conley also said he worried this kind of research could deter smokers from using vaping as a cessation tool.

Teen put on life support for vaping says, ‘I didn’t think of myself as a smoker’© Courtesy of Stacy Herman Simah Herman, 18, now advocates against vaping after having a near-death experience.

“I asked for, like, a pen and paper because that was the only way I could communicate,” Simah Herman said. “And I wrote, ‘I want to start a no-vaping campaign.’ That was the first thing I did when I opened my eyes.”

Simah Herman’s story is one of the latest in a string of cases of serious — sometimes even life-threatening — illnesses linked to vaping.

As of Sept. 10, there have been six confirmed deaths and over 450 possible cases of lung illness in 33 states associated with e-cigarette products, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which noted that in addition to nicotine, patients also reported using e-cigarette products with liquids containing cannabinoids like THC, the active compound in marijuana.

(MORE: Vaping linked to breathing problems in several states )

Many of the cases involve teens. Just last month, 17-year-old Trystan Zohfeld spent 18 days in the hospital after suffering from a vaping-related illness, during which he said he was “throwing up everywhere.” On Monday night, a Texas high schooler was also rushed to the hospital after vaping.

Utah Teen Put in Coma After Vaping Every Day for 3 Years

Utah Teen Put in Coma After Vaping Every Day for 3 Years Maddie Nelson developed a rare lung illness called acute eosinophilic pneumonia. "When you inhale [while vaping], the moisture is creating the perfect environment for bacteria to grow inside your lungs and for infection to start," she recalled her doctors saying. Doctors treated Nelson with a course of steroids and she immediately started to improve. She was brought out of the coma three days later, her siblings wrote. RELATED: How Do E-Cigarettes Change Blood Vessels? A New Study Has the Answer Nelson was eventually discharged from the hospital and has spent the last few weeks recovering at home.

Four out of 10 smokers and ex- smokers wrongly think nicotine causes most of the tobacco smoking -related cancer, when evidence shows nicotine actually PHE’s 2018 evidence review found that to date, there have been no identified health risks of passive vaping to the health of bystanders.

The FDA says teen vaping is an epidemic. Educators and pediatricians say e-cigarettes are already addicting a new generation to nicotine. “What we found the common denominator was: They were vaping ,” Thompson said . This week, Food and Drug Administration commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb

Melomed is one of countless health officials who fear that vaping-related illnesses are an emerging crisis. Among high school students, there was a 78% increase in e-cigarette use between 2017 and 2018, according to the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) National Youth Tobacco Survey.

Simah Herman said she first started vaping at age 15, and that she’d buy the cartridges from a smoke shop despite being a minor.

“I went in and I was like, ‘Can I get a pack of Juul pods?’ And they were like, ‘How old are you?’ And I said, ‘22,’ and they were just like, ‘OK,’” Simah Herman said.

Just this week, the FDA sent a warning letter to Juul, the industry leader for vape products, accusing it of illegally marketing its nicotine vape products as safer than traditional cigarettes without proof.

In a statement to ABC News, Juul said it was reviewing the FDA letter and that it would "fully cooperate."

Teen put on life support for vaping says, ‘I didn’t think of myself as a smoker’© Courtesy of Stacy Herman Simah Herman's pulmonologist, Dr. Kathryn Melamed, said X-rays showed inflammation and fluid build-up in her lungs.

"We share these concerns about youth vaping, which is why we have taken the most aggressive actions of anyone in the industry to combat youth usage," Juul said. "We strongly advocate for Tobacco 21 legislation, we stopped the sale of non-tobacco and non-menthol-based flavored JUULpods to our traditional retail store partners, enhanced our online age-verification process, strengthened our retailer compliance program with over 2,000 secret shopper visits per month and shut down our Facebook and Instagram accounts while working constantly to remove inappropriate social media content generated by others on those platforms.

A Pennsylvania teen is in a coma and on life support from vaping. His parents say he may need a new lung, if he survives.

A Pennsylvania teen is in a coma and on life support from vaping. His parents say he may need a new lung, if he survives. The 19-year-old had tiny holes in his lungs after a coughing fit. He's been in a medically-induced coma for about three weeks.

But here is some information for non- smokers who might be thinking about vaping for the first time… Many E-Juices Contain Nicotine—and Nicotine Can So if you decide that you’re going to try vaping despite never having smoked a cigarette in your life , it’s probably best for you to start out with—and

Best Vaping Songs: Songs About and For Vaping . Vaping Temperature for Optimizing E-Juice The first week in a non- smoker ’s new life is the most difficult for them. Irritability and Intense Emotions You will still experience nicotine withdrawal in many of the same ways that a smoker would. I think the patch really helped out with the withdrawal symptoms. I was scared of quitting because I didn ’ t

"Most recently, we announced the deployment of technology at retail stores that automatically restricts the sale of JUUL products until a government-issued ID is electronically scanned to verify age and ID validity," the company continued. "This technology also limits the amount of JUUL products that can be purchased to prevent reselling or sharing to those underage, and it will soon be mandatory for all JUUL product sales across the country."

Simah Herman was healthy and active when she first started vaping. She had been a dancer for years, even making the dance team during her freshman year of college. But she said her abilities started to diminish as her vaping habit increased and she began vaping cannabis as well.

Eventually, she was vaping a nicotine cartridge a day, with the total amount of nicotine in one cartridge the same as that in a pack of cigarettes.

“I didn’t think of myself as a smoker. Like, it’s just a different kind of smoke,” Simah Herman said. “The vaping just makes it seem like nothing. Like you’re doing nothing wrong.”

In the two years that she had been vaping, Simah Herman said she lost 50 pounds “without trying” because she felt sick all the time. She said she often felt nauseous and dizzy, too, and that she didn’t notice how her appearance had changed.

Teen who vaped with THC recalls near-death experience

Teen who vaped with THC recalls near-death experience Illinois teen says after vaping with the primary ingredient of marijuana he now has the lungs of a 70-year-old

A vaping device, officially known as an electronic nicotine delivery system (ENDS), heats a liquid, sometimes called e-juice, until it is a vapor that the The simplest varieties can be made of just two ingredients: vegetable glycerin, which is used in foods, cosmetics, and as a replacement for alcohol in

Second, it’s important to weigh vaping versus smoking because the vast majority of vapers are smokers or ex- smokers . They understand that studying the dangers of vaping alone is only half of the subject, since vaping exists primarily as an alternative to smoking .

As her health issues worsened, she also stopped going to classes. Doctors, meanwhile, weren’t able to offer any solid answers, even though she would tell them that she vaped, she said.

“I told every doctor that I went to just because I had such severe issues,” she said. “I wanted to make sure that...wasn’t making anything worse, but no doctor ever said, like, ‘Maybe you should stop vaping.’”

Melamed said there is a lot that’s still unknown about the consequences of vaping. “We don’t know which components — if it’s a certain component or certain product [or] certain brand that is responsible for both the short- and long-term effects of vaping,” she said.

Teen put on life support for vaping says, ‘I didn’t think of myself as a smoker’© ABC News Simah Herman is shown here with her mom.

Stacy Herman, however, believes the whole industry — not just Juul — markets to minors purposely. After she discovered that her daughter was hiding her vape addiction, she said she “ransacked her room” and “found all the vapes.”

“The fact that they market this crap to children, and they turn it into pink, pretty purple packaging [kind of] pisses me off,” Stacy Herman said. “I’m so angry that [Simah] can get a hold of this thinking it’s nothing wrong with it because everyone’s doing it. … It looks and smells like mango, and it looks and smells like bubblegum and her room smells delicious. I smell[ed] the packages. They smell great.”

Although Simah Herman has stopped vaping, she said she still feels compelled to pick one up.

“Now I don’t necessarily crave the nicotine. I don’t necessarily crave the weed. It’s just craving, like, the act of smoking,” she said. “So that’s been the hardest thing...staying away from it.”

Michael Bloomberg rips FDA for teen vaping epidemic

Michael Bloomberg rips FDA for teen vaping epidemic The billionaire philanthropist is pledging $160 million to the fight against vaping and flavored e-cigarettes

For individuals who switched from smoking to vaping , learning a new technique might be a hard habit to overcome. Also, coughing might be due to the nicotine levels in Another interesting suggestion that might explain coughing in people who stopped smoking but started vaping is related to cilia regrowth.

Each day that you don’ t smoke is a small victory. These all add up to a huge victory over time. How do I get through the rough spots after I stop smoking ? Get ready to face future situations or crises that might make you want to smoke again, and think of all the important reasons you’ve decided to quit.

Hoping that her story going public will help to discourage e-cigarette use, she said that she’d tell teens who want to try vaping that she once wanted to try it just once, too.

But then “I tried it another time and then another time. It’s just remembering that you don’t need it. Like, it’s going to kill you.”

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Texas teen who started vaping to quit smoking now on life support, mom says.
Her mom said she developed a fever on the same day she decided to quit vaping.

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