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Health & FitHow This Former Football Player Dropped 60 Pounds While Maintaining Muscle

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This Revenge Body Star Gained 38 Pounds of Muscle in 12 Weeks

This Revenge Body Star Gained 38 Pounds of Muscle in 12 Weeks People on the show usually want to lose weight, but not Eddie Estrada. He started off at 118 pounds, tripled his calorie intake, and started core lifting.

While he initially started with total body workouts, McNair now rotates muscle groups throughout the week. Even though he’s 60 pounds lighter and his waist is 10 inches thinner, McNair’s biggest piece of advice isn’t to plank for 20 minutes every day—or to cut every single food you enjoy out of your diet.

He was a former offensive line guard at Northwestern College in Orange City, Iowa. It was his job to eat, get They just went a few miles at a time, gradually increasing their mileage as their muscle and butt soreness Kelsey Hoffmeier has shed 45 pounds , and her husband has dropped 105 pounds .

“When you are dealing with migraines a third to a half of the days in a month, it’s impossible to maintain any kind of gym routine, or diet,” says Brian Hendriks. That was the situation last year for the 39-year-old software engineer from Pacific Palisades, California. A former center for the London Blitz football team, he’d always been a bigger guy; maybe not in great shape, but strong — he’d put up 405 pounds on the bench.

How This Former Football Player Dropped 60 Pounds While Maintaining Muscle© Brian Hendriks Former football player Brian Hendriks followed a simple diet and training program, which included intermittent fasting, to lose 60 pounds while maintaining muscle.

But when he was 32, he had a bleed in his brain stem; the resulting neurological issues kept him out of the gym. Then he and his wife had a baby; then, in 2015, came the migraines. They were debilitating: “I was feeling pretty helpless, and hopeless about my life,” he says. He went from 195 pounds in 2015 to 235 pounds in 2018.

A Few Simple Diet Tweaks Helped This Guy Lose 75 Pounds

A Few Simple Diet Tweaks Helped This Guy Lose 75 Pounds In his 30s and 40s, Dylan Thomas shot up to more than 230 pounds. A regular workout regimen including free weights, push-ups, and planks helped him begin to achieve dramatic results. require(["medianetNativeAdOnArticle"], function (medianetNativeAdOnArticle) { medianetNativeAdOnArticle.getMedianetNativeAds(true); }); • He also restricted his calorie intake to 1200 calories per day, which helped him complete a dramatic 75-pound weight loss transformation. Dylan Thomas figured that putting on weight was just part of being a dad. That’s why it’s called a “dad bod,” after all, he reasoned.

That’s exactly what happened to former high school football player Tyler Rice, of Philadelphia. Men’s Fitness: How did you get up to 290? I was always a little chubby, but after I quit playing football in high school, I not only kept eating way more than I should, I also ate a lot of unhealthy foods, fast

While it's possible to lose 60 pounds in two months without exercise, it doesn't mean you should do so. Regular exercise, especially strength training, helps preserve lean mass and improves muscle Use a combination of HIIT, strength training and cardio to ignite fat burning and maintain a healthy weight.

A new medication helped begin his turnaround. “It absolutely changed my life,” he says; his migraines dropped to twice a month. He decided to focus on his health, and committed to some drastic changes.

He first wanted to drop weight, down to 170 pounds. To do so he turned to juice — four or five servings a day, with a cheat day every two weeks, where he ate a single meal. He admits it wasn’t easy, but he lost 40 pounds in about two and a half months.

From there he moved to intermittent fasting, eating normally for five days and fasting for two. That cut another 25 pounds; in six months he’d hit his goal weight. From there he shifted to six days of normal eating and one of fasting, looking to maintain his weight while building muscle.

Strongman Brian Shaw Lost 20 Pounds in Two Months

Strongman Brian Shaw Lost 20 Pounds in Two Months Brian Shaw is on a weight-loss journey, proving that even the fittest among us want to be able to buckle our belts.

Building muscle after 60 comes with challenges, especially if you're out of shape or new to exercise. Just make sure you have realistic goals. You may not be able to put on 5 pounds of muscle in three months, but you can definitely do it in a year or so.

See how to bulk up and gain mass quickly: http Many ectomorphs sit back and they ask how to gain muscle weight thinking that it is nearly impossible, but if you follow a structured weight gain program and you stay consistent you will see some incredible body transformation results.

He aimed to work out 10 times a week. That meant a half hour of cardio on the elliptical in the morning, then hitting the gym for every lunch break. He upped his calorie intake to 1800 a day, with at least 200 grams of protein.

Hendriks stayed motivated by—well, by not giving himself a choice. He prepped his lunches for the week every Sunday, eating the same thing at the same time every day. Going to the gym was also non-negotiable; if he was going to work, he’d be working out during lunch. By creating an ironclad routine, he was that much more likely to follow it. “By removing all the choices,” he says, “I never allowed myself to make a bad choice.”

A year later, the strict regimen has paid off.

“People that I haven’t seen in a long time are pretty shocked to see me now,” he says. “Especially people who only knew me during my heavy periods. Not everyone recognizes me.”

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These Simple Training Tweaks Helped This Guy Pack on 20 Pounds of Muscle and Get Jacked

These Simple Training Tweaks Helped This Guy Pack on 20 Pounds of Muscle and Get Jacked While recovering from an injury, Sherif Mikhail's activity levels declined, leading him to gain weight. He was also eating bad and drinking alcohol as an outlet.

Building muscle after 60 is not only possible, it's easy. Building muscle after 60 is definitely possible, in fact it’s a health imperative as you age. My goals were always to lift more pounds than I had before. It’s called Progressive Resistance in the iron world.

Include resistance training to maintain muscle . (Image: BananaStock/BananaStock/Getty Images). This will result in weight loss in the range of 1 to 2 pounds per week. Although you should be reducing your overall calorie intake, you need to maintain your protein intake to maintain muscle .

How This Former Football Player Dropped 60 Pounds While Maintaining Muscle

He’s happier with how he looks, and with being able to fit into clothes that look good. (He’s at 14.9 percent body fat; for his 40th birthday he wants to bring that down to 13 percent.) “But the best side effect of my fitness is the increased energy I have to play with my kids,” he says, “and feeling like I’m a good role model for my children and their health.”

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