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Health & Fit Bulletproof Coffee Diet: Does It Really Work?

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They key to a perfect cup of coffee could be your freezer

  They key to a perfect cup of coffee could be your freezer They key to a perfect cup of coffee could be your freezerUse a percolator. Actually, use a French press. French press? That's for n00bs — obviously, if you're not drinking pour-over you might as well be using a straw to suck water out of a mud puddle.

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If you're a coffeeholic and struggling with weight loss, the idea of drinking coffee to lose fat is alluring. Celebrities like Ed Sheeran have boasted about Bulletproof coffee, a high-fat breakfast creation that claims to promote weight loss. But, can drinking fat really make you burn fat?

In the video, "WHAT? Lose Weight with BULLETPROOF COFFEE?" PictureFit explains Dave Asprey, the creator of the "it" beverage, has touted Bulletproof coffee for its ability to transform your cup into a potent health and energy food. A single serving consists of one cup of freshly brewed coffee, one to two tablespoons of unsalted, grass-fed butter, and one to two tablespoons of MCT (medium-chain triglycerides), which is a more concentrated version of coconut oil. Although Asprey says you need his special blend of MCT oil and "toxin-free" coffee beans to see results, there's no scientific data that finds this to be true.

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  Eiffel Tower to be enclosed by bulletproof, glass wall Plans to build a bulletproof, glass enclosure that will form a perimeter around the Eiffel Tower have been announced, in a new measure aimed at making France's most iconic monument more secure. According to French daily publication Le Parisien, construction will start in the fall for the 2.5-meter-tall barricade and cost 20 million euros.

Asprey chose these essential ingredients because unsalted, grass-fed butter contains higher levels of conjugated linoleic aka (CLA), known for being a fat-burning fatty acid. However, studies have seen little to no effect in weight or fat loss with CLA. Previous research has found CLA led to participants losing on average 2.5 pounds in a span of four months.

Meanwhile, MCT oil has produced mixed results. MCT can be quickly metabolized in the liver to provide energy and circulate ketone bodies, which are byproducts from the body breaking down fats for energy. This is ideal for those who need an extra energy boost or are seeking ketosis, which is something the body does to keep working. Typically, increased weight and fat loss with MCT oil is seen, but this has only been done with participants who are overweight to obese. There have been no average-sized populations with significant results.

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  3 'Healthy' Foods a Nutritionist Wants You to Stop Eating ASAP You may think these three foods are good for you, but most nutritionists would politely disagree with you on that.Say it isn't so! How can something like lean fish be bad for you? While there's always been the issue of potentially consuming foods that have parasites and bacteria, that's not the reason sushi is on this list. In fact, according to Keisha Luke, a Toronto-based culinary nutritionist, "Sushi (salmon and other big fish) contain high levels of mercury, not to mention the white sugar that is added into the white rice to make it sweet and sticky.

So, does Bulletproof coffee work for weight loss?

Yes and no. Bulletproof coffee has globs of butter and MCT oil, which can lead you to put off eating til the late afternoon. Two tablespoons of butter and MCT oil will set you back by 435 calories for a single cup of coffee. This is a lot of calories with little to no nutrients other than fat.

If you tend to have a big breakfast, a late lunch, or want to stay in ketosis, Bulletproof coffee could be for you. It's best to plan the rest of your diet accordingly, but if you don't think you'll benefit from the added satiety, then it's best to stick with a healthy, balanced meal.

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