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Health & Fit Happiness Is Key To Living A Longer Life

11:26  17 october  2019
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Study: Time Spent in Parks Boosts Happiness to Christmas Day Levels

Study: Time Spent in Parks Boosts Happiness to Christmas Day Levels A study of tweets by San Francisco parkgoers indicates green space can improve mental health.

Chan attributes his long , happy life to this simple routine (plus a steady diet of rice and garlic) – and it seems this nonagenarian is far from an anomaly. “It’s a very simple life , but I think happiness is the key to longevity.” A long life means finding pleasure in the simple things Fat Suk’s wife, Mrs Chan, is

That 's the conclusion of the latest attempt to find out if happy people live longer . Previous studies have linked happiness to longevity but researchers now say there's no such scientific connection. Peto said the pursuit of happiness is still worthwhile, even if it doesn't extend your life .

If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands. No, really. Clap your hands for a good job, because according to a new research, people who are generally optimistic in life enjoy the lowered risk of developing heart disease, declines in lung capacity, stroke and function. This means that optimistic people are less likely to die early or develop cancer and infection. So clap your hands because you’re on your way to living a longer life.

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Happiness Is Wealth

Published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, the recent study (which analyzed 70,000 women from the Nurses’ Health Study and about 1,400 men from the Veterans Affairs Normative Aging Study) found that people who are generally happy in life also have a longer life span than those who aren’t, and are much more likely to live past the age of 85.

Want to Live Longer? Science Says Having Good, Solid Friendships Is Key

Want to Live Longer? Science Says Having Good, Solid Friendships Is Key Obsessing over your FitBit or Apple Watch stats isn't making you any healthier. Do this instead. Julia "Hurricane" Hawkins recently competed in the 100-meter dash, winning her age group. At 103 years old, she holds the title of the oldest woman to compete on an American track. When asked for her advice to living a long and healthy life, Hawkins said to stay in good shape, have many passions, and look for the magic moments. She also mentioned that she goes out to lunch with friends nearly every single day. It turns out that Hawkins is doing everything science says you should do to stay healthy as you age.

These are happiness factors that were a vital part of my happiness definition this weekend. I had just survived a long and busy week at work, so I The next step to determining your key to happiness is to determine the things that give you purpose. You will live a fulfilling life when you’re happily tracking

Everyone wants to live a long and meaningful life , but so often we get caught up in work and financial matters that the little things, and especially Don’t wake up years later to realize you’ve squandered your time. Although the key to happiness is still elusive, research hints at some of the ways we can

To assess the optimism of the participants, the study made use of items from the Life Orientation Test, which asks the subjects to rate their level of agreement to multiple statements about life and optimism in general. There’s also the Normative Aging Study, which utilized the Optimism-Pessimism scale, measuring how negative or positive a person thinks about past events in their life.

From this, the researchers were able to determine that those who are happier in life tend to live longer lives. Nevertheless, the study still had its limitations. For one thing, a large percentage of the participants are white, and are mostly people from a higher socioeconomic status than most people. This limits the study’s application to a large variety of people from different walks of life.

Science Says This One Personality Trait Can Help You Live Up to 15 Percent Longer

Science Says This One Personality Trait Can Help You Live Up to 15 Percent Longer New research published in the journal PNAS reveals optimism can dramatically increase your odds of living to the age of 85 and extend your life overall.

Studies have found that everyday factors such as happiness , having lots of friends, living in the countryside and eating a healthy diet could add up to 20 years to your life . On the other hand smoking, heavy drinking, being in an unhappy marriage and having a poor education could shorten your life by

Two crossed lines that form an 'X'. It indicates a way to close an interaction, or dismiss a notification. Starting in 1938 researchers tracked more than 700 men and some of their spouses and children. The researchers followed the participants closely with interviews and health exams every two years and

Nevertheless, the study shows that being optimistic has its positive effects on us. And so we all can benefit by being a little happier.

One can do this by practice, and by slowly reframing our minds to view situations from both sides and see it for what it is, both negative and positive. Setting goals and strengthening social relationships with friends and family can also help, as well as setting time to focus on the positive and practicing gratitude meditation.

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