Health & Fit Man opens up about losing limbs after rare case of strep throat

21:10  25 october  2019
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A man's false teeth were stuck in his throat for eight days after a surgery

A man's false teeth were stuck in his throat for eight days after a surgery A 72-year-old's dentures got stuck in his throat during surgery and weren't discovered for eight days, according to a case report published by the British Medical Journal on Monday. Lead author Harriet Cunniffe, from James Paget Hospital in eastern England, is calling for surgeons to ensure dentures are removed from patients before an operation. During the patient's first return to the emergency room, doctors were unable to diagnose the problem and the unnamed man was sent home with a prescription for mouthwash, antibiotics and steroids.

A Michigan man who became a quadruple amputee after he developed an extremely rare form of strep throat is crediting his positive outlook and determination — and his wife — for returning to an active lifestyle.

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Kevin Breen had to relearn how to walk, use utensils, get dressed, drive a car and other basic skills. Now, he’s skiing, wakeboarding and taking part in other sports he enjoyed before his sudden illness.

“I’ve always had a ton of energy and I’ve always been very independent, and to not be independent and be stuck in a wheelchair, which I was for a while, it drove me nuts,” Breen, 47, told the hosts of  TODAY on Friday.

Strep Throat Vaccine in the Works, UCSD Researchers Say

Strep Throat Vaccine in the Works, UCSD Researchers Say Scientists at the UC San Diego School of Medicine will work with a Northern California biopharmaceutical company to develop a universal vaccine to battle strep throat. There is no current vaccine for Group A Streptococcus (GAS), the bacteria that causes pharyngitis or strep throat. Man's Diagram Helps Explain Deadly Channel Islands Boat Fire CARB-X, a funder of antibacterial development research, has awarded SutroVax, Inc. with up to $15 million to work on developing a vaccine. SutroVax, Inc. is located in Foster City south of San Francisco, California.

“She took care of me, she had to do everything — I was like a baby,” Breen said of his wife, Julie. “She gave me so much help and that’s part of why I wanted to be more independent, to not make her do so much stuff.”

Kevin was one of only two men in the world with a documented case of this form of strep throat, his wife noted.

The ordeal began in December 2016, when he developed a sore throat and stomach pain on the day after Christmas. Julie remembered being concerned because Kevin never took a day off work, but felt so ill that he decided to stay home.

He sought help at an urgent care center, where he initially tested negative for both the flu and strep throat. The couple returned home, but had to go to the emergency room the next morning when Kevin’s pain became unbearable.

Mom celebrates premature son's first day of school after told he would likely die: 'He's my little miracle'

Mom celebrates premature son's first day of school after told he would likely die: 'He's my little miracle' A United Kingdom mom who was told her son would likely die after he was born months in advance recently celebrated the young boy’s first day of school. © SWNS via Fox News Abbey Burns, 25, told SWNS her son, Roman, now 4, was born three months early, weighing just 2 pounds and 11 ounces. The young boy contracted Group B Strep —  a type of bacteria that’s sometimes present in a pregnant woman’s vagina or rectum and can be passed to a baby during birth — when he was born. The infection later turned septic, she claims, further jeopardizing her already fragile baby’s life.

"It was really terrifying," Julie recalled.

Surgeons flushed Breen’s abdomen to clear out all the bacteria, but even with the germs gone, he was slipping into septic shock — he was in danger of being killed by his own body’s immune response. His blood pressure plummeted and his organs started to shut down.

When tests ultimately came back positive for strep, doctors concluded the bacteria from his throat infection had somehow traveled into his abdomen.

While Steensma and her colleagues were able to save Breen’s life, they weren’t able to prevent permanent damage to his hands and feet. When a patient is in toxic shock, blood pressure plummets making it hard to get enough blood to the organs. The medications doctors use to treat the condition work by pulling blood from the extremities and shunting it to the brain and other organs necessary to keep the patient alive.

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Breen’s hands and feet started turning black, meaning the tissue was dying, so doctors amputated his legs below the knee, his entire left hand and some of the fingers on his right hand. He spent months in grueling physical and occupational therapy.

“I remember telling him like, 'Kevin, you, you can cry,’” his wife recalled.

“My response was, ‘How I react to this is how our kids are going to perceive how, you know, we tackle challenges in life,’” Kevin said. “I got better and I could do more things and holy cow, I can walk.”

He uses prosthetic legs and a water-resistant robotic hand called the TASKA, which has 23 different grips and allows him do tasks like wash the dishes, type on a keyboard and even make the symbol for "rock on,” as he happily showed the TODAY anchors.

Julie said Kevin now requires very little help from her and can help take care of himself and the couple’s three children, who are 17, 7 and 5 years old.

The ordeal has brought the couple closer together.

“I became his full-time nurse when he first got home, and watching his unwavering determination to be independent again was so inspiring to both me and the kids,” Julie said.

Understanding Strep Throat

  Understanding Strep Throat This comprehensive overview of strep throat covers symptoms, causes, and treatment in children and adults.If untreated, strep throat can cause complications, such as kidney inflammation, or rheumatic fever. Rheumatic fever can lead to painful and inflamed joints, a specific type of rash, or heart valve damage.

“Julie was always there for me through my ups and downs so to be able to step back up to the plate for her, means everything to me,” Kevin noted.

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What is strep throat?: Strep throat is an infection of group A strep bacteria that occurs in the throat, according to the CDC. It most commonly affects the tonsils—lymph organs that typically help fight infection, according to Jason Abramowitz, MD, of ENT and Allergy Associates in New York City. The infection can also settle in the walls of the throat if you no longer have tonsils, he says, though that's less likely. Check out these 12 signs your common cold could be something much worse.

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