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Health & Fit 5 Reasons Your Feet are Weirdly Swollen

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7 Reasons Your Feet Are Peeling Like Crazy

7 Reasons Your Feet Are Peeling Like Crazy You might just be dehydrated — or it might be something more serious.

Here are five reasons your feet are swelling up, and how to fix the painful issue. If both of your feet are swollen and none of the above criteria apply, you could have a circulation disorder such as varicose veins, a venous insufficiency (your veins aren 't bringing blood back to your heart, so it pools

Swollen ankles and swollen feet are common and usually not cause for concern, particularly if you have been standing or walking a lot. But feet and ankles that stay swollen or are accompanied by other symptoms could signal a serious health problem. WebMD looks at some possible causes of foot

Your shoes are really bugging you. You look down, and the feet that were their normal size this morning are weirdly swollen? What’s going on?

a man sitting on a table: The top reasons your feet are swollen and doctor's best strategies on how to get them back to normal.© franckreporter - Getty Images The top reasons your feet are swollen and doctor's best strategies on how to get them back to normal.

Swelling—or technically, edema, the medical term for swelling due to fluid accumulation—can wind up in any body parts, but it’s often most notable in the legs or feet. Swollen feet among young and middle-aged men aren’t usually a cause for concern, explains Steven Lamm, M.D., medical director of the NYU Preston Robert Tisch Center for Men’s Health. But it’s worth knowing what usually makes feet swell so you know if what’s happening is something you need to talk to a doc about, or whether it’s fine to just bring your feet down to size yourself.

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To treat swollen feet during pregnancy, women can elevate their feet where possible, wear comfortable and supportive footwear, and avoid standing for Recurrent swelling of the feet after drinking alcohol may be a sign of an underlying issue with the heart, liver, or kidneys. Home remedies.

Swollen feet aren ’t usually cause for concern, but they could be a sign of another health condition. Here’s what might be causing the swelling . If your feet remain swollen or are accompanied by other symptoms, it could be the sign of another health condition.

1) You’re On a Long Flight or Road Trip

While sitting for an extended period of time, “your veins aren’t as effective at circulating blood back to the heart,” Dr. Lamm says. Your upright, seated position has two strikes against you: “it reduces the muscular contraction that helps bring blood back to the heart, and you are compressing the veins in your legs which reduces blood flow.”

To prevent or limit swelling next time, it’s essential to get up, stretch, and move. On long-haul flights, walk around every hour or two. “Compression socks can also help reduce swelling,” Dr. Lamm says; they can keep fluid from building up in the legs. He also recommends a supplement called pycnogenol; it’s actually an extract from pine bark that can reduce swelling, according to research on people who took flights of at least 7 hours.

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When your feet are so damn swollen it hurts to even put your shoes on, that feeling of panic (and the urge to Google your symptoms) might kick in. Here, a podiatrist explains common reasons why your feet might look and feel more balloonish than usual and offers tips on how to treat the swelling .

Our feet can swell for a variety of reasons . Some of these reasons aren ’t cause for concern, while others warrant attention. When your foot gets injured, blood can pool in the area and natural inflammation in the area can lead to swollen feet . If you sprain your ankle or bruise your heel, expect

2) You’re Not Getting Enough Exercise

Almost all of us can benefit by moving more often. More sessions in the gym certainly count, but so does adding in more movement throughout the day. A sedentary lifestyle has many negative effects, including taking a toll on blood circulation, causing your feet to swell.

To reduce the swelling, take regular walking or stretching breaks throughout the day, suggests Alex McDonald, MD, CAQSM, a family physician in San Bernardino, California. Try these stretches, especially after sitting all day.

3) You Eat Too Much Salt

Indulging in salty meals or adding too much of it to your food can cause water retention, which can lead to swollen legs, ankles and feet, explains Dr. Lamm. “Just like how salty foods can cause us to feel bloated around our abdomen, reducing daily salt intake can help cut down on lower leg swelling,” says Lamm.

4) You Sprained Your Ankle

Perhaps the most painful reason on this list is that you sprained your ankle. The rapid swelling that comes after you twist your ankle is your body’s way of responding to injury.

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Whether your foot swelling is slight or your feet feel like balloons, something's off—and anything from changes in your weight to hormone fluctuations. View image. 13 Reasons Your Feet Are Swollen . this link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines.

This can cause pooling of blood in the legs and make your veins swell . - A study found that sitting with the legs crossed for longer than three hours per day may develop a lower back 6 Awesome Tips to Make Your Feet Look Fabulous - Продолжительность: 7:36 BRIGHT SIDE 3 889 574 просмотра.

Overuse or incorrect training can also lead to swollen ankles, says Clifford L. Jeng, MD, medical director of The Institute for Foot and Ankle Reconstruction at Mercy Medical Center, who suggests resting, icing, and going to a physical therapist or athletic trainer to rehab that injury.

5) You’re Taking A New Medication

A new medication — including some high blood pressure medications and over-the-counter pain medications — can increase the risk of swelling. But it’s “highly individual,” says Dr. McDonald.

If the swelling doesn’t improve after several days, is painful, or localized in one leg, Dr. Lamm suggests talking to your physician because it could indicate a larger health issue. Unexplained prolonged swelling or puffiness on just one side can be a sign of heart or kidney failure. Don’t freak out if you’re young—“swollen feet are typically not serious,” Dr. Lamm says—but do mention persistent, unexplained swelling to your doctor.

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