Health & Fit 46 Healthy Thanksgiving Salad Recipes That (Almost) Rival the Turkey

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You Can Pre-Order A Cajun-Style Turkey From Popeyes For Thanksgiving And Holidays Just Got A Whole Lot Easier

  You Can Pre-Order A Cajun-Style Turkey From Popeyes For Thanksgiving And Holidays Just Got A Whole Lot Easier Less time cooking = more time eating!This is not the first year Popeyes has offered this service, but if you haven't heard of it, it's about to be a total game-changer for your holiday prep. You can get about 13-16 pounds of pre-cooked Popeyes Cajun turkey starting at $39.99. All you have to do once you get it is quickly pop it in the oven for about two hours before you eat, and before you know it, your dinner is served. Picking it up is the perfect task to give that one relative who always shows up empty-handed.

Salad is the Thanksgiving hero we need. Turkey and stuffing may get all the glory, but even the most indulgent Thanksgiving feast requires balance. It’s straight-up delicious in its own right—light and clean, but still layered with enough flavor to rival all of the other stellar sides at the Thanksgiving table.

to eat healthy on turkey day, try these lighter takes on classic Thanksgiving recipes from Food Turkey is a lean protein and the calories won't get out of hand if you choose a flavorful baked This gorgeous salad of shaved vegetables comes together in a snap thanks to a handy mandoline slicer.

Your shoes are really bugging you. You look down, and the feet that were their normal size this morning are weirdly swollen? What’s going on?

a man sitting on a table: The top reasons your feet are swollen and doctor's best strategies on how to get them back to normal.© franckreporter - Getty Images The top reasons your feet are swollen and doctor's best strategies on how to get them back to normal.

Swelling—or technically, edema, the medical term for swelling due to fluid accumulation—can wind up in any body parts, but it’s often most notable in the legs or feet. Swollen feet among young and middle-aged men aren’t usually a cause for concern, explains Steven Lamm, M.D., medical director of the NYU Preston Robert Tisch Center for Men’s Health. But it’s worth knowing what usually makes feet swell so you know if what’s happening is something you need to talk to a doc about, or whether it’s fine to just bring your feet down to size yourself.

Thanksgiving Recipe Searches Reveal America's Holiday Tastes

  Thanksgiving Recipe Searches Reveal America's Holiday Tastes Cooks across America are already planning Thanksgiving menus, according to an analysis of Google Trends search terms.You may beg to differ with the analysis, put together by the House Method blog. Some of the recipes are tried and true Thanksgiving favorites. Others may leave you wondering.

Salad is the surprise hit of the holiday season, lightening up the the fare and cutting through the richness of other dishes. But no longer. Forget the pizza and burger, we found 14 salad recipes that take advantage of the most flavorful ingredients and are anything but boring.

43 Healthy Thanksgiving Salad Recipes That ( Almost ) Rival the Turkey . When it comes to Thanksgiving , appetizers can be tricky. Every host knows that they are the key to dinner party success, the magic ingredient that keeps cocktail hour classy and placates hungry guests while the turkey

1) You’re On a Long Flight or Road Trip

While sitting for an extended period of time, “your veins aren’t as effective at circulating blood back to the heart,” Dr. Lamm says. Your upright, seated position has two strikes against you: “it reduces the muscular contraction that helps bring blood back to the heart, and you are compressing the veins in your legs which reduces blood flow.”

To prevent or limit swelling next time, it’s essential to get up, stretch, and move. On long-haul flights, walk around every hour or two. “Compression socks can also help reduce swelling,” Dr. Lamm says; they can keep fluid from building up in the legs. He also recommends a supplement called pycnogenol; it’s actually an extract from pine bark that can reduce swelling, according to research on people who took flights of at least 7 hours.

If You're Not Making A Mac & Cheese Turkey For Thanksgiving, You Are Missing The Heck Out

  If You're Not Making A Mac & Cheese Turkey For Thanksgiving, You Are Missing The Heck Out This is genius.

These Thanksgiving salads are so good they'll rival your favorite side dish. "It's often used in Japanese cooking, but it can be used in pretty much any recipe that calls for the more common The Pro Tip: "If you love that super creamy, almost fatty kind of texture in a creamy dressing, feel free to

These Thanksgiving sweet potato recipes are perfect for any time of year, but they make a great stand-in for that tired marshmallow-topped casserole. 43 Healthy Thanksgiving Salad Recipes That ( Almost ) Rival the Turkey .

2) You’re Not Getting Enough Exercise

Almost all of us can benefit by moving more often. More sessions in the gym certainly count, but so does adding in more movement throughout the day. A sedentary lifestyle has many negative effects, including taking a toll on blood circulation, causing your feet to swell.

To reduce the swelling, take regular walking or stretching breaks throughout the day, suggests Alex McDonald, MD, CAQSM, a family physician in San Bernardino, California. Try these stretches, especially after sitting all day.

3) You Eat Too Much Salt

Indulging in salty meals or adding too much of it to your food can cause water retention, which can lead to swollen legs, ankles and feet, explains Dr. Lamm. “Just like how salty foods can cause us to feel bloated around our abdomen, reducing daily salt intake can help cut down on lower leg swelling,” says Lamm.

4) You Sprained Your Ankle

Perhaps the most painful reason on this list is that you sprained your ankle. The rapid swelling that comes after you twist your ankle is your body’s way of responding to injury.

Sorry Turkeys, Chick-fil-A Is Closed On Thanksgiving

  Sorry Turkeys, Chick-fil-A Is Closed On Thanksgiving Turkey and Chick-fil-A sauce = ????Thankfully, we don’t have to choose one or other on a normal day. But sadly, Chick-fil-A will be closed on Thanksgiving Day, so it’s looking like you’re going to have to side with the turkey on this one. We’ll get over it for sure; this is the turkey’s special day after all. So, while we’re disappointed that Chick-fil-A will not make an appearance at our dinner on the 28th (sigh), we are happy that the Chick-fil-A team gets some time to spend with their families and friends, too.

These healthy Thanksgiving menus let you feast on classic Thanksgiving fare with a fraction of the fat and calories in traditional dishes. "I always make stock well before Thanksgiving in the slow cooker, and then freeze it. This way the gravy is never lacking deep turkey flavor."

Thanksgiving Salad Recipes . The turkey and heavy sides like mashed potatoes get all of the glory around Thanksgiving , but we know that the key to a successful holiday meal is all about balance. Try out some of our favorite Thanksgiving salad recipes , because it's a marathon, not a sprint.

Overuse or incorrect training can also lead to swollen ankles, says Clifford L. Jeng, MD, medical director of The Institute for Foot and Ankle Reconstruction at Mercy Medical Center, who suggests resting, icing, and going to a physical therapist or athletic trainer to rehab that injury.

5) You’re Taking A New Medication

A new medication — including some high blood pressure medications and over-the-counter pain medications — can increase the risk of swelling. But it’s “highly individual,” says Dr. McDonald.

If the swelling doesn’t improve after several days, is painful, or localized in one leg, Dr. Lamm suggests talking to your physician because it could indicate a larger health issue. Unexplained prolonged swelling or puffiness on just one side can be a sign of heart or kidney failure. Don’t freak out if you’re young—“swollen feet are typically not serious,” Dr. Lamm says—but do mention persistent, unexplained swelling to your doctor.

Slideshow: 21 things your feet are trying to tell you about your health (Courtesy: Best Life)

a woman sitting on a bed: Occasional foot pain is fairly common—just ask anyone who's spent the day wearing high-heeled shoes or who works a job that keeps them on their feet. But in some cases, consistent pain or discomfort in your feet or toenails can be a sign of an illness that needs to be addressed and treated by a doctor. Whether it's flaky skin, numbness, swelling, or spider veins, here are 21 foot symptoms that reveal something you need to know about your overall health. And for other subtle health signs, check out the 15 Things Your Hair Is Trying to Tell You About Your Health.

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