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Health & Fit Is it really easier for men to lose weight? Experts explain

03:05  09 november  2019
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Yes, You Can Eat Dairy and Still Lose Weight - and These 3 Foods Will Help, Dietitians Say

Yes, You Can Eat Dairy and Still Lose Weight - and These 3 Foods Will Help, Dietitians Say Dairy products have something of a bad reputation with putting on pounds, but does eating dairy actually make you gain weight? It's a fair question to ask, because the people who cut it out do seem to get weight-loss results. (It was apparently one of Khloé Kardashian's strategies.) Of course, there are many other reasons you might choose to keep dairy out of your diet. Lactose intolerance is the most well-known, but sensitivity to dairy products can also cause general digestive issues, bloating, headaches, and even acne.

Experts explain why weight loss is so much easier for men . Plus the best ways to lose weight with your significant other. That will guarantee that your weight loss is both healthy and sustainable. Do that , and after about six months, most women will find that they've actually lost a similar amount of

A simple 3-step plan to lose weight fast, along with numerous effective weight loss tips. All of this is supported by science (with references). It is not uncommon to lose up to 10 pounds (sometimes more) in the first week of eating this way, both body fat and water weight .

For many, weight loss involves numerous sustainable changes to eating and exercise habits. It can take a long time and there are often detours along the way. It can also be easier for some people than others.

Abundant memes and jokes riff on the ease in which men lose weight versus women. But, is there any truth to this? Do men have an easier time losing weight than women?

“The answer — which we probably don’t want to hear — is ‘Yes it is easier for men,’” Lisa Martich, a dietitian specialists at UPMC Magee Women’s Hospital in Pittsburgh, told TODAY.

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There’s a dearth of research comparing differences between how men and women lose weight. Experts really have a better understanding of how women lose weight because women are far more likely to seek help and work on weight loss more often than men.

Why You’re Gaining Weight Despite Working Out

Why You’re Gaining Weight Despite Working Out From poor water consumption to wrong snacks, read on to see what could prevent you from losing weight despite spending time in the gym regularly.

1st, men have more muscle on average before starting any exercise and weight loss program, so have more stuff burning calories in exercise, hence more weight loss. 2nd, men build muscle much more easily. Building muscle is incredibly energy intensive, needing about 3000–5000 kcal per pound of

1. Maybe You Are Losing Without Realizing It . If you think you are experiencing a weight loss plateau Summary A weight loss plateau may be explained by muscle gain, undigested food and Although it is often possible to lose weight fast in the beginning, very few people can continue to

“Seventy to 80% of people losing weight are women,” Colleen Tewksbury, a senior research investigator and bariatric program manager at Penn Medicine, told TODAY. “We don’t have parity, we don’t have data to measure the differences.”

Some new evidence reinforces what experts have long observed: Weight loss is actually easier for men.

In a study published in the journal Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism, researchers followed 2,000 people with pre-diabetes for eight weeks while they ate an 800-calorie, predominately liquid diet, including soups, shakes and 1.5 cups of low calorie vegetables.

You Shouldn't Eat Just Anything After a Workout If You Want to Lose Weight - 2 Experts Explain

You Shouldn't Eat Just Anything After a Workout If You Want to Lose Weight - 2 Experts Explain There's a misconception that you can eat pretty much anything after a workout and it won't affect you in terms of weight loss. That's not quite true, but you can see where it comes from: It actually is recommended you eat some carbs and protein after a workout to replenish your energy stores and encourage muscle growth, and you do have a specific window where that fuel will be most helpful. You should eat after a workout regardless of your fitness goals, but it's not because of this anything-goes, calories-don't-count-because-I-worked-out idea of an "afterburn" effect.

Many people believe that when it comes to weight loss, men have an advantage. Anecdotal stories of ladies sweating and struggling to lose a pound At the end of the day, dropping pounds is hard work for women and men . And, really , it all boils down to this: Anyone can lose weight -- it doesn't matter

I think by physically comparing them there really are differences between the way men and women do their diet, lose weight and respond to exercise. Men can lose weight more easily than women. Typically, it is easier for men to lose weight . Apparently testosterone is your friend when it comes to

By the time the study was complete, 35% of the participants had normal blood glucose levels and were no longer considered pre-diabetic. But the men reaped greater benefits: they lost 26 pounds on average, compared to a 22-pound average for women, and had improved health markers such as lower heart rates and less body fat.

“Small changes for men might make a larger impact on their weight,” Tewksbury said.

What makes it easier for men to lose weight?

The differences between how men and women lose weight begin when children develop into teenagers.

“Quite honestly, it starts at puberty and with our gender hormones,” Martich said. “Men have testosterone that helps them build their lean body mass. At puberty, women have estrogen that helps us build fat around our hips for babies.”

Having more lean muscle mass helps men burn more calories and it’s one reason they can eat more calories than women in a day, without an real effect. For maintaining weight, men can eat 2,200 calories and women can eat 2,000 calories. To lose weight, men should eat 1,700 calories and women 1,500 calories. This means men can eat more calories, but still shed pounds.

Here's How Much Weight Is Realistic to Lose in a Month, According to Experts

  Here's How Much Weight Is Realistic to Lose in a Month, According to Experts A registered dietician breaks down what's safe—and sustainable.“Fit into your high school jeans in time for reunion!”

The only real key to losing weight is being in a deficit, and that can be accomplished just the same I’ m saying that it sucks for weight loss. There’s a very big difference there, and I’ll get to that in a He has 15+ years of experience helping thousands of men and women lose fat, gain muscle, and build

Is it really harder for women to lose weight , even when you’re both trying? Some women who try to lose weight want immediate results. They tend to cut entire food groups or substantially Next time you wonder why is it easier for men to lose weight , just remember: Restaurants serve equal portion

“More muscle mass, that gives them a higher resting metabolic rate, and because of that they have higher calories to play around with when they lose weight,” Tewksbury said. “Women, from a hormonal standpoint, from an evolutionary standpoint, need more fat stores.”

But, moving beyond hormone-drenched puberty doesn’t make it easier for women to lose weight. In fact, aging creates another problem: Starting at just 30, lean muscle mass starts depleting for both men.

“When we start to age, we lose 3 to 8% of that lean body mass,” Martich said. “The aging process does not help.”

Because women have smaller reserves of lean muscle mass, the loss makes a bigger impact. That’s why Martich thinks that women’s weight loss should include resistance training and lean protein consumption -- two things she’s noticed her female patients overlook -- to help women maintain more lean muscle mass.

Researchers Say They've Found an Easy Way to Reverse Diabetes

  Researchers Say They've Found an Easy Way to Reverse Diabetes A new study shows that people with type 2 diabetes only need to lose 10 percent of their weight to reverse the disease.A new study, published in the journal Diabetic Medicine, shows that people can reverse a type 2 diabetes diagnosis with an easier approach. Patients may soon stop following highly strict diets to manage the disease.

The Rumor: Men lose weight more quickly than women. Weight -loss programs often accentuate the difference. When sedentary men and women both start exercise programs, men tend to lose body And, really , it all boils down to this: Anyone can lose weight -- it doesn’t matter what your gender is.

Weight loss and nutrition experts share their number one tip for losing weight and keeping it off for It ’s much easier to stick to healthy eating habits when you give your body the sleep it requires. Weight loss experts often say: Don’t diet, change your lifestyle. Making the commitment to change

Though diet changes contribute to more weight loss for women, Tewksbury said, exercise can help them maintain the weight loss and build lean muscle, which boosts overall health. It can help lower blood pressure, improve sleep and reduce depression.

"It has been very effective in preventing weight gain and maintenance,” Tewksbury added. “If people are not exercising, they are much more likely to regain the weight.”

While weight loss can be tough, Tewksbury said it’s important that people don’t compare themselves to others because everyone is different. It is a lifelong process, regardless of gender.

“If you are looking at a weight loss … it is never a straight line,” she said. “It can spike from day to day. The idea is to look at the trends.”

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