Health & Fit 11 Weird Tricks That Really Do Help You Go to Sleep

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A sleep doctor’s 3 golden rules for nailing the perfect nap

  A sleep doctor’s 3 golden rules for nailing the perfect nap First things first: here's who *shouldn't* nap.So, once and for all, I need to know: What rules must I learn to follow in order to nail the perfect nap? Because, given how many people in my life love and rely on this activity, I have to figure it out. The FOMO alone is too real not to at this point, so I tapped a sleep expert for answers.

11 Weird Tricks That Really Do Help You Go to Sleep .

Can’t Sleep ? These 11 Weird Tricks Might Help . Yoga Medicine® March 6, 2017. A body scan may conjure up images of an airport security check but a body scan can be an effective sleep trick to promote sleep according to Tiffany Cruikshank, L.A.c., MAOM, founder of Yoga Medicine and author

A man was left almost unable to walk upstairs in his home after his bedding caused a condition known as "feather duvet lung."

a person on a bed: A stock image shows a person in bed. A 43-year-old man suffered an immune response to his bird feather-filled bedding.© Getty A stock image shows a person in bed. A 43-year-old man suffered an immune response to his bird feather-filled bedding.

The unnamed 43-year-old man from Scotland visited his family doctor, complaining that he had struggled with breathlessness, fatigue and a sense of malaise over the past three months, according to a case study published in the journal BMJ Case Reports.

His doctor told him he likely had a respiratory tract infection, and his symptoms got better. But later that month, his condition got so bad he had to take two weeks off work. Scans and blood tests, however, couldn't reveal the problem.

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Here’s a list of 11 simple but very effective recommendations from well-known psychologists. They speak about how to behave toward your partner before calling it a night. - Following the same bedtime routine, every day helps you to sleep better. While following a familiar routine, your brain

Here's a weird trick on how to make yourself go to sleep fast. Sleep sleep , sleep , sleep . I can't fall asleep at night. When I'm tired. When I'm not tired.

A month after he first visited the doctor, he found himself getting breathless walking between rooms. His family doctor referred him to a specialist.

A scan of his lungs suggested he had what is known as hypersensitivity pneumonitis. Also called extrinsic allergic alveolitis, this is where the immune system causes lung tissue to become inflamed.

Tests showed the man's blood contained antibodies to bird feather dust. Curiously, the man didn't own any birds. But he told doctors he had recently acquired a duvet and pillows filled with feathers. Hospital staff advised him to get rid of the bedding.

The man followed the advice and also took medicine to reduce his lung inflammation. His symptoms improved.

Doctors said his case was an example of "feather duvet lung." This rare condition occurs when the organic dust from duck or goose feathers found in duvets and pillows is inhaled.

What Is a Sleep Divorce and Should You Get One?

  What Is a Sleep Divorce and Should You Get One? It might actually *help* your relationship.A previous survey by the same company found that 19% of Americans blame their partner for their poor sleep, suggesting that filing for a sleep divorce might help reduce the likelihood of the other kind of divorce—which is, let’s face it, altogether more stressful and expensive.

11 Weird Tricks That Really Do Help You Go to Sleep . Do you sleep like a bear or a dolphin? The answer holds the key to a perfect night’s rest says a fascinating new book.

But if we're really being honest with ourselves maybe we all have certain areas in our lives where So I finally decided to start practicing loving myself consciously and I did this fun, kind of weird exercise After you try this out comment below and tell me how it went for you and if you know anyone who

Its symptoms are non-specific, and range from malaise to flu-like symptoms, according to the doctors.

"It is therefore entirely probable that cases of FDL [feather duvet lung] are missed, or at best, diagnosed late," they wrote in BMJ Case Reports.

The patient was treated by doctors at the Victoria Hospital and the Aberdeen Royal Infirmary.

The man was quoted in the case report: "Hypersensitivity pneumonitis has had a great effect on my life at the time. I started getting dizzy spells on exertion.

"Two months after the onset of the symptoms, I was unable to stand or walk for more than a few minutes at a time without feeling like I was going to pass out. Going upstairs to bed was a 30-minute activity as I could only manage two stairs at a time and then needed to sit and rest. I was signed off work and spent most of the time asleep (day and night)," he recalled.

Dr. Owen J Dempsey of the respiratory medicine department at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary in Aberdeen, U.K., who treated the man, told Newsweek in an email that the case "is a fairly dramatic example of how our immune system in the lungs, in some individuals can react to seemingly innocuous triggers in the environment, e.g. feathers in bedding."

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This goes to show that no relationship is perfect, and happiness often comes down to our outlook. Even the most loving relationships can get stale. But it's important to realize that there are simple things you can do every day to improve your relationship almost instantly — it's just about knowing

You can’t sleep till late even when you are sleep deprived. You reject invitations even if you really want to go out. Anxiety can drain people of their energy so much so that they can’t gather enough You go down on yourself and all you can manage to think is how badly others are thinking about you .

Dempsey recalled the patient "was dramatically breathless for such a young man."

The take-home message, he said, is not to get rid of feather pillows, duvets and cushions, which can be expensive, but rather to be alert to the possibility that feather bedding can, in some genetically susceptible individuals, result in lung symptoms like coughing and breathlessness.

"Removal of the feather bedding may be all that is needed, although in our case I opted to add in some steroids given the severity of his symptoms for their anti-inflammatory effects," he said.

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Sleep apnea: "fatty" tongues are responsible for snoring .
© Medisite Sleep apnea: "fatty" tongues are responsible for snoring According to researchers, sleep apnea, which produces various harmful effects such as snoring, could be caused by a thick, oily tongue. Overweight people would be particularly affected. Your partner snores every night and it ruins your life? Good news, researchers have found a new reason for the origin of this unwanted noise.

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