Health & Fit Suzanne Somers Reveals How She Keeps Her Libido So High at 73

19:52  10 january  2020
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When Suzanne Somers was in her 50s, she was diagnosed with breast cancer and totally lost her libido. Now, more than 20 years later, the Three's Company star has released her 27th book, A New Way To Age, to share how she overhauled her lifestyle—including her sex life.

Suzanne Somers with a racket: In © Emma McIntyre - Getty Images In "A New Way To Age," Suzanne Somers reveals her top anti-aging tips, including her skincare routine, diet, and go-to exercises. Here's how she gets her glow.

"I've heard so many women my age say that they are past that, and I think, too bad you're in that mindset, because a healthy person is a sexual person," Somers tells Prevention.com. "I have a sexy image, which I enjoy, and that's the best part of being in good health. I'm 73, and I still got it!"

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Today, Somers is not only cancer-free, but she says she feels happier and healthier than ever before. "I don't look at cancer in my life as a negative," she says, adding that she has sex with her 83-year-old husband twice a day. "A New Way To Age is my 27th book, and it's been a process of self-education and [a] journey toward health over the years."

She wants other women to know that they too can take control of their health and enjoy the aging process, so here are her best tips for healthy aging.

1. She avoids processed foods.

In 2001, Somers was diagnosed with breast cancer, so she decided to make some lifestyle changes. "When I heard these three words: You have cancer, I remember thinking, what have I done in my diet and lifestyle to play host to this terrible disease?" Somers recalls about her diagnosis.

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Following the news, Somers overhauled her diet almost immediately. "I decided to eat like my life depended on it," she says. "I stopped eating all processed foods."

Now, she only eats foods that she can "pick, pluck, milk, or shoot," and that's how she's been living for decades. Somers has a garden right in her backyard in the desert. "I brought in organic soil, put in a water purification system, and planted organic seeds and plants," she said. "We mainly eat all of our produce from the garden."

The actress starts her day with a green smoothie, loaded with kale, spinach, apple, ginger, and other produce. For lunch, she tries to stay low-carb with a protein and vegetable, like salad with chicken, goat cheese, and fennel topped with olive oil.

Everything that Somers cooks is flavored with natural spices and oils. For dinner, she enjoys a wide variety of options, but a dish she likes to make often is marinated lamb with rosemary, garlic, olive oil, and red pepper flakes. She pairs that with red yams infused with organic butter. "I'm a big believer in flavor," she said, adding that her husband loves the meals she cooks.

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Just pulled these beauties from the garden! Can’t wait to cook with you all tonight around 6pm PT. **Please note the time change**

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2. She monitors her hormones.

Somers believes that an imbalance of hormones led to her development of breast cancer in her 50's. "Every year, I get lab testing done to show my hormone levels," she says. "I take supplements and vitamins determined by my deficiencies, and aim to keep everything in perfect balance."

Somers takes supplements to fulfill her B12, magnesium, and zinc levels, among others. She also supplements with prebiotics and probiotics.

Hi Friends!!! Catch me on @QVC at 11am PT/2pm ET with my pal @kerstin.lindquist!!! I have BRAND NEW SUPPLEMENTS to help you get on track for the New Year!! See you soon ❤️

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3. She's done yoga every other day for 19 years.

Somers has performed the same exercise routine for nearly two decades, and her workout of choice is yoga. "I have done yoga every other day for 19 years. I will do yoga until the day I die," she says.

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For the first 15-20 minutes of her yoga sessions, she "stretches and stretches," carefully not to jolt any of her muscles, for a warmup. Then, she goes through deeper stretches and movements, usually outside her Arizona home, beneath the sunshine.

Somers says that her active lifestyle over the years has allowed her to remain "agile" and avoid bone loss. "I'm around some of my friends who are my age or older, and they're out of gas. I have great energy at this age. It's great!" she says. "But it's never too late!"

Morning practice with my daughter-in-law @carolinesomers in nature’s most beautiful yoga studio! ???? ????

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4. She has sex twice a day.

Somers credits her lifestyle and balanced hormones to her healthy sex life with her husband—but it wasn't always this way. In her 50s, she says her hormones were imbalanced. "Not only was I in a bad mood all of the time, not sleeping well, and feeling constantly itchy, but I also had no libido," she says. "I couldn't feel [aroused]."

But after switching up her lifestyle to focus on her health, Somers said her sex life greatly improved. Today, she feels "sexy" and confident. "I like the way I look, I like the way I feel, and I like the way I have a healthy libido," she says.

5. She uses organic skincare and hair products.

The Three's Company star approaches her skincare routine not only with aging in mind, but with her health as well. "The skin is the largest organ in the body, and we put chemicals all over it," she says. "That's why I created my organic, certified toxic-free skincare line, Suzanne Organics."

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In the mornings, Somers begins her routine by washing her face with an exfoliating peach cleanser. "If I have time, a few times a week I'll put on a recovery mask with peptides and lentil extracts for about 20 minutes," she says. "Then, I use my aging serum followed by the CoQ10 moisturizer, which isn't greasy."

The actress is a huge fan of makeup, which inspired her to create organic, toxic-free products. "I love makeup," she says, adding that although her makeup is very clean, she still takes it off before bed. "Each night I use our everyday cleanser to take off my makeup, which has an olive base," she says. "Then, I spray on our olive leaf and willow herb toner." Afterwards, Somers targets aging with her ageless serum and eye cream.

Occasionally she likes to unwind with an Epsom salt bath at night, and puts a coconut oil mask in her hair and on her face while she relaxes.

Nice way to enjoy the daisies blooming on the mountain. Happy Superbloom!!

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6. She listens to her body.

While Somer's 27 books explain her unique perspective on healthy aging, she emphasizes that every person is different, that's why it's important to tune into your own body.

"Pay attention to the language of your body. The body talks all the time, and we rarely listen," she says. "My big message to aging women is, it's not over. We women are so incredible. We work, raise our children, run our households, and do a million things in a day." But she says that women have to prioritize their their health, too.

At 73, Somers loves where she's at in life because she has prioritized her health for decades. She's also looking forward to this chapter of her life with her husband. "Normally at this age, people are sick. We're in great health," she says. "We go out, we laugh, he makes great coffee in the morning, we dance at night. I've really never been this happy."

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  Suzanne Somers Reveals How She Keeps Her Libido So High at 73

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