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01:10  27 march  2020
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First of all, talking to yourself is so common that , according to The New York Times, psychologists have a name for it—external self talk . When it comes to instructional self - talk , saying things out loud is a good way to work your way through difficult or important decisions and help set your priorities.

Talking to yourself : a sure-fire way to become the most interesting person in the conversation Talking to ourselves has many other benefits. “Our findings are just a small part of a much larger “Not only does non-first-person self - talk help people perform better under stress and help them get

Chances are you talk to yourself throughout the day whether you're aware of it or not—everything from “I’m going to be late!” to “I love this dress” to “I’m so behind at work” has likely crossed your mind pretty often. But have you have ever said such phrases out loud? If you answered yes, you're on the right side of science.

It turns out that expressing some inner thoughts out loud can actually help you better conquer the present and future and is something we should all start doing, according to Lisa Ferentz, clinical social worker, psychotherapist, and author of Finding Your Ruby Slippers: Transformative Life Lessons From the Therapist’s Couch.

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Find out why talking to yourself is actually a GOOD sign when it comes to emotional well-being. We have so many ways to helping to manage stress The Nurture Project is a multi dimensional wellness solution that recognises that mind and body need to work together in order to beat stress and anxiety

I'm gonna talk to you about talking to yourself . I know it's usually the domain of crazy right but actually talking to yourself is a good sign when it comes to emotional well-being and let me tell you why we know that negative self talk is a big part of anxiety and the worst thing is we often do this on

What is self-talk?

Ferentz employs this practice most often when it comes to helping her clients develop a positive outlook about themselves and the day ahead. “There’s nothing more important than the way we talk to ourselves because that inner monologue informs in subtle and not-so-subtle ways all our subsequent thoughts, emotional states, and behavioral choices,” she says. Simply put, if you’re constantly critical, judgmental, or facing the day with a negative attitude, you’re making it pretty hard for yourself to encounter positivity down the line. (Find out how to develop a positive attitude in 6 steps.)

A good way to adopt a healthy mental state is to write down what you’re grateful for, your own strengths, and positive affirmations; then stand in front of a mirror and say those things out loud. If you feel silly, don’t give up. “Like anything else, once you practice and approach it from a positive place, you discover it’s quite easy to do. It guides our life whether we’re conscious of it or not,” says Ferentz. (Learn how to stop negative self-talk for good.)

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Talking to yourself can help you organize your thoughts, so that you remember what you’ve got to This happens because not only you think about what you need to do, but you actually can hear it. The hardest thing about picking a goal is that once you pick it, you will have to commit yourself to

Based off that alone, no. Talking to yourself is a pretty common way of processing your thoughts If you are driving around and you have an argument with yourself , like “ Why the hell did I do that Anyway, talking to yourself can actually help you think or process something more clearly/ better .

What are the benefits of talking to yourself?

Ferentz also encourages people to whisper aloud pep talks or explore their thoughts and feelings before heading into a potentially intimidating, threatening, or overwhelming situation. “When we whisper positively to ourselves it gives us a little more strength and courage so we can meet a challenging scenario head-on,” she says. That sentiment echoes 2017 research in Psychology of Sport and Exercise that found athletes are often fans of self-talk ahead of competitions. It might even be beneficial to specifically talk to yourself in the third person—research in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology found that people who used internal third-person self-talk felt less anxiety.

That doesn’t mean you can’t mutter aloud your frustrations, too. Just like there’s a place for positive self-talk, there’s also a place for negative if you approach it the right way. “There’s definitely a value to understanding what you’re feeling whether it’s positive or negative. Saying negative thoughts out loud can be very validating,” says Ferentz. “Bringing the negative stuff you’re thinking and feeling to the surface then gives you the opportunity to reevaluate it.” Once you voice what’s bothering you, try asking yourself if it’s useful to keep holding on to those thoughts or if it’s something you can process and then let go of.

So next time you hold a little two-way conversation with yourself, don't worry, it’s perfectly OK and might even be beneficial. Next, check out the other surprising benefits of talking to yourself.

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