Health & Fit psychologist warns: Using seemingly harmless words, parents can cause lifelong harm to their child

23:40  19 october  2019
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  Psychologin warnt: Mit scheinbar harmlosen Worten können Eltern ihrem Kind lebenslangen Schaden zufügen © Shutterstock

Raising children is not always easy. Mainly because there is no ultimate right way of raising children. Often parents are under enormous pressure when it comes to doing everything right. While many try to give their children the best possible education, expensive hobbies or even material desires in this context, the American psychologist Lisa Firestone confirms in an article in the scientific magazine "Psychology Today" that other aspects are of great importance who like to be neglected against the background of everyday stress.

She specifically mentions the communication between parents and her child, which decisively decides on the success of the upbringing and accordingly on the later life of the children .

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How wrong communication harms children

While parents can significantly enrich children's lives with the right communication, they harm them all the more with the wrong one.

A popular phenomenon that is observed again and again in parents, but , according to experts, can disrupt the further development of their child. is the stamping of various stamps, Firestone also confirms. Parents should think twice before describing their offspring as "hypersensitive toddlers" or "lazy teenagers", since such labels can have a significant - including negative - influence on the child's identity development.

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Not only negatively connoted, but also exaggerated positive stamps (such as "the most talented" or "the prettiest") that parents put on their children can harm them. Firestone explains that in such situations, can lead a child to conclude that is only good enough as long as it meets the parents' needs. This behavior can also have a negative impact on the children's personal development.

paying attention to children through communication

children want to feel seen - as Firestone explains based on various studies, this can be achieved above all with the help of the right communication. However, it is not only a question of having the right answers to questions or providing good advice, it also starts with listening.

So if you want to give your child adequate attention, you should first take the time to listen to your child - which sometimes seems difficult due to the prevailing restlessness and everyday stress. Nevertheless, is incredibly important for the development of children to respond to 's ideas, fears, doubts and respond appropriately. Phrases such as "I understand that the situation is difficult for you" show parents understanding and make the child feel seen and taken seriously , Firestone said.

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