Health & Fit Schnell bikinifit: The Bosu workout is so effective!

16:30  31 may  2018
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The Bosu-Ball workout for a defined and taut butt

 The Bosu-Ball workout for a defined and taut butt © Provided by Burda Hearst Publishing GmbH Bosu Ball It's no secret: You have to do something for a taut and defined butt. But don't necessarily sweat in the gym for hours. Because just a few exercises can make a real difference and get your butt in top shape. Fitness professionals currently swear by the Bosu-Ball to train the body with simple exercises. The Bosu-Ball is an half ball that has a flat and a curved side. Practical: You can train with the ball on both sides.

Bosu Ball © Provided by Burda Hearst Publishing GmbH Bosu Ball

When it comes to sports, you shouldn't do things by halves. With one exception and that means: Bosu! The fitness device is one of the best methods for models like Izabel Goulart to be bikinifit in time for summer.

That means "Bosu"

Behind it is an effective full-body workout on half a ball, which has a flat and a curved side. The ball works from both sides: either you train on the flat side or on the round side.

This is where the name comes from: "Both sides used" or "Both sides up" - "Bosu" for short - means that both sides of the ball can be used.

This fitness device originally comes from medicine and was invented by the American fitness visionary David Weck ("WeckMethod") in the late 1990s. Today it is used by both physiotherapists and numerous fitness freaks.

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This is why Bosu is so popular with athletes

Training on an unstable ground, whether lying, sitting or standing, is not only good for your balance and coordination. While you are doing your Squats , mountain climbers or push-ups, thanks to Bosu-Ball you improve your overall posture, strengthen your back and abdominal muscles and with cardio exercises that increase your sweat, the cardiovascular system.

In combination even more effective

You can even do yoga or Pilates on it! At first, it can seem pretty shaky, but the more you practice, the safer you will be on the Bosu. By the way, the non-slip surface ensures that the Bosu-Ball does not slip away during your exercises.

You can also combine the Bosu training with other fitness methods, such as TRX .

With this highly effective sports program, the bikini countdown shouldn't make you too nervous until your summer vacation!

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