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14:07  25 may  2020
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Halle Berry explains that she shaved part of her daughter Nahla's head

 Halle Berry explains that she shaved part of her daughter Nahla's head During confinement, Halle Berry improvised her hairdresser to repair her daughter's faux pas. © Behar Anthony / SPUS / ABACA This is a great lesson in hair that Nahla, daughter of Halle Berry , can learn. On Tuesday April 21, 2020, the 53-year-old actress revealed a hair anecdote about her 12-year-old daughter during the talk show Jimmy Fallon .

But if we disregarded that I think the first step will be a breakdown of society. Society is built upon complex, long term strategies. As resources become scarcer, we'll find that the world just can' t support the billions of humans without the complex infrastructure of civilisation.

Analyse d'un échantillon collecté dans un drive de dépistage du Covid-19, le 22 avril à Neuilly-sur-Seine. © THOMAS COEX Analysis of a sample collected in a Covid-19 screening drive, April 22 in Neuilly-sur-Seine. Christian Lehmann is a writer and doctor in the Yvelines. For "Liberation", he chronicles a society suspended in the evolution of the coronavirus.

This is a competition in which I do not want to participate, but which many indulge in to savor their quarter hour of Warhol. Didier Raoult, who joked on January 23 "There are three Chinese people dying and it is a global alert", was the first to announce that the epidemic was over and that there would be no second wave. Followed on many platforms all those who needed to exist or sell their miracle cure, highlighting once again if it was necessary, the schizophrenia of certain media, oscillating between an absolute reverence towards the calamitous management of the government , and the word given to the most obscure conspirators.

3 things I learned when I started pole dancing at age 70

  3 things I learned when I started pole dancing at age 70 Susan Skinner tells us about her favorite way to work out.Skinner felt an immediate connection to pole dancing after taking her first introductory class at Body and Pole in New York City. "I don't know how else to say it, but it's just really amazing," says Skinner of the workout modality. Pole dancing isn't your typical old workout, and that's exactly what drew Skinner in.

I don't know if we will have a second wave. Actually, I don't even know if the first wave is over. Our PCR testing capacities have certainly increased, but they remain modest compared to the whimsical figures trumpeted by the Ministry of Health. The Contact-Covid application implemented by health insurance seems to work correctly, and probably makes it possible to detect and circumscribe the mini-clusters. The number of reports of new cases is decreasing, the intensive care beds are emptying, the indicators seem reassuring.

The context is a little less so. The ability of our society to wait, to wait for the gun to the foot, is largely eroded after these two months of confinement. This collective test, this moment of solidarity, already seems far away. It is who will get carried away against those who do not wear a mask outside, or dare to sit in the grass, when the restrictions put in place are more like punishments orchestrated by a painful 5 year old kid and poorly committed only to coherent health directives. And as from the start, these contradictory injunctions cause anxiety and frustration. What logic does it keep Parisian green spaces closed, prevent people from sitting on deserted windswept beaches, while encouraging them to go to large shopping centers as well as to mass?

'Big 4' airline stocks plummet after Warren Buffett revealed that Berkshire Hathaway dumped them in April

  'Big 4' airline stocks plummet after Warren Buffett revealed that Berkshire Hathaway dumped them in April "Our airline position was a mistake," the famed investor said. "Berkshire is worth less today because I took that position than if I hadn't."American Airlines,  Delta Air Lines, and United Airlines were down about 10% at the time of writing, while Southwest Airlines was down about 8%.

In this context, everyone wants to be done with this coronavirus, no longer to hear about it. And the assured voices of those who say they trust their intuition are far more seductive than the uncertainty of those who wait, watch, and refuse to speak. I have seen lunar messages, like that of this woman saying on Twitter: "Stop with your masks, we are at the end of the virus, doctors, politicians and cops know it, it is only the French who continue to pinball, almost all of France works, takes transport, consumes, goes on weekends ... It's not the plague ... "Here and there we see the revolt of editorial editorial staff against the" sanitary junta "(copyright Patrick Pelloux ) who would have improperly taken power and imposed confinement on the people. A health junta… just that. While in reality, France is a country without a culture of public health, a country whose first line of caregivers in the city has long been despised, a country whose hospitals are constantly confronted with a budgetary logic. A country in which the end of confinement immediately restored old priorities. Thus the Tradival slaughterhouse in Fleury-les-Aubrais (Loiret) is supposed to reopen after nine days, and not fourteen if we trust the protocols implemented so far. Quickly, quickly, it is urgent to resume, as before, as if we had learned nothing, even though industrial slaughterhouses, in France as in the United States, are places at risk.

This Florida doctor prescribed increasing amounts of marijuana. He didn't check for pregnancy

  This Florida doctor prescribed increasing amounts of marijuana. He didn't check for pregnancy MIAMI - A Dundee doctor can't prescribe medical marijuana after, the Florida Department of Health says, he prescribed increasing amounts of medical marijuana for a pregnant woman. Then again, part of the state's problem with Dr. Graham Robinson-Farah is he didn't know she was pregnant because he didn't do a proper physical examination on her. Nor, the state said, did Robinson-Farah have any reason to prescribe medical marijuana to the patient in the first place. require(["medianetNativeAdOnArticle"], function (medianetNativeAdOnArticle) { medianetNativeAdOnArticle.

This very notion of risky place is difficult to understand. We are still told about "superspreaders", overcontaminants, when it seems that the massive contaminations are linked to places and not to people. Just as we, the field doctors, had to hammer for months that it was useful for the general population to wear masks, even to make them yourself. During this time, the general direction of health and the ministry repeated that it was useless before operating a late turnaround and invoking a "change of scientific doctrine", we are forced to repeat a simple message : Covid is a disease of enclosed and confined spaces.

The good news is that there seem to be very few cases of indirect contamination by objects. It is imperative to keep good hand hygiene, to avoid bringing them to your face, to your mouth, but there is no point in systematically cleaning your shopping, ironing your banknotes ... Some will smile but the diversity of experiences and each other's fears must be taken into account. Next to the people you can see coming out without a mask, there are also all those who are still living confined, out of fear or to protect a particularly exposed member of their community.

There's No Better Time to… Save Every Last Drop of Wine

  There's No Better Time to… Save Every Last Drop of Wine I always have a baggie of wine cubes in the freezer.As someone who lives and drinks alone (the latter quite regularly, especially these days during quarantine), I often pour myself a much larger glass of wine than I can finish. For years this glass would sit out overnight, half-empty, and glare at me in the morning, only to be poured back in its bottle (gross, I know). But now, to avoid this, I just fill an ice cube tray, freeze it, and then transfer my little wine cubes to plastic bags I keep in the freezer: one labeled RED WINE, another WHITE WINE.

The main mode of contamination is the respiratory tract: droplets, if a patient coughs or sneezes near you, and aerosolization, a cloud of viral particles that can gradually increase, densify and become contaminating, as in the case of a choir whose members, even respecting the safety distances, would remain for long moments in a piece to sing together. It is therefore imperative to wear a mask inside shops, elevators, public transport, or if you meet other people on the street. Indoors, it is essential to ventilate, leave the windows open to help disperse the clouds of particles created by song, conversation ... Avoid air conditioning that recycles indoor air, and favor ventilation with outdoor air . But this is not possible everywhere, in all workplaces, and leads users to ask the question of public transport, and the resumption of economic activity. Hence, once again, the absence of clear instructions ...

I am not a public health specialist. I interviewed those of my friends who are. They are rather reassured by the turn of events, aware that nothing is being played out, and are used to being patient, to hush their intuitions to observe the facts, to hold on when urged to give an immediate, simple, obvious answer. and false. Not to be on TV to tell people what they want to hear. To serve the people, in fact, with a humility that I learn to admire. You will not see them at 8 p.m. It's better this way. Assume that during a health crisis, a doctor who makes all the trays is not useful elsewhere.

Happy couples must match in these 3 points .
If couples want to be happy in the long run, they should have the same or at least similar views in these three points © iStock Do you want a happy relationship? Then these three things should be right iStock If a couple wants to be happy in the long run, both partners have to work on themselves regularly. But in some relationships less needs to be done than in others. Scientists give a simple reason why this is so. couples are especially happy when they fit together in three crucial points.

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