Health & Fit Mama-Hack: How you can easily calm your baby while teething

12:16  28 may  2020
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 100 year old baby names that will soon make a comeback © istockphoto Old baby names are now back in fashion istockphoto Are you still looking for an unusual baby name? These 100 year old names are now making a comeback The child's name search can take some time. It is important to find a suitable one, as it will last a lifetime. But if you want an unusual name, one of these long forgotten ones could be the right one. The creators of the "Nameberry" website have researched which 100-year-old baby names will probably make a comeback.

Schreiendes Baby © iStock / Shangarey Crying baby

The baby's teeth are created before he is born, but at some point they want to break through the gums. is often the case in the fourth to sixth month of life, but babies are very different on this point too. In addition, the first pain may appear weeks before the first tooth is really visible. But what can parents do to help their children? A mom hack on TikTok that is currently going viral provides an answer that many mothers love.

How do you know that teething begins?

Most children have problems teething because the pressure on the palate increases, swelling occurs and the breakthrough itself is associated with pain. The little ones therefore urgently need consolation, which is usually not enough.

That's why you should wash laundry with black pepper

 That's why you should wash laundry with black pepper Pepper in the washing machine sounds crazy. We'll tell you why this is a great laundry hack. 0 © istockphoto Pepper in the washing machine istockphoto The pepper mill can only be found in the kitchen in most households. However, it should definitely not be missing in any WASCH kitchen. Because the latest household hack is: pepper in the washing machine. 6 While dark and colorful garments lose their luminosity with every wash, white laundry gets an unsightly yellow tinge or gray veil.

The fact that the clearly audible complaints - the screaming does not stop at all - is caused by dental problems (not always) can be seen from some other side effects. The child is drooling more than before, often the cheeks show a certain reddening, fever can also appear. As an attempt to help themselves, many babies are now putting objects in their mouths more often to chew on them. In fact, they instinctively follow the right approach - because this is exactly what the parents should do. Mums and dads have better options than the baby itself.

@mommyacademy Easy frozen washcloth teething ring

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  Maren Morris Is Doing Bodyweight Exercises 2 Months After Giving Birth The singer's trainer says they're still avoiding core work and jumping.“We are back to training again and she is a badass and I’m so proud of her," Oprea told Us Weekly. "She worked up until basically the day, I think we trained like a day or two before she had the baby. And then we’re back at it.

What helps babies against pain when teething

The use of a so-called teething aid is often recommended. It is a kind of teether, but it was often designed in imaginative forms. The administration of certain teas, for example from chamomile flowers or sage leaves, can provide relief, especially if teething is associated with a slight inflammation. Known household remedies also include a damp washcloth, which can also be soaked in chamomile tea.

This is where the video published on TikTok comes in, but it goes one step further. Here the washcloth is first moistened. Then you form a tight roll, which in turn is rolled up into a snail ring. In this shape, the washcloth now fits perfectly into the recess of a muffin tray. This tray is then pushed into the freezer for half an hour, so the tip of the now well-known user "Mommy Academy", who published the article. The frozen cloth can then be handed over to the baby for chewing. If the cooling aid accepts it gratefully, it is worth keeping a small supply of the helpful curls ready in the muffin tray. For

People on TikTok are sharing a hack for squeezing the juice from a lemon while avoiding the seeds and sticky mess

  People on TikTok are sharing a hack for squeezing the juice from a lemon while avoiding the seeds and sticky mess All you need is a skewer and seedless, mess-free lemon juice can be yours in seconds. But the hack doesn't seem to work with limes and oranges.But the issue is, each time you slice into a lemon, you're invariably left with a sticky mess and a lot of juice actually wasted.

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