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17:35  10 june  2020
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Drosten: Virus will spread more evenly across the country

 Drosten: Virus will spread more evenly across the country The regional differences that have so far been pronounced in the coronavirus epidemic in Germany will disappear, according to virologist Christian Drosten. © Photo: Christophe Gateau / dpa Christian Drosten, Director of the Virology Institute at the Charité in Berlin.

  Drosten erklärt: Die Nase ist das absolute Zielorgan für das Virus © iStockphoto Until now, the throat was primarily the first target for the coronavirus, new research results suggest the nose as the target organ for the virus. Virologist Christian Drosten explains what this can mean for practical protection against Covid-19.

The fact that the nose is also affected in corona disease is not new knowledge.

As FIT FOR FUN reported, loss of olfactory sense is a common symptom of a Covid 19 infection.

New research findings attribute an essentially more important meaning to the nasal mucosa.

According to the results of a research team from the

University of North Carolina , it could primarily be the nose that makes infection in the lower respiratory tract such as the lungs possible. Coronavirus

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spreads particularly in the nose The

Coronavirus seems to be able to nest and spread particularly well in the nose.

The scientists at the University of North Carolina came to this conclusion after they had been able to use fluorescence to give precise evidence of the spread of the coronavirus in human tissue.

The fluorescence caused the corona virus to glow, so that it was clearly visible in which cell environment the virus reproduced particularly easily.

Accordingly, the cilia in the nose are particularly susceptible to implantation by the virus and offer it the perfect breeding ground for replication in the mucous membrane.

The multiplication of the virus causes the body to become aware of the intruder. It triggers immune reactions, which the person concerned then becomes aware of as symptoms of the disease, such as fever.

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At the same time, however, the viruses on the nasal mucous membranes are drawn even deeper into the body through the breath - down to the lungs, where they can sometimes cause serious damage.

Covid-19: vaccination via nasal spray?

On the basis of these results, one should now consider whether antiviral nasal sprays or inhalers could be a sensible measure at the beginning of a disease to prevent dangerous sources of infection in the lungs.

Germany's well-known virologist Christian Drosten, Director of the Institute of Virology at the Charité Berlin, does not exclude in his

'NRD podcast' The Coronavirus Update ' vaccination by inhalation.

"There is a big difference between whether an active substance has to penetrate the blood through the intestine and from there into the affected tissue or whether this can be done directly," he explains.

However, such a substance would not yet be available, but "pharmaceutical companies are already working on it".

breathing masks should definitely cover the nose

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The virologist also commented on how face masks should be worn properly.

The case of mask wearers, which is often observed in everyday life and only covers the mouth but not the nose, is described by Drosten as "of course not good".

It would not have taken the results of the study to know that viruses can also be expelled when exhaling from the nose,

Properly wearing

mouth and nose protection that shields both upper airway openings should therefore have been going on for a long time count as a matter of course.

Important note:

The information in this article contains general information only. To clarify a health problem, we recommend visiting trained and recognized doctors. Sources NDR Info: "The Coronavirus Update with Christian Drosten - June 9th, 2020", accessed on June 10th, 2020 :, https://www.ndr.de/nachrichten/info/47-Mutationen-koennen-auch-Hoffnung -bieten, audio694966.html

The University of North Carolina: "Researchers map how coronavirus infection travels through cells of nasal cavity and respiratory tract", accessed on June 10, 2020 :, https://www.unc.edu/posts/2020 / 06/08 / researchers-map-how-coronavirus-infection-travels-through-cells-of-nasal-cavity-and-respiratory-tract /

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