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17:51  11 june  2020
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Before the Covid 19 pandemic in March 2020 ensured that Attila Hildmann finally mutated to Germany's number one conspiracy theorist and corona critic, the Berliner best known for his vegan cookbooks and TV appearances. But now he mainly adds his mustard to the rumor mill - unasked, mind you. While he previously mostly attacked personalities like Angela Merkel, Bill Gates or YouTuber Rezo with his slander, scientists are now increasingly coming into focus, especially women. ( also read: Attila Hildmann - this is the craziest corona conspiracy theory yet )

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Attila Hildmann against science: calls to e-mail storm

For months, scientists from all disciplines have been trying to tackle the Covid 19 pandemic assess, contain and develop the most effective means to combat them. However, Hildmann sees these efforts to contain them as an attempt to seize power from the German government and strongly contests them. Experts who criticize Hildmann are also targeted. Researchers who deal with conspiracy theories.

This is where Hildmann came in last and called on the approximately 60,000 members of his private Telegram group to email a scientist's opinion, according to the "Kölner Stadtanzeiger". The expert (not mentioned by name), who researches conspiracy ideologies, had previously worked out the connection between conspiracy myths and right-wing terrorist acts. A found food for Hildmann and for him reason enough to publish the professional email address of the woman with the request to measure the "demon" and "traitor" for her "communist propaganda". "Could you write why she puts 'conspiracy theorists' as a spinner and ask how much money she gets from [US investor George] Soros." ( Also interesting: Corona Fake News - that's what Drosten and Co. demand )

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Before that, another woman was hit: scientist Mai Thi Nguyen-Kim. Hildmann insulted her several times via Telegram, according to the "Kölner Stadtanzeiger", and incited his community to write to her on Instagram. The science creator had caught Hildmann's attention with the warning of conspiracy theorists.

While most victims of Hildmann leave his attacks uncommented so as not to offer the fanatic even more space than he already claims, at least Bill Gates commented on the allegations of several conspiracy ideologists, according to the "New York Post". Hildmann and his fellow campaigners repeatedly claim that he and his wife Melinda allegedly want to give people a chip with a corona vaccine, with which they can then control their thoughts.

"It's so bizarre in a way that you could almost find it funny. But I guess it's actually not that funny," said the Microsoft founder in a conversation with journalists last week. Although it was unnecessary, he made it clear: "I have never had to deal with any type of microchip."

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