Health & Fit This Is the Hardest Lower Ab-Strengthening Move You’ve Never Heard Of

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This Bodyweight Move Will Murder Your Back

  This Bodyweight Move Will Murder Your Back Struggling to find a way to train your back muscles at home? Give this move a try.Trainer Charlee Atkins, C.S.C.S. knows this struggle. "Without our gyms open, the hardest muscles to target with minimal equipment are the back muscles, or our 'pulling muscles,'" she says. Unsurprisingly, pullups are one of the best bodyweight solutions to this problem—and you can also use gear you have around the house to fashion your own weights to get your pull on.

If you ' ve never incorporated the captain's chair at your gym into your ab workout, now is the time to start. In 2011 research from ACE, it was named the second most No captain's chair? Try this move instead. It's a combination of a leg raise and crunch to work the upper and lower region of your abs .

Strengthen and lift your butt with this ultimate move : The takeaway from this is that the weakness in the sides of your butt can cause pain in your lower back. MORE: 5 Things You Should Never Drink After A Workout. To tone the outsides of the rear and give a little TLC to your smaller gluteal muscles

You can do all the planks, Pilates workouts, and sit-ups in the world and never once fully activate your lower abs. In core exercises, it's much easier to hit your upper abs, obliques, and back muscles than it is to burn out your lower abs, which happen to be the most elusive core muscles of your body. But one trainer's tapping a very specific crunch for lower abs that will specifically hit just the right spot... and hit it hard.

"Your lower ab muscles are for sure the hardest muscles to target in your core work," says Javi Perez, a Miami and New York City-based fitness trainer (whose Instagram Live workouts are always a good, sweaty time, BTW). "They're the hardest to access because our hip flexors often take over." Even when working through lower ab-specific moves, he points out that it's easy to do them incorrectly because "that area of our body is relatively weaker than, say, your hip flexors." So it takes precision in form to really activate them.

Strengthen Your Posterior Chain with This Workout from Anna Victoria

  Strengthen Your Posterior Chain with This Workout from Anna Victoria Stop hunching over the laptop and activate the muscles on your backside (yes, including your booty) with three key moves. Behind the scenes, she says she's been giving extra attention to her posterior chain, the muscles on the backside of the body "A lot of my training right now is focusing on how to train my body to compensate for the fact that I am growing a big belly right now," says the Fit Body trainer. "And so one of those important keys is to strengthen your posterior chain.

The Best Arm Exercises You ' ve Never Heard Of : Get Great Arms Fast. I have separated the exercises in this book into 4 areas: upper abs , lower abs , rotational/obliques and total abdominal This is the range of motion that ab exercises done flat on the floor (such as regular crunches) miss.

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a girl in a pool: crunch for lower abs © Photo: Stocksy/Ivan Gener crunch for lower abs

Perez's go-to lower ab exercise to hit the area? "I call it out as a 'tap, tap, tap,' or 'three taps out, three taps in,'" he says of his signature move. To do it, you're in a regular crunch position with your back on your mat, feet flat on the floor, and knees bent. You crunch up with your hands behind your head and stay in that position as you jump your heels out away from your butt. You're jumping both feet out at the same time and tapping your heel on the ground, three hops out, then hopping them three times back in to the starting position. "It's important when you lift your legs to keep your knees in front of you, and just do a little lift off of the ground as you tap out and tap in," says Perez. You can keep your hands behind your head and shoulders off of the ground, or you can modify it with either your head down or your arms down by your side for extra support.

This Textbook Workout Proves You Can Really Get Creative with At-Home Equipment

  This Textbook Workout Proves You Can Really Get Creative with At-Home Equipment NBC News health and nutrition editor Madelyn Fernstrom explains the benefits of fiber in your diet, outlining how, over time, it can lower your risk for certain diseases.

This is the hard part and the reason why you should start light. This is an excellent exercise for strengthening not only the hips but the entire lower body and lower back as well This exercise will develop rock-solid hip strength that will help you deliver more powerful kicks, punches and throws.

The following nine moves are strength training exercises that you may have seen before. If you are just starting to work out, do each exercise as hard as you can for one minute, followed by the next, until you complete Plyometric strengthening This is the most effective means of muscle strengthening .

"This exercise is a really easy way to activate your lower abs, even if you have never done a concentrated lower ab exercise," says Perez of the tap-tap-tap crunch. "The challenge with this move is to keep your knees in front of you and allow your knees to travel forward and back with just your feet." And yes: There are variations on this move so that you can burn out your lower abs even more. "I do it in various crunch positions, sometimes with the knees pointed up, sometimes pointing out like in a butterfly position, and sometimes with the legs extended forward, tapping out to both sides simultaneously in a V and then tapping the legs back in," he says. Just one minute of this lower ab move will have you screaming with that feels-so-good, core-quaking goodness.

This At-Home Dance Cardio Sesh Secretly Strengthens Your Lower Abs and Obliques .
And it's way more fun than situps.Through a series of hip twists, leg lifts, and body rolls, this dance routine is an oblique and lower ab workout (which are notoriously hard to train). Dance it out for eight minutes before moving to the floor for more core. Dancing works your whole body, allowing you to engage your obliques and lower abs at the same time.

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