Health & Fit full body challenge: full body training in just five minutes

17:25  06 july  2020
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  Full-Body-Challenge: Ganzkörpertraining in nur fünf Minuten © iStockphoto With the full body workout by influencer Whitney Simmons you can train your whole body in just five minutes thanks to complex exercises. In this case, no time is an excuse. Grab some dumbbells and off you go!

For this Whitney Simmons full body dumbbell training you need a soft pad , a little space and two light to medium weight dumbbells and something to drink - that's all you need for an effective full body workout.

The fitness influencer created complex movements for this training session.

An exercise alone speaks to several muscle groups - and the more muscles you train, the more calories you burn.

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5 demanding exercises for the whole body

The exercises are always performed for one minute and follow - without a break - directly on each other.

A run only takes five minutes. If you want to challenge yourself further afterwards, you can do the sentence three to four times to really work up a sweat.

sounds good? Then get started right away!

Exercise 1: Split Squat to Press

For the first exercise, stand on your mat with your legs apart and go into the so-called Split Squat . To do this, turn to one side, one knee goes to the floor.

Hold the dumbbell over your head with your arm outstretched and also bring it towards the floor while you squat. The other arm helps to keep the balance.

Slowly go down and push yourself into the booth with explosive force, lifting your weight.

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Exercise 2: Sumo Deadlift

For the Sumo Deadlift , you are once again standing with your legs apart, each holding a dumbbell. Now bend down with a straight back and place the dumbbells briefly between your feet in a controlled manner.

The legs are only slightly bent, because the force for the movement with which you bring the upper body and the weights back up comes from the lower back, the buttocks and the rear thigh muscles.

Push the hip forward a little in the upright position to reach full extension. The back always stays straight and the eyes go towards the floor so as not to cramp in the neck.

Exercise 3: Bicep Curl to Press

Go into a sitting position for the Bicep Curl to Press. You hold the weights loosely next to the body and then pull them with the force from the biceps to the chest.

From here it goes directly to the overhead press. Push the dumbbells up to the full extension of your arms above your head.

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Then slowly reverse the movement and start again.

Exercise 4: Tricep Push-Up to 4 Oblique

For the next exercise, Simmons combines a push-up with a variation of the mountain climber. You can lean on the dumbbells - for a little more freedom of movement - and go from here into the Push-Up .

Carry out the movement slowly and in a controlled manner, the elbows go as far back as possible, not to the sides.

After push-up stay in the plank position and pull the knee twice to the side to the diagonally opposite elbow. This trains the lateral abdominal muscles , the obliques.

Exercise 5: Superman to Push-Up

Also for the last exercise you stay on the floor in the prone position. You hold a dumbbell over your head with your arms outstretched. Arms and legs then go as far as possible towards the ceiling, so that only the middle of the body lies on the floor.

Above you can hold the tension for a moment. Then put down the barbell and legs again and go into a push-up variation.

Push your arms away from the floor and push your upper body towards your thigh. The knees are bent and the body is an upside-down V.

Then the so-called pushback leads back to the floor and the sequence of movements is repeated.

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