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01:07  11 may  2017
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How to Find Love Through Fitness

  How to Find Love Through Fitness Burn calories while sparking a relationship with these expert tips. Like many Americans, Lori Kogan hauled herself out of bed and to the gym on New Year's Day 2006 with new resolve to make early-morning fitness a habit. But unlike many Americans, Kogan's commitment never wavered; she went to the gym the next morning, and the next morning and the next. Her secret? "I saw this guy there and I thought, 'That guy's really cute,' and proceeded to think that for a month or so," remembers Kogan, now a counseling psychologist and associate professor at Colorado State University.

Science says this one habit can make you instantly happier today © Pexels Science says this one habit can make you instantly happier today When you think about a mantra, you might envision a yoga class with sage burning in the corner and a bearded teacher wearing prayer beads. A mantra is so much more than that, though, and there’s science to prove it. By adopting the habit of reciting a mantra to yourself on a regular basis, you can actually alter the chemical state of your mind, leaving you happier and less stressed out than before.

Sound too good to be true? It’s not. Science says so. The journal Brain and Behavior published a study in 2015 that showed how brain activity changes when you repeat a mantra—a single word mantra, to boot—to yourself.

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  The 6 Biggest Surprises That Came With Losing 280 Pounds Even after losing more than 280 pounds over 10 years, I’m still battling with obesity issues. While it’s been hard losing the weight and keeping it off, I’ve learned where my overeating stems from, have overcome many of the issues that brought me into this.1. You have to learn to think incrementally.

By saying something positive and meaningful to yourself over and over again, you slow down the default mode network in your brain, which is what increases harsh self-judgment.

Still skeptical? Think about it this way. Studies found that repeating a mantra to yourself can actually strengthen certain neural pathways. Alex Korb, neuroscientist and author of The Upward Spiral: Using Neuroscience to Reverse the Course of Depression, One Small Change at a Time, told the Wall Street Journal that neurons communicate with each other as if they were friends.

“The more they communicate, the stronger their connection becomes,” Korb said.

When you make the habit of saying inspiring things to yourself, you are strengthening the connection between those neurons. Bring on the physiological changes! Your body produces less cortisol (the mean stress hormone that gives you sweaty palms) and you can endure difficult situations with a greater sense of ease.

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  Crush Your Junk Food Cravings in 8 Easy Steps Processed treats are formulated to lure you, so turning them down requires more than willpower. It starts with just a handful of chips. Then, you reach for a few more. The next thing you know, you've finished off the entire bag and are left wondering, "Where was my willpower?"Bet you don't have that problem with carrots and hummus. And here's why: Manufacturers of chips, cookies and other "junk" foods use a combination of salt, sugar and fat to create a food product "bliss point" so that it triggers the brain's pleasure center much the same way cocaine and other drugs would. (Carrot farmers, meanwhile, do not.

Choose a few phrases that resonate with you, like “I am at peace in the world,” “I am loved,” or “I can get through this.” Make sure they’re believable and come from an authentic place. Make it a habit to repeat one or a couple of these mantras to yourself on a regular basis. Soon enough you’ll be mantra-ing your way to stronger mind and a happier day.

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