Health & Fit Here's what's getting more expensive — and cheaper — at the grocery store

21:41  14 july  2020
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Food keeps getting more expensive for Americans as the demand for groceries continues to surge during the pandemic.

a person standing in front of a store: Meat prices have been rising. © Jeff Amy/AP Meat prices have been rising.

Stay-at-home orders and restaurant closures have prompted more people to eat at home in recent months. As a result, the cost of food at home ticked up 0.7% in June from the previous month, according to seasonally adjusted data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

While the increase eased slightly from a 1% rise in May from April, individual food items had some pretty wild swings. Here's what got more — and less — expensive in June.

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Prices went up

Once again, meat prices went up.

Overall, beef and veal prices rose 4.8%. Pork prices grew 3.3% and bacon got 8.1% more expensive. Hot dog prices grew 4.9%. Frozen fish and seafood got 1% more expensive.

Americans also paid more for sweets. Cakes, cupcakes and cookies got 1.8% pricier. For fresh cakes and cupcakes, prices went up 3.5%. Fresh doughnut prices rose 1.8%.

Flour costs went up 2.1%. Snacks got 2.1% more expensive, and carbonated drink prices grew 2.2%.

Coffee also got more expensive, with a 1.8% price increase. Breakfast cereal prices grew 1.1%. And fresh vegetables cost 1.3% more.

But some food items got cheaper.

Prices went down

The cost of eggs and dairy declined in June. Egg prices fell 2.7%. Butter got 1.7% cheaper, and milk prices slipped by 0.6%.

Apples got 2.1% less expensive.

And though dessert costs are up, the prices of sugar and sugar substitutes fell 1.3%.

Some prices stayed flat, though. Poultry prices remain basically steady with a slight 0.1% uptick. Rice and cheese both got 0.2% cheaper.

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