Health & Fit Fit like Jeff Bezos? These workout and nutrition tips bring the CEO body

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This is about the time when Jeff Bezos was driving Amazon’s bookselling thought to the majority of people. Jeff Bezos , Jazzed up, the man is really like a walking and talking tank now. What you can gain from Jeff Bezos is that you can in any case get fit as a fiddle, paying little heed to your age.

Jeff Bezos didn't always look so damn buff. The Amazon CEO took over the internet this past summer after a photographer snapped an image of Bezos Mark Bezos told his brother as the Amazon CEO let out his famous laugh. Mark Bezos noted how the photo confused him, given that his older brother

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Perhaps the image that comes to mind with Jeff Bezos is that of the past few years. The image of a fairly muscular guy who has held up very well for his age and clearly goes to the gym to keep in shape. After all, he's already 56 years old . Wouldn't you have guessed what?

Not always in good shape: Jeff Bezos

And if you look at him, you would think that Jeff Bezos has always been like this, but nothing could be further from the truth. The Jeff Bezos of the early 2000s - the one who didn't even dream of being the richest man in the world - has nothing to do with today's . In fact, he looked almost older then than he did in 2020. (Also read: This is how the richest man in the world spends his summer vacation )

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This is billionaire Jeff Bezos ' daily routine and it sets him up for success. Published Sat, Sep 15 20189:30 Other CEOs are known to wake up before the sun: Apple CEO Tim Cook is awake at 3:45 a.m "I like to read the newspaper, I like to have coffee, I like to have breakfast with my kids before

These memos made Sloan an "outstandingly effective executive ," Drucker argues, and you might say they were a key to One of his tips was to designate a decision-maker for every meeting. But even more importantly, Page made the point that Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos likes to get people arguing.

A few years ago, Jeff Bezos decided to completely change his nutrition and exercise routine . They say because the founder of Amazon wanted to be ready to become an astronaut - with his space company Blue Origin. But it seems that the CEO wanted to do whatever it takes to get into space in the best possible shape .

And as everyone can see, he was also successful on this “project”. Little is known about how he did it, but on the Big and Ripped website they analyzed his development to gauge what kind of training and diet Bezos must have been following over the past few years. (Also interesting: These are the 5 most expensive things Jeff Bezos owns )

The Jeff Bezos Diet

Experts are aware that Jeff Bezos' diet is based on three things: protein, fat and starch. In this way, muscle mass is retained, but you still become lean and dynamic. (Read Also: Lean Muscle - 5 Signs You're Losing Muscle Instead of Fat )

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In a recent interview, Bezos shared some tips on how to make "high-IQ" meetings count. In his quest to build the retail behemoth we know as Amazon, company founder and CEO Jeff Bezos has sat in on thousands of meetings--and learned a few things along the way.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos calls " work -life balance" a "debilitating phrase." It's actually about Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos tours the facility at the grand opening of the Amazon Spheres, in Seattle It seems everyone is seeking work -life balance these days, and many leaders have preached its importance.

According to the experts at the Big and Ripped website, Jeff Bezos has gained 15 pounds (mostly muscle mass) since he started his physical change. His body fat percentage is said to be only 13 percent.

You want to copy Jeff Bezos? That's how it's done!

Weights are the central axis of Bezos' fitness routines, the experts do not doubt that. A routine of weights combined with his diet was key to Transformation of the Richest Man in the World .

With this in mind, they created a week-long routine at “Big and Ripped” that enables you to achieve these results as well. You need to do as many sets as each exercise indicates and do as many repetitions as necessary. (Also interesting: With these 5 warm-up exercises you increase fat burning and muscle building )

Work-out Day 1: Lower body warm-up Squats - 3 × 10 deadlifts - 3 × 10 lunges - 3 × 10 hamstrings (lying on your stomach, your heels - with weights - brought to the buttocks) - 3 × 10 calf raises - 4 × 15 10 minutes HIIT ( Here we show you the best HIIT exercises ) Cool down and stretching Work-out Day 2: Upper body warm up Bench press - 5 × 10 inclines Row with bar - 4 × 10 dumbbell flys or side raises with dumbbells - 4 × 12 pull-ups with wide grip - 3 × 10 side lifts with dumbbells - 3 × 15 crunches - 3 × 15 cool down and stretching Work-out Day 3: Lower body warm-up leg presses - 3 × 8 sumo squats - 3 × 8 squats - 3 × 10 calf raises - 4 × 15 hanging leg lifts 10 minutes HIIT cool down and stretching Work-out Day 4: Upper body warming up shoulder press with dumbbells - 3 × 8 pull-ups with a neutral grip - 3 × 8 triceps dips - 3 × 10 biceps curls mi t Dumbbells - 3 × 15 face pulls - 3 × 15 cool down and stretching Work-out Day 5: Lower body warm up Deadlifts - 4 × 6 free squats - 4 × 6 Hackenschmidt squats (as an alternative to barbell squats) - 4 × 8 calf Raises - 4 × 15 reverse crunches with cable pull - 3 × 15 10 minutes HIIT cool down and stretching Work-out Day 6: Upper body warm up Incline bench press with dumbbells - 5 × 6 rows with pulley - 4 × 6 shoulder press with dumbbells - 4 × 6 pull-ups with Back grip - 4 × 6 hammer curls - 3 × 12 cool down and stretching Day 7: Rest

This routine should be repeated every week . Apparently it worked for Jeff Bezos. After a few weeks of training, however, you will certainly see changes. (Read also: Jeff Bezos is now the richest man in history: This is his secret of success)

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