Health & Fit We'll Be Wearing Face Masks Far Into 2021, Even With A COVID-19 Vaccine

20:46  21 september  2020
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A Vaccine Reality Check

  A Vaccine Reality Check So much hope is riding on a breakthrough, but a vaccine is only the beginning of the end.Nearly five months into the pandemic, all hopes of extinguishing COVID-19 are riding on a still-hypothetical vaccine. And so a refrain has caught on: We might have to stay home—until we have a vaccine. Close schools—until we have a vaccine. Wear masks—but only until we have a vaccine. During these months of misery, this mantra has offered a small glimmer of hope. Normal life is on the other side, and we just have to wait—until we have a vaccine.

“These face masks are the most important, powerful public health tool we have, and I will continue to appeal for all Americans, all individuals in our country, to The end goal here is herd immunity, and to achieve that we ’ ll need enough of the population to be immune to COVID - 19 , either through a highly

We ' ll Be Wearing Face Masks Far Into 2021 , Even With A COVID - 19 Vaccine . Spirit Airlines reiterates its policy for wearing only CDC-approved masks during the COVID - 19 pandemic after a passenger insists on wearing a gaiter.

Robert Redfield, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, confirmed what the science has been telling us all along about the effectiveness of face masks — that they’re currently our best bet at getting a handle on the coronavirus pandemic.

They make such a difference, in fact, that some experts suspect they’ll be just as reliable ― if not more ― as a vaccine when it comes to blunting the spread of COVID-19.

How anti-vaxxers are thinking about a Covid-19 vaccine

  How anti-vaxxers are thinking about a Covid-19 vaccine Vaccine refusal was growing before the pandemic. Then came Covid-19.These words were offered by Barbara Loe Fisher, founder of the largest national organization in the US opposed to vaccine requirements in 2019, long before Americans had imagined the Covid-19 outbreak. Speaking at an event organized by “Crazy Mothers,” a group whose stated goals include bringing attention to injuries caused by childhood vaccines and empowering mothers to make informed health care decisions, Fisher’s comments were meant to condemn state laws that require childhood vaccinations for school attendance and recent state efforts to tighten enforcement of those requirements.

Then, they said we should. Now, many are saying we must wear masks if we want to keep the economy The best way to reduce Covid - 19 transmission is by wearing a face mask , study finds. They even created a video showing how to make a mask with just a T-shirt and rubber bands -- no

Does wearing a face covering help stop the spread of COVID - 19 ? The public doesn't need to wear heavy-duty respirators, but it's a smart idea to don a face mask or wrap a clean scarf around your nose and mouth if you're going into a crowded place during the COVID - 19 outbreak, an infectious disease

“These face masks are the most important, powerful public health tool we have, and I will continue to appeal for all Americans, all individuals in our country, to embrace these face coverings,” Redfield said during a recent Senate hearing.

Redfield went onto to say that masks may offer more of a guarantee than a vaccine. President Donald Trump later shut down the comments, but the medical community stood behind Redfield.

Because the vaccines are still in clinical trials, it’s currently unclear how effective they’ll be. It’s thought they may trigger an immune response in about 70% of people, rendering some vaccinated people unprotected. Other vaccinated people may not get sick but carry the infection and contribute to community spread, and who knows when we’ll have enough doses for everyone.

Why it’s unlikely we’ll have a Covid-19 vaccine before Election Day

  Why it’s unlikely we’ll have a Covid-19 vaccine before Election Day Even the appearance of political pressure could hurt public confidence in a coronavirus vaccine.The Food and Drug Administration approving a vaccine by then would certainly be a monumental October surprise, one that could help speed the pandemic’s end and may give Trump a much-needed boost.

How effective are face masks at stopping transmission? Jeremy Howard The primary transmission [of Covid - 19 and the already anxious: 'I have been covertly training for this stress marathon'. Of course, we want sick people to be wearing the mask , but if you tell everyone to go wear a mask right

Cloth face masks aren’t respirators. N95 masks , which are worn by medical professionals who come into close contact with those with COVID - 19 , are Cloth masks should be washed daily or after every extended use. “Wash it with a detergent containing bleach or a bleach-like ingredient, dry it, and it is

The end goal here is herd immunity, and to achieve that we’ll need enough of the population to be immune to COVID-19, either through a highly effective vaccine or by beating the infection itself.

Long story short: There are way too many unknowns to start taking our masks off soon. Until we have more data, health experts say masks are a must for a while. Here’s why we’re still going to need to wear masks well into 2021:

We won’t have enough doses of the vaccine at first.

The main reason masks aren’t going away anytime soon is because there’s going to be a super limited supply of vaccines when it first becomes available.

Those initial doses are likely going to go right to the people who need protection most: at-risk health care workers, the elderly, people with serious underlying health conditions and first responders. The rest of the population in the United States will have to wait, mask on, until there’s enough to go around.

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Can wearing a medical face mask protect you against the new coronavirus? It's a question many people Rather than put face masks on pets, the CDC advises that people ill with COVID - 19 avoid animals You can unsubscribe at any time and we ' ll never share your details without your permission.

recommends everyone wear masks in public to reduce asymptomatic transmission of COVID - 19 . Even if there are cases next door, the answer is no, you do NOT need to get or wear any face (PPE) that healthcare workers wear when treating someone with a serious contagious disease is a medical

On top of that, the vaccine will probably be administered in two doses about 21 to 28 days apart. According to Kawsar Talaat, an assistant professor in the Department of International Health at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, that means it’ll take people about six to eight weeks to fully develop an immune response. People could still theoretically get sick after just the first dose, so mask-wearing will be crucial in between shots.

Similar to the flu shot, the COVID-19 vaccine won’t completely shield you from the disease.

Though it’s still unclear how effective the vaccine will be, experts suspect it’ll invoke an immune response in about 70% of the population. The efficacy could be as low as 50%. (For context, these figures are similar to the flu shot.) Of course, there’s also a chance the protection percentage may be higher.

Basically, some people’s bodies just won’t respond to the vaccine and they mind wind up getting sick anyway; others may be totally fine.

But keep in mind that there are a ton of vaccines being tested right now. While the first one may not be foolproof, some of the others approved in 2021 may be better. So far, it appears that mutation of the coronavirus into different strains isn’t a major concern, which is potentiallygood news for a vaccine.

Why it’s still unlikely we’ll have a Covid-19 vaccine before Election Day

  Why it’s still unlikely we’ll have a Covid-19 vaccine before Election Day Trump wants a vaccine before November, but his top advisors say that’s near impossible.“The week before last, the head of the Centers for Disease Control Dr. Redfield said it would be summer before the vaccine would become generally available to the public. You said that he was confused and mistaken,” Wallace said.

He says how many people get vaccinate , and how many people wear masks , will determine how quickly the pandemic ends. But the next hurdle will be scaling up production so that hundreds of millions of doses are ready for distribution. ' We ' ll be faced with the challenge of scaling up

Covid - 19 myths busted. The truth about how you can catch coronavirus, who Wearing a face mask is certainly not an iron-clad guarantee that you won’t get sick Claim: ‘It is mutating into a more deadly strain’. All viruses accumulate mutations over time and the virus that causes Covid - 19 is no different.

“I really hope we can get a vaccine that’s better than 70%. If it’s not the first-generation vaccine, at least maybe the second generation vaccine,” Talaat said.

This doesn’t mean that the vaccine is useless. The goal of the vaccine actually isn’t to prevent an infection entirely, but to reduce the severity of disease. We want more people to get less sick from COVID-19. This is also what the flu shot does every year.

It’s a bit out of reach to expect the vaccine to prevent infection entirely, according to Talaat. This means that even vaccinated people could contribute to community spread if they stop wearing a mask.

“So, theoretically, somebody could have the virus in their nose and potentially spread it to somebody who’s more vulnerable without ever knowing,” Talaat said.

On top of that, we don’t know how long the vaccine’s protection, or durability, will last quite yet.

“Masks will be important until we know some of this information,” Talaat added.

a man that is standing in the street: Masks are going to be important for quite some time, according to experts. © ArtistGNDphotography via Getty Images Masks are going to be important for quite some time, according to experts.

People are feeling iffy about the vaccine.

Then there’s the whole issue of people feeling skeptical about the vaccine.

Inconsistent messaging during the pandemic has eroded people’s trust in our public heath system. One poll found that two-thirds of the population probably wouldn’t get vaccinated even if they could. It’s going to take a lot of education and reassurance to get people on board.

20 tips to relieve knee pain

  20 tips to relieve knee pain Dr. Anthony Fauci breaks down the average timeline from when a person is exposed to coronavirus to when they start showing symptoms of infection.

“I think it will take time for people to accept this vaccine. They will need to observe that there aren’t a whole lot of bad adverse effects from the people who get the vaccine before they’re willing to trust it,” Talaat said.

According to Monica Gandhi, an infectious disease specialist and professor of medicine with University of California San Francisco, we may not need the entire population to get vaccinated.

“It’ll naturally slow down once enough people get the vaccine,” Gandhi said. Even if just 60 to 70% of people were protected, it would help us greatly reduce community transmission.

Masks could help close the gap. “Models show that 70, or even better, 80% of the population wearing masks could reduce transmission and symptomatic disease … down to almost zero,” Gandhi said.

In other words, we should embrace masks for a while.

We know masks work.

Lots of data has come out in recent weeks pointing to their effectiveness. One experiment found that the spread of hundreds of respiratory droplets can be blunted by mask-wearing. Another report found that areas with mask mandates had slower COVID-19 growth rates compared to places with no mask requirements.

There are also two documented real-world scenarios showing us that masks really do keep us safe. On an international flight, none of the 25 people sitting near a masked man infected with COVID-19 got sick. In Missouri, two hairstylists were diagnosed with COVID-19 but ultimately did not pass it onto to any of their clients because everyone wore masks.

If You're This Old, You May Be Last to Get the COVID Vaccine, Fauci Says

  If You're This Old, You May Be Last to Get the COVID Vaccine, Fauci Says According to Dr. Anthony Fauci, the last group to be vaccinated against coronavrius (COVID-19) will likely be children.Fauci revealed in a recent interview with Andrea Mitchell of MSNBC that higher risk populations — older adults and anyone else who is considered high risk — will have first dibs on the vaccine. As for everyone else — the "general population" they will have to wait a few months, likely until late April or early May. "As you go down the list, it gets to people who are less at risk for serious disease," will be at the back end, Fauci said on NPR.

In other words, it’d be wise to hang on to our masks. It’s going to take all kinds of efforts to bring community transmission down — masks, social distancing and an effective vaccine.

So, how much longer of mask-wearing are we looking at? Gandhi suspects we’ve got at least another year of it. “I would say that all of our population has to mask until we get community transmission down to an acceptable, extremely low level,” Gandhi said.

A vaccine will come and it will help, but masks are also our best bet for a while.

Experts are still learning about COVID-19. The information in this story is what was known or available as of publication, but guidance can change as scientists discover more about the virus. Please check the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for the most updated recommendations.

This article originally appeared on HuffPost.

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