Health & Fit 5 Tips To Advocate for Yourself Without Being a Jerk to Frontline Health-Care Workers

11:35  22 september  2020
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Self - advocating to get the best treatment for your health can be difficult, especially 2. Be on time. Discussing mental health concerns generally takes more time than other types of medical issues. For example, if a patient reports trying numerous medications without much symptom relief, an advocate

Know that you are your own best health advocate . Whether you’re looking up a doctor referred by a friend or starting your search from scratch, ask yourself these questions as you evaluate and compare providers so you can find the right one for you.

It makes sense if the pressure cooker of events that have come to define 2020 have you feeling on edge. Among them include the existential threat of COVID-19, a tense election season, and a societal reckoning with the systemic racism (and its far-reaching implications) that continues to metastasize in this country and beyond. Resulting feelings of depletion, helplessness, burnout, and fear can eat away at our patience, which can in turn affect the way in which we interact with others. One place where these shorter fuses come into play is with health-care workers.

While being the best and strongest advocate for yourself that you can be is crucial in a medical setting, doing so doesn't need to come at the cost of further burning out overextended health-care workers during these pandemic times. Well+Good previously reported on the upward trend in suicide cases among frontline health-care workers during the pandemic and a study published in JAMA Network Open, which found that 50 percent of health-care workers who worked with COVID-19 patients in China reported symptoms of depression, 44.6 percent reported symptoms of anxiety, and a whopping 71.5 percent reported distress.

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a man and a woman sitting on a bed: how to advocate for yourself with doctors © Photo: Getty Images/Rawpixel how to advocate for yourself with doctors

So, how do you toe the line between being your best advocate and turning into someone you don't recognize? For those who are BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and people of color)—and experience more illness, worse health outcomes, and premature death in addition to reportedly feeling unsupported and unbelieved by white doctors—this issue is especially pronounced. “People in minority groups often have a tougher hill to climb when it comes to being heard," says Tessa West, PhD, associate professor of psychology at New York University.

Experiencing injustices like these, otherwise feeling unheard, or simply receiving bad news can contribute to stress, which can spill over into interactions with health-care providers including doctors, nurses, physicians assistants, technicians, and aids. “[Stress] can narrow our perceptions, leading to a self-centered myopia and not appreciating how others see the situation," says Daniel Ames, PhD, a social psychologist and professor at Columbia Business School. "Stress can also hamper our ability to make the best case for ourselves, leading to inflammatory language or nonverbal behavior that then evokes escalation from a counterpart.”

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N-95 masks are typically worn by health care and construction workers .Jim Lo Scalzo/EPA via Shutterstock. Immunity is an intricate and convoluted experience for your body, and we are only In essence, that is how vaccines work . So, whether through exposure or vaccine, if our bodies build

From bus drivers to police officers, these frontline workers are putting their lives on the line to help others during the coronavirus outbreak. The Country Won’t Work Without Them. 12 Stories of People Putting Their Lives on the Line to Help Others During Coronavirus.

When a situation stirs up agitation or even anger inside you, it is indeed important to assert your feelings and valid concerns, but it's also possible to do so while considering the frontline worker on the receiving end. Keep reading for expert tips on how to advocate for yourself at the doctor's, without turning into a jerk. After all, being perceived as angry is connected to being perceived as "irrational" or "emotional" (which has historically been used as a slight against women), and neither of those perceptions translates to being listened to most effectively—in a medical setting or otherwise.

1. Take a step back to let off steam

Writing down what's happening on a notepad or in the notes section of your phone can serve several purposes, says Tiffany Rowland, LCSW, a psychotherapist and founder of Right Choice Therapy in Oak Park, Illinois. It can help you vent frustrations in real time (but privately, not to the health-care worker in front of you) and can also help you remember after the fact what rubbed you the wrong way, so you can revisit the thoughts and decide whether you want to bring up an issue at a subsequent meeting. Texting notes to a friend can also help by way of venting and also saving you from feeling gaslighted by any experience.

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  Tasty and Easy-to-Make Healthy Fall Recipes This comfort food is both nutritious and delicious.

The hope is that this program will serve double-duty by giving to health - care workers while also aiding a hospitality industry that has been severely crippled by the coronavirus pandemic. Approximately 70 percent of hotel employees have been laid off or furloughed due to the COVID-19 crisis

Money? Health ? Nothing comes for free. This can be particularly useful in a work setting, when you don’t want to be seen as the person who says no all the time. If you know someone who is always asking for favours, without doing much for you in return, try to avoid them, particularly at times when

You can also request a break from the interaction, says Jenny Wang, PhD, licensed psychologist and creator of the Asians for Mental Health community on Instagram. Do this by informing the health-care worker that you're feeling triggered and that now isn’t the best time for you to be communicating. Once you feel more centered, start the conversation again. If a formal long pause of this sort isn't available in your situation, Dr. West suggests taking a more abbreviated time-out; 10 seconds of deep breaths works well for her, she says.

2. Keep an open mind

Dr. Rowland suggests steering clear of placing blame with language like, “You should have done better” or “You didn’t do this." After all, no one likes being the subject of negative accusations, and Dr. Ames suggests this may be even more true for health-care workers who view themselves as care providers.

A measured way to see this out, especially when you're feeling triggered by news shared or actions taken by the health-care provider in front of you? Dr. West suggests asking questions instead of making assumptions—and, says Dr. Rowland, to do so without patronizing the health worker.

Elderly Covid patients 'DENIED intensive care during height of crisis'

  Elderly Covid patients 'DENIED intensive care during height of crisis' A 'triage tool', drawn up at the request of England's chief medical officer, was used to prevent elderly Covid-19 patients from receiving ventilation in intensive care, reports the Sunday Times.Those aged over 80, and some in younger groups such as the over 60s, were not given potentially life-saving treatment because health chiefs were concerned the NHS would be overrun, according to reports.

Without blaming yourself , why not learn what you can do to stop the self -sabotage and be your own strongest ally in stress relief? Balance Being a Hard Worker and Type A Behavior. Working hard can lead to less stress if it translates Taking care of yourself is essential for stress management

How to find a job: 5 tips . Your attempts to find a new job aren’t successful? Here is a list of useful tips for getting a position of your dream! Welcome to our useful site – Motivational tips! 🙂. Sometimes looking for a job can be quite tiresome both physically and psychologically.

3. Be mindful of body language, and express your emotions with words

Make eye contact and lean toward the person with your arms uncrossed and brows un-furrowed, says Kathryn Pollak, PhD, a social psychologist and communication coach for physicians. From there, try to explain the source of your feelings to the health worker as best you can.

Furthermore, it is absolutely okay to feel angry. What Dr. Pollak suggests, though, is introspecting to find the source of the anger. People often decide that what they feel is anger because that feeling surfaces first, she says. But asking yourself what might be driving that anger can be illuminating—is it that you feel hurt, dismissed, or sad? A patient disclosing that they are feeling hurt, for example, can provide the health-care worker with information that allows them to provide the best care possible while saving their own mental health. Being mindful of body language and emotional expression can lead to a less defensive, combative conversation—and instead to one that's more productive and focused on optimum patient care.

4. Don’t be afraid to speak assertively

Because it is possible to be assertive and to advocate for yourself with doctors without being a jerk. To do so, Dr. Wang suggests a three-step plan of communicating what harm has been done, what changes are necessary to remedy it, and asking how they can make that happen. “Do this while being open to understanding the health worker’s perspective as to why they behaved that way, and open to potentially working together to move forward in a positive direction,” she says.

America’s child care problem is an economic problem

  America’s child care problem is an economic problem “Families are not okay,” one expert says. It’s making the economic crisis way worse.Experts have been warning for months that this pandemic would cause an unprecedented child care crisis in the United States, a country whose system for caring for children was already severely lacking before the public health emergency began. But policymakers devoted little attention to the problem, and for months this spring, parents were left to figure out, largely on their own, how to do their jobs with schools and day cares closed.

The need to be assertive when necessary does bring in the reality of tone policing, wherein a person's ideas are dismissed "when they are perceived to be delivered in an angry, frustrated, sad, fearful, or otherwise emotionally charged manner," according to Dictionary.com's definition. Tone policing is often used as a tool to effectively silence BIPOC, specifically Black women, which is why it is ultimately far more important to prioritize personal health and safety by advocating for yourself, even if there's a chance the health-care worker you're speaking with will construe your words as combative.

5. Bring a support system

Dr. West advises bringing someone with you who isn’t as emotionally involved to observe the interactions. “Having close ones around us can reduce that stress a lot,” she says.

If you are unable to bring a friend or family member with you, you could ask for support staff or patient advocacy staff in hospitals, says Dr. Rowland. Their main job is to ensure you, the patient, are heard and receive the best care.

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