Health & Fit Treating and preventing juvenile acne: dermatological advances

13:35  17 september  2020
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Tired of blemishes? Here are 9 spot treatments to save the day

  Tired of blemishes? Here are 9 spot treatments to save the day Banish those pesky pimples for good.Since most of us are still social distancing, staying in quarantine and working from home, there's usually no reason to wear makeup on a daily basis. Take advantage of this time to let your skin breathe and tackle all of those pesky pimples that never seem to disappear.

Traiter et prévenir l’acné juvénile : les avancées dermatologiques © Istock Treating and preventing juvenile acne: dermatological advances

Unwelcome, unsightly, acne particularly affects adolescents both physically and psychologically. Dermatologists and scientists now have effective solutions to combat this generational spoiler.

Juvenile acne: a pronounced peak around 16/17 years

They are almost 80% of young people aged 13 to 20 , to suffer from the eyes of others when a red or white spotty eruption disfigures the face or even the neck, décolleté, shoulders or / and back.

Even more cursed when it is said to be severe , this chronic inflammatory disease of the sebaceous gland deeply affects the morale of 15% of them and becomes responsible for a self-deprecation at an adolescent age which does not spare physical changes but paradoxically exacerbates the feelings of friendship and love.

How Influencers Are Using Acne to Sell Things

  How Influencers Are Using Acne to Sell Things Usually even inclusive ad campaigns feature flawless skin.It’s Sofia Grahn, an acne positivity Instagrammer based in Sweden. Her handle, “Isotrentinoin with S” is a reference to the active ingredient in the popular medication Accutane, a pill that takes a scorched Earth approach to skin. It’s the top-selling acne prescription in the U.S., and while it dramatically reduces acne for about half the people who take it, it’s known for severe side effects, including dry skin, joint pain, and miscarriages.

Insta Selfies on pause, the filters unchanged, the invasion of the dermis has begun. Save the enemy!

The different forms and stages of acne

According to the French society of Dermatology, this disease of the pilosebaceous follicle gradually establishes itself in more or less substantial polymorphic forms depending on the excess of sebum:

Retentional acne: the seborrhea, discharge of sebum, characterized by oily, shiny skin with large pores; open comedones (blackheads) and closed (whiteheads). Inflammatory acne due to an imbalance of the microbiome causing papules (red pimples) and pustules (white pimples) or nodules in severe form. Acne conglobata, or nodulocystic, and fulminant acne, two rare forms causing major lesions and generating unsightly scars. Juvenile acne: the importance of consulting

quickly. Curing it is good, preventing it is better, which is why consulting an expert dermatologist at the first manifestations of acne is very life-saving. He will be able to identify the type of acne, define the causes and recommend the appropriate treatments, including latest generation products such as Cleanance Comedomed Eau Thermale Avène.

These 3 Skin Care Products Helped Erase My Hormonal Acne Scars

  These 3 Skin Care Products Helped Erase My Hormonal Acne Scars Even if you conquer a face full of pimples, you may be left with scars. This is how I got rid of my hormonal acne scars. The post These 3 Skin Care Products Helped Erase My Hormonal Acne Scars appeared first on The Healthy.

Because the generation Z does not wait, this type of "all in one" care has the merit of requiring only one gesture, to reduce imperfections. The results are visible from 7 days, and its efficiency is reinforced over time.

Define the causes of acne in order to better treat and eradicate it

Genetics if two parents had acne-prone skin, linked to stress producing substance P releasing excess sebum, premenstrual period, diet poor in fruits, vegetables and fish , sun, tobacco or pollution?

Whatever the causes , drugs (antibiotics, zinc, isotretinoin, etc.), diets combined with flawless hygiene of the skin through the application of expert and efficient products overcome this scourge.

These must ensure a thorough cleaning , a non-aggressive treatment and take into account the stratum corneum where imperfections develop before the pimple forms.

What This Skincare Brand Founder Did to Help Clear Her Acne-Prone Skin .
This acne-care line has change her skin for the better. Now, years later, ROSEN has taken the acne industry by storm. In addition to having a commerce relationship with Urban Outfitters, the skincare brand has helped normalize acne by showcasing women on their site with bumps and scars and has implemented transparency practices such as telling buyers exactly what's included in its acne-care products (i.e. all the ingredients are natural) and how they're made (i.e. they don't believe in testing animals).

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