Health & Fit Demi Lovato Says This Technique Helped Her Relinquish Control Over Her Eating Habits

01:45  13 october  2020
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Demi Lovato wore an intricate butterfly manicure and told fans it hints at a song she's writing

  Demi Lovato wore an intricate butterfly manicure and told fans it hints at a song she's writing Demi Lovato shared a snap of her intricate-looking nails on her Instagram story, saying that she's working on a new song called "Butterfly."

Related: Demi Lovato Says She Will Not Discuss Her Sexuality For This Powerful Reason. “When I was in a relationship with Wilmer I went three years without purging and when Now, Demi says that while she’s gained control over her former drug addiction, disordered eating is still a struggle for her.

Demi Lovato says she got the boobs she wanted after "making peace" with eating issues. "Fun fact: I never had boobs until I started eating what I wanted. My whole life I hated my small tittaayyys and I would have people over for meetings on my lunch breaks because that’s how much I worked," Demi

Demi Lovato standing on a stage: Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for The Recording Academy © Provided by Shape Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for The Recording Academy

Demi Lovato has been candid with her fans for years about her experiences with disordered eating, including how it has impacted her relationship with her body.

Most recently, in a new post on Instagram, she joked that she "finally" has "the boobs [she] wanted" now that she's been developing healthier eating habits. "It's all me," she wrote alongside two stunning selfies. "And you know what, [my boobs are] gonna change [again] too. And I'll be okay with that as well."

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Demi Lovato is a powerhouse singer and all-around badass. But what really makes Lovato a one-of-a-kind pop star is There are going to be difficult days,” she says . Struggling with your body image and eating habits , like Lovato describes here, are a couple of the most commonly lingering symptoms of

Demi Lovato stopped by Katie to talk about her struggle with an eating disorder and about how many girls truly do struggle with self-confidence. I wasn't allowed to use the bathroom by myself. We had specific phone times." She even went on to say that there were people watching her as she ate !

But what, exactly, helped Lovato cultivate healthier eating habits and embrace these changes? In her post, the singer said that simply listening to her body's needs made a huge difference. "Let this be a lesson y'all.. Our bodies will do what they are SUPPOSED to when we let go of trying to control what it does for us," she wrote. "Oh the irony."

Though she didn't specify it by name in her post, Lovato seems to be describing intuitive eating, a research-backed practice that involves ditching fad diets and restrictions around food in favor of eating mindfully and trusting your body's signals — i.e. eating when you're hungry and stopping when you're full. (Related: The Anti-Diet Movement Is Not an Anti-Health Campaign)

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Demi Lovato has a few words for President Trump

  Demi Lovato has a few words for President Trump Demi Lovato wants to use her voice for more than just singing. © Neilson Barnard/Getty Images North America/Getty Images Demi Lovato has advice about mental health during the pandemic. (Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images) That's why her new song, "Commander in Chief," is directed toward President Donald Trump, calling out his response to racial injustice, the Covid-19 crisis and more. Lovato, 28, spoke to CNN in a recent interview about the song and its message.

In a Bustle feature published on Tuesday, singer-songwriter Demi Lovato opened up about her eating disorder, surviving an overdose, how trauma impacted her life and how she’s approaching recovery differently now.

Demi Lovato is sharing how her past times in rehab have helped prepare her the coronavirus "What's funny is, one, I'm a homebody because I don't love fame," Lovato said . "I love being able to Rihanna rips Kentucky AG Daniel Cameron over Breonna Taylor indictment: 'Let this sink into your

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If you have a background of extreme dieting and disordered eating (as Lovato does), the very concept of food can be fraught with all kinds of toxic rules and beliefs (think: labeling certain foods "good" and "bad" depending on their nutritional content) that can be tough to shake. Intuitive eating can be one way (among many) to reestablish a healthy relationship with food.

When learning to eat intuitively, "people adapt to this new permission to eat what they want and return to eating reasonable quantities of indulgent foods and a more balanced diet overall," Lauren Muhlheim, Psy.D., a psychologist and author of When Your Teen Has an Eating Disorder, previously told Shape. "As with any relationship, it takes time to build your body's trust that it can really have what it wants and needs," she explained.

Demi Lovato standing on a stage: © Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for The Recording Academy "Our bodies will do what they are SUPPOSED to when we let go of trying to control what it does for us."

So, what does intuitive eating actually look like? Aside from listening to your body's natural hunger and fullness cues as Lovato described, intuitive eating also entails focusing on self-care by sticking to food choices that make you feel good, consciously appreciating the journey of food from farm to plate, and eliminating anxiety about food by making the experience of eating more positive and mindful, rather than worrisome.

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Demi Lovato says she struggles with body positivity just like so many of her Lovatics fan base. RELATED: Demi Lovato ’s Swimsuit Selfies Have Helped Her Take the Power Away from Her After candidly discussing her eating disorder in her YouTube documentary, Simply Complicated, the

It IS possible," wrote Demi Lovato on Instagram. Thursday’s photo comes nearly three months after Lovato spoke out about her eating disorder battle in her Simply Complicated follows Lovato ’s ups and downs as well as the making of her latest album, Tell Me You Love Me, over a course of seven

In practice, that could mean journaling about different feelings and challenges that come up while intuitively eating, registered dietitian Maryann Walsh previously told Shape. Walsh said it could also involve cleaning up your social media feed by unfollowing any profiles that promote harmful or toxic messages about eating — something Lovato has been known to do, too. The "I Love Me" singer told Ashley Graham earlier this year that, when it comes to her eating disorder recovery, she's not afraid to block or mute people on social media who make her feel down on herself. (Not only that but she also intentionally uses social media now to share raw, unedited photos of herself to help others accept and embrace their bodies.)

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Demi Lovato has revealed she almost returned to rehab last year. But Demi credits her longtime boyfriend, Wilmer Valderrama, 34, for helping her to avoid relapsing when he noticed she was displaying signs of an eating disorder 'I was obsessing over food and terrified of it at the same time.

Demi Lovato is opening up about recovering from her eating disorder, and revealed the positive body change that resulted from her giving up control over In February, Lovato detailed her recovery from her years-long eating disorder during an appearance on Ashley Graham's Pretty Big Deal podcast

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While there are some basic tenets of intuitive eating, different experts have different methods and recommendations for following the practice, depending on the situation. For instance, for those with a history of disordered eating, Walsh told Shape it's important to practice intuitive eating with the help of an RD and/or a mental health professional, rather than alone, to avoid the possibility of relapse. (Related: How the Coronavirus Lockdown Can Affect Eating Disorder Recovery — and What You Can Do About It)

Ultimately, though, the goal of eating intuitively is to simply develop a healthy relationship with food, explained Walsh. Or, as Lovato once put it: "Stop measuring and start living."

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