Health & Fit This 10-Minute Boxing-Inspired Core Workout Packs a Serious Punch

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How My Boxing Career Gave Me the Strength to Fight On the Frontlines As a COVID-19 Nurse

  How My Boxing Career Gave Me the Strength to Fight On the Frontlines As a COVID-19 Nurse Kim Clavel traded her boxing gloves for scrubs to care for those who were most vulnerable at the height of the coronavirus pandemic. Getting out of the house and being active had always been a form of therapy for me. I ran cross country, rode horses, and even dabbled with taekwondo. But the idea of boxing didn't come to mind until I watched Million Dollar Baby. The movie moved something inside of me. I was fascinated by the tremendous courage and confidence it took to spar and face a competitor in the ring. After that, I started tuning into fights on TV and developed a deeper admiration for the sport.

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We rounded up a dozen cardio-inspired boxing exercises to give you a full-body workout , relieve 13 Boxing - Inspired Cardio Moves to Get You in Serious Shape. Medically reviewed by Daniel Boxing targets everything from your core to your arms to your brain. After all, those combinations

Core workouts don't have to be all about crunches. One of the best ways to strengthen your abs is actually through exercises that don't directly target the area, and that's where boxing comes in. Not only does boxing get your heart going, but every time you're throwing a punch, you're also strengthening your core.

In the latest episode of Good Moves, Michelle Sim, boxing coach and creator of Move With Mich, put together a boxing ab workout that will sculpt your core more than any round of crunches ever will. While you may not always notice how much it's working your core in the moment, it's something you'll certainly feel once the inevitable soreness creeps in. "In boxing, all of our punches will be coming from the core," she says. In fact, former professional boxer Ed Latimore says your core strength matters much more than your arms when it comes to being a good boxer.

How My Boxing Career Gave Me the Strength to Fight On the Frontlines As a COVID-19 Nurse

  How My Boxing Career Gave Me the Strength to Fight On the Frontlines As a COVID-19 Nurse CNN's Sara Sidner reports that it is projected there will be 130,000 from coronavirus in the US by the end of the year as schools are starting to re-open across the country.

We tapped top boxing experts for 12 core exercises that'll whip your abs into serious shape. “A common misconception most people have is that launch power for a punch comes from strong arms Perform each move with no rest in between for a killer 12- minute workout or scroll down to try our

A high intensity boxing core circuit, with various types of press ups, mountain climbers and punches . I am using 2kg dumbells for the punches but you can go

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Now you know your core is responsible for throwing powerful pinches, but Latimore says it also "provides a better center of balance, which makes it easier to control your body quickly over the short distances that optimize slipping, bobbing, and weaving around punches." Aka there's no better time to start working it than now, and this quickie option is great no matter what your schedule looks like. "You can pair it with another longer combination workout, or just do it on its own," Sim says.

After a short warm-up with high knees and knee drives to activate your abs, it's time to up the challenge. Just like in Sim's other boxing workouts, you'll be doing different boxing combinations. Throughout these movements—like jab cross, slip, uppercut—you're really working your abs on a deeper level. Then by the time you add in some side kicks (like you're kicking the side of a heavy bag) into your combos, you'll really start to feel the burn. "I promise you'll feel that oblique," Sim says.

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  What to Know About Using Cleaning Wipes for the Coronavirus It's the 2020 accessory you never knew you needed.

This 10 - minute workout from Katie Dunlop of Love Sweat Fitness gets the job done fast. A Flat-Belly Workout That Only Takes 10 Minutes ! It's true: you can work your way to a six- pack in This 20-minute jab, punch , crunch core workout is going to give you the core you are looking for with the

For this 6 minute workout , you will be doing 4 ab exercises for 45 seconds each, two times through. Then twist the other direction and punch with your other arm. Your feet should stay mostly stationary, with just a little twist of the same foot of the arm that is punching to allow the body to twist.

Gallery: I Tried My Firefighter Boyfriend's 3-Minute Plank Series, and It Made My Core Quake (PopSugar)

a person lying on a table: When my boyfriend was accepted into fire academy, I knew it would entail a lot of physical work (think: carrying ladders and hoses, using bricks as weights, etc.). However, many of the conditioning portions of his training involve bodyweight moves that I personally wanted to try myself - you're talking to someone who used to challenge boys to push-up competitions in college, so you can say I'm a little competitive when it comes to proving my strength. (OK, a lot competitive.)  The plank series he does is difficult for sure - it's three minutes of different plank variations that ask your core to kick into overdrive - yet the moves are simple and there are only four of them. I've tried this as a core burnout tacked onto the end of my at-home sweat sessions, and I've also done it as a stand-alone workout when I have a break in my day. Fact: I am a huge fan of quick but effective training, and three minutes is really all you need in a plank to feel your deep core muscles working. Three-Minute Plank Series  Elbow plank: one minute Elbow plank with reach (left arm): 15 seconds Elbow plank with reach (right arm): 15 seconds Elbow plank with leg lift (left leg): 15 seconds Elbow plank with leg lift (right leg): 15 seconds Two-point plank (left arm and right leg up): 15 seconds Two-point plank (right arm and left leg up): 15 seconds Elbow plank: 30 seconds  In this series, you're slowly taking away your points of contact on the floor to recruit your core muscles even more, and it requires a good amount of focus to stay balanced. Keep reading for step-by-step instructions for how to do each. My boyfriend wanted me to note, too, that he would add side planks as well - he's an overachiever!

After finishing off your boxing ab workout with boxer sit-ups (yes, that's a thing, complete with left and right hooks!), planks with arm punches to test your stability, and shoot-throughs to up your strength and coordination, you'll be lying on your mat dripping in sweat.

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CNN's Nick Valencia reports on the surge in cases of coronavirus in California as the state extends their stay-at-home orders.

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