Health & Fit We Talked to a Top Dietitian To End the Oat Milk vs. Almond Milk Debate Once and For All

03:41  27 october  2020
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Your guide to alternative milks like almond, coconut and even banana

  Your guide to alternative milks like almond, coconut and even banana Weighing the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to taste, environmental impact, price and nutrition of different types of milk.These days, we have more milks than most of us frankly know what to do with, and food manufacturers aren’t showing any signs of slowing down the rollout of new options.

Oat milk and almond milk are both popular right now, but which is healthier? Here's, nutrition experts weigh in on the oat milk versus almond milk debate . In addition to providing almost no protein, it's often sweetened with sugar and only contains calcium if fortified, says Tony Castillo, RDN, dietitian

Is Oat Milk the New Almond Milk ? Find out if this gluten-free alternative is worth swapping your go-to almond milk for. Its core production process is similar to that of almond milk : gluten-free oats are soaked in water, pulverized in a blender, and then strained to produce subtle-tasting plant milk that

There has been a lot of innovation around vegan milks the past few years, but even as new players enter the market (avocado milk, anyone?), oat milk and almond milk continue to be among the most popular. (Remember when the only alt-milk option at your corner café was soy? *Gasps*)

Both almond milk and oat milk come with their own unique perks and pitfalls; if you're trying to choose between the two, it helps to be familiar with both. I called up a registered dietitian Lauren Harris-Pincus, RD, to, er, milk her for everything she knew about the two types of alternative milks. Nutrition, sustainability, versatility...we talked about it all, including why someone would opt for plant-based milk in the first place.

7 oat bran slimming recipes

 7 oat bran slimming recipes © Istock 7 oat bran slimming recipes A true ally of your line, oat bran reduces the assimilation of sugar and fat in your body, by its content important in soluble fiber, and prevents cholesterol and diabetes. Good reasons to adopt it urgently, with our gourmet recipes! Food particularly rich in soluble fibers, oat bran is a significant slimming ally . This is because it helps you eliminate excess sugar and fat from other foods.

We put oat milk and nut milk "barista blends" through the toughest test possible. My panel of friends noted that it held its taste and a rich layer of foam down to the end of the cup, although The top of the rankings is dominated by oat milk . All three Barista-friendly oat brands I tried do an amazing job

Skim Milk vs . Whole Milk — We Asked a Dietitian Which One You Should Actually Drink. Another positive aspect of whole milk is that the fat may enhance the absorption of vitamin D. As you may already know, vitamin D is fat-soluble, meaning the body absorbs it best when in the presence of fat.

oat milk vs almond milk side by side © Photos: Getty Images/Winslow Productions; Getty Images/Kshitij Arvikar; Art: W+G Creative oat milk vs almond milk side by side

"Many people are moving toward a plant-based lifestyle for either a way to consume more plants or as a way to be more environmentally-conscious," Harris-Pincus says. She explains that while cow's milk is healthy for many people, it may not be as good for the environment since raising cows requires a lot of land, and cows themselves produce methane gas. (For people who are allergic to dairy or have a sensitivity, milk is just off the table, period.)

But back to the oat milk vs. almond milk battle. As a registered dietitian, there are certain qualities Harris-Pincus likes about oat milk and certain ones she likes about almond milk. Keep reading for her verdict.

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 Green tea: an ally against food allergies? © wenn A new study suggests that drinking green tea may help people with food allergies. Researchers at the University of Shinshu in Japan have found that certain gut microbes can affect the way the immune system responds to certain allergens, and found that the number of flavonoids, a diverse group of phytonutrients, can positively improve bacteria. in the intestine.

Almond milk and skim milk share one disadvantage for weight loss: They are a source of liquid calories. Skim milk and almond milk can fit into a weight-loss diet, as long as you still get most of your fluids from water. All information these cookies collect is aggregated and therefore anonymous.

Here, we compare milks including almond milk , dairy milks , soy milk , rice milk , and coconut milk . With all varieties, choose the unsweetened versions. Milk and milk alternatives can double their Coconut milk is more accurately referred to as “coconut milk beverage” because it’s a more diluted

Oat milk vs. almond milk: Keep reading to see how they compare

Harris-Pincus says that both oat milk and almond milk wear health halos that are more hype than they actually deserve. "Both milks are primarily made of water; the amount of oats or almonds that is used is actually quite low," she says. "Most oat and almond milks are fortified with vitamins A, D, B2, and B12—a positive they both have in common," Harris-Pincus adds. "These are nutrients that are found in cow's milk and other animal products, so it's beneficial they are added to these vegan milks as some people on a plant-based diet may not be getting enough of these nutrients," she says.

That said, both have some unique benefits that make them worthwhile to drink, depending on your tastes and health needs.

What are the benefits of oat milk?

1. It's closer in consistency and taste to cow's milk

Harris-Pincus points out that the major reason oat milk is so popular actually has nothing to do with nutrition, but with taste: It's the closest vegan alternative to cow's milk in terms of flavor and consistency you'll find. While almond milk can be quite watery, oat milk tends to be a bit thicker, which makes it especially beneficial in lattes and baking.

3 Creamy Coffee Drinks for Your Inner Barista

  3 Creamy Coffee Drinks for Your Inner Barista We’ve teamed up with Planet Oat to share the many delicious ways you can enjoy their Oatmilk at home. Here, cookbook author and Great American Baking Show winner Vallery Lomas shares expert tips and ideas from her neighborhood café owner—Rahim Diallo of Ginjan Cafe—for making your morning coffee even better with oat milk. From refreshing iced cold brew to creamy frappuccinos, oat milk is ideal for caffeinated drinks for one simple reason: The plant-based beverage does a great job of mimicking the consistency of whole milk. Not only does it whip up to make a perfectly stable foam, its creamy texture is very close to dairy milk's.

Oat milk is naturally sweet from the oats and high in carbs. It’s unusual in that it contains some Unsweetened almond milk is low in calories and much lower in carbs than cow’s milk , making it a good All milk and milk alternative options offer various health advantages, such as reducing your

Oat milk is a trendy milk alternative that may appeal to latte aficionados who are vegan or lactose intolerant. Oat milk 's thicker texture allows it to be quite versatile. The beverage works well in recipes for both cooking and baking Talk to them, buy their produce and if you can, consider donating land.

2. It may be more sustainable than almond milk

Another reason Harris-Pincus says some may opt for oat milk over almond milk is for sustainability. "It requires a lot of water to produce almonds," she says. Indeed, research has shown that almond milk requires the most water to produce compared to oat, soy, and rice milks. “Only a small portion of almonds are required to make almond milk, but almond trees require significant amounts of water,” Sharon Palmer, MSFS, RDN, previously told Well+Good. But she also pointed out that almond milk requires less land than oat milk, making it better in terms of emissions. Neither alt-milk is perfect when it comes to sustainability, but oat milk may be a slightly more eco-friendly pick.

3. Oat milk has trace amounts of fiber

Again, while oats themselves have lots of nutritional benefits, very few of those translate over to oat milk since the beverage is largely water. But oat milk does contain fiber and a little bit of protein, two nutritional positives.

Watch the video below to learn more about the nutritional pros and cons of oat milk:

What Is Oat Milk and Why Has It Become So Popular?

  What Is Oat Milk and Why Has It Become So Popular? Non-dairy milk choices continue to expand, but oat milk is one of the newest and most popular vegan options. We look at how oat milk is made, how good it is for you (and the planet), how it tastes, and even how to make your own if you're so inclined.Lately, there is a milky revolution going on and, no, I am not referring to "Milk" the drag queen. Oat milk has been aggressively pushing its way into many a menu and, to be honest, I've had conflicting feelings. Oat milk, from the outside, feels trendy, pretentious, and a little basic. The types of people I have seen ordering an oat milk latte are the same that go to SoulCycle, are on on-again-off-again vegetarians, and avoid carbs like the plague.

Over oat - milk hot chocolates at La Colombe on Vandam Street, a US congress debates definition of milk alternatives. A new bill has been created that seeks to ban It argues that the dairy industry is struggling as a result of all the dairy-free alternatives on the market and the public are being duped too.

Now That Was set out to find the best dairy free alternative milk for daily use and ended up with 24 litres of milk , days worth of research, and full

What are the benefits of almond milk?

1. It's higher in protein and vitamin E

It bears repeating that, like oat milk, almond milk is primarily made of water and the nutrient density is low. But Harris-Pincus says almond milk tends to be higher in protein and vitamin E and also lower in sugar than oat milk, all nutritional pros. She also reiterates that, like oat milk, it tends to be fortified with vitamins A, D, B2, and B12—important nutrients for everyone and ones plant-based eaters specifically should be mindful of as animal-based products tend to be the primary sources for obtaining them.

2. It's higher in healthy fats

When comparing almonds to oats, almonds are also higher in monounsaturated fats, which are extremely beneficial for brain health. Again, Harris-Pincus says that almond milk isn't exactly going to be a powerhouse source, but every little bit counts.

3. Almond milk is lower in calories than oat milk

For those who are actively seeking to manage their weight, Harris-Pincus says almond milk may be a better alternative milk choice because it's much lower in calories than oat milk. For example, a cup of unsweetened Silk oat milk has 80 calories while a cup of unsweetened almond milk by the same brand has 40 calories.

Does Almond Milk Go Bad? Here’s How to Tell If Your Favorite Drink Has Gone Off

  Does Almond Milk Go Bad? Here’s How to Tell If Your Favorite Drink Has Gone Off Does almond milk go bad? Short answer: Yes, it does. But if you’re hoping to free up some precious refrigerator real estate by storing your almond milk in the pantry, that’s also a possibility. Truthfully, it’s complicated—read on for the lowdown and you’ll see what we mean.

Tips for buying oat milk or almond milk

Since the nutritional content is quite low for both, Harris-Pincus recommends making the decision for which one to go for on which one you like the taste and texture of more. There are also some general tips to keep in mind when shopping. "Choose an unsweetened option, as that will be lower in sugar," she says. Also, if you are sensitive to gums—which are used for blending and consistency—that is something to be mindful of, too. "For most people they're harmless, but some people do have a sensitivity," Harris-Pincus says.

Below are three oat milk and three almond milk picks, all of which are unsweetened, have simple ingredients, and are fortified—keeping with Harris-Pincus's advice of what to look for.

1. Oatly Oat Milk ($5)

It's a cult favorite for a reason: Oatly's OG oat milk has a short, simple ingredients list and is beloved by many for its taste and texture.

2. Silk Oat Yeah ($4)

Vegan, gluten-free, and made with no artificial colors or flavors, this pick is oat milk through and through—without anything unwanted sneaking into the carton.

3. Planet Oat ($3)

Planet Oat is popping up in more stores and cafes—and it's one of the most inexpensive oat milks you'll find. But that doesn't mean you're sacrificing on ingredients or taste; it's a win all around.

4. Almond Breeze Blue Diamond Almond Milk ($3)

Almond Breeze is one of the tried-and-true almond milk brands and this one from their line has zero sugar whatsoever, making it a standout for health-conscious shoppers.

5. Califia Farms Almond Milk ($4)

Made from non-GMO almonds and completely free of carrageenan, an emulsifier that can cause digestive upset in some people, this almond milk is pretty close to what you would make at home (but fortified).

6. 365 Everyday Value Organic Almond Milk, Unsweetened ($3)

Whole Foods also sells its own store-brand unsweetened almond milk made from organic nuts. Like the others on this list, it's fortified and has less than one gram of sugar.

In the great oat milk vs. almond milk debate, Pincus says what's most important is to choose a beverage you like. Otherwise, it's going to sit in the fridge unused. "It's more important to choose an alt-milk that's unsweetened than choosing between oats and almonds," she says.

And hey, if you don't like either one, there are plenty of other options to choose from...

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How to Make Almond Milk at Home .
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