Health & Fit This Video of a Ballerina with Alzheimer's Remembering Her Choreography Is Going Viral

03:15  10 november  2020
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A New Study Confirms That Staying Fit Can Boost Brain Health

  A New Study Confirms That Staying Fit Can Boost Brain Health This research further examines the link between obesity and dementia—particularly Alzheimer’s disease.In research published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease, scientists analyzed over 35,000 functional brain scans from more than 17,000 individuals, looking at blood flow and brain activity, and comparing them based on participants’ body weight. Also assessed were differences in brain activity while people were at rest versus performing a task that required concentration.

A moving video of a former ballerina with dementia remembering the choreography she danced to decades ago has gone viral after being shared Actor Antonio Banderas shared the clip on Facebook, writing that he hoped the video would serve as “a well-deserved recognition of her art and her passion”.

A moving video of a former ballerina with dementia remembering the choreography she danced to decades ago has gone viral after being In the video Ms Gonzalez listens to the music through a pair of headphones and soon begins to replicate the choreography she danced to all those years ago.

It's no secret that music and movement can help you connect with your body. But one viral video shows just how powerful that connection can be.

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The clip shows Marta C. González, a prima ballerina who danced in the New York Ballet in the 1960s. In the video, González, who reportedly died in 2019 after developing Alzheimer's disease (the most common form of dementia), is seen listening to Swan Lake and reenacting — from her wheelchair — what appears to be the choreography to the ballet. Despite the effects of Alzheimer's disease on her memory, González seemed to immediately feel an emotional and physical connection to the music she once danced to on stage — and the video of her remembering the choreography is sure to give you goosebumps.

What is Lewy body dementia?

  What is Lewy body dementia? Lewy body dementia is common, but simultaneously almost unheard of. Read this to learn about the cause, symptoms and challenges faced by patients and their families — and by actor Robin Williams in the last days before his death.Alzheimer's disease and dementia are two diseases that many Americans are all too familiar with, but there is another dementia that plagued the late comedian Robin Williams.

This is the tear-jerking moment a former ballerina remembers the choreography to Swan Lake, as she is played the music. Suffering from Alzheimer ' s , Marta C Gonzalez beautifully interprets the moves in this emotional video .

Check out My Straight A's For Caregivers - An Alzheimer ' s Caregiver's Support guide on my website at: http I did not create video nor am I taking credit in any way shape or form, I just want to brighten Alzheimer ' s Caregiver's day with this beautiful video .

The video was originally shared by the Asociación Música para Despertar, a Spanish organization that works with Alzheimer's and dementia patients, using music to help improve their mood and memory. But it's now making the internet rounds thanks to famous fans such as Jennifer Garner, Antonio Banderas, and internationally renowned choreographer Arlene Phillips.

Back in the '60s, Marta González was a New York City Ballet dancer. Despite developing Alzheimer's later in life, she never forgot her Swan Lake routine. © Getty Images/Galina Zhigalova/EyeEm Back in the '60s, Marta González was a New York City Ballet dancer. Despite developing Alzheimer's later in life, she never forgot her Swan Lake routine.

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"Our innate connection to music, to movement, to the arts, is beautiful," Garner wrote in an Instagram post alongside the video of González. "This former ballerina's sense memory of Swan Lake — just does me in, it's so lovely. Thank you to everyone in the fight against Alzheimer's." (Related: The Amazing Ways Exercise Boosts Your Brain Power)

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Fuck Alzheimer man. Its the most inhumane way to die. In constant fear and confusion, while slowly She has lived her life, but now she' s like a vegetable, she can't move can't remember can't speak and is a This choreography is just a habit for her, habits are stored in the brain differently than normal

Song called Kelly Girl. About 87 year old mother with Alzheimer ' s who knew who her daughter was,even if it was for just a moment. #songgifting #forkelly

Banderas shared the video on Facebook, writing that he hoped it would serve as "a well-deserved recognition of [González's] art and her passion."

In her post, Phillips (known for her choreography in several hit musicals, including Grease and The Wizard of Oz) said González's "glimpses of memory" in the video "broke her heart" to watch. "If music and dance can restore or hold memory, how precious," she wrote.

While Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia do often lead to irreparable memory loss, it appears that music (and movement) can help preserve certain memories — which might explain why González remembered the Swan Lake choreography from her youth. In a 2017 cover story for Dimensions, a magazine published by the University of Washington's Alzheimer's Disease Research Center, neuropsychologist Kristoffer Rhoads, Ph.D. explained the possible links between music, dance, and memory recall. (Related: Study Shows Exercise May Drastically Reduce Your Risk of Dementia)

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A woman with Alzheimer ' s disease was spotted climbing down the outside of her apartment building. Here's what families should learn from this incident about how to keep their loved ones safe. This beauty founder is going viral on TikTok for this simple, but effective, beauty hack.

"First of all, the complex cross-body movements of dancing recruit the procedural memory system and give it a workout," said Rhoads. Procedural memory is a form of long-term memory related to learned sequences of movement (think: motor skills like walking, driving a car, riding a bike, etc.), he explained. "It's also the form of memory that stays intact longer in people with Alzheimer's disease," he added, "and it may help people compensate for losses in short-term memory."

Alive Inside, a documentary that premiered in 2014, also explores the connection between music and memory. "Music has more ability to activate more parts of the brain than any other stimulus," neurologist Oliver Sacks, M.D., is heard saying in the documentary's trailer. By using music to activate certain pathways in the brain of someone with dementia, added Concetta Tomaino, executive director and co-founder of the Institute for Music and Neurologic Function, "we have a gateway to stimulate and reach somebody who's otherwise unreachable."

Intrigued? Here are some other fascinating ways music can affect your mind.

American experts refuse to recommend a new drug against Alzheimer's .
© DOMINICK REUTER / AFP Biogen laboratories hoped to see their molecule, aducanumab, be the first to receive the green light to treat the cognitive decline suffered by Alzheimer's patients . A committee of experts ruled on Friday not to recommend that the United States Medicines Agency (FDA) authorize a new treatment for Alzheimer's disease, against which research has stagnated for decades.

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